Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box: May 2014

My latest box is always the Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box which pretty much shows up on the last day of the month, so I’m always a little slow with this review, (although I did give you a sneak peek at one of the items in my June Blog Hop post.)

Since I’ve made you wait so long, let’s not waste any more time and just dive in.

Our usual square box…

Box Open Box

And our new and improved item brochure (in lieu of our usual cards).

Mesh-Bottom Clutch (Fancy Retail: $30.00)
Verdict: Love!/Gift
Description: “Shake clutch is designed to keep your items in and the sand far away. The bags feature a reversible flap pinned to either side, allowing you to reveal or conceal the netting at will. When sand begins to intrude, just flip the flap and shake, shake, shake.”
You know I loved this since I already featured it in a previous post. I think it’s a cute idea and a fun design. I may end up gifting this just because I don’t tend to visit sandy beaches that much (I’m more of a rocky coast sort of girl), but it’s so fun I may just hoard it.

Journal 1 Journal #2
I Need to Unplug Journal ($16.00)
Description: “Take a break from the beeps, whirrs, and whizzes of your digital life—unwind with this technology-free Inner-Truth Journal. Filled with playful prompts and candid quotations to help loosen the virtual leashes of modern life, I Need to Unplug is the writing journal version of a mountain retreat without electricity.”
Verdict: Miss
Maybe I’m a little slow here, but isn’t *every* hard copy journal a way to “unplug”? If anything this thing reminds you constantly (in bold graphic print) that YOU NEED TO UNPLUG, Do you HEAR me? Yes, YOU THERE WITH YOUR IPHONE! I want a 3 page essay on the evils of technology in cursive. NOW.” I’m a writer and I love blank books, but this one just made me angry. It acts like I owe something to it. Who is this damn book to tell me I need to unplug. Maybe it needs to be kindling? Clearly, I am not the target audience for this book. I like the idea of a journal with quotes to meditate on, but something less intrusive and  a little more aesthetically pleasing would have been appreciated.

Nail Wraps
Pink Flamingo Nail Wraps by NCLA (Fancy Retail: $16.00)
Verdict: Like
Description: “This quirky and colorful flamingo print is a little taste of a tropical, 100 degree weather getaway.”
Because of my many subscriptions, I am slowly accumulating a vast pile of NCLA nail wraps. I think they work best for accent nails. I like the colors in this print and the flamingos make me think of Alice in Wonderland. I’m making a promise to finally try out some nail wraps this summer and work on depleting my growing stash.

Quay Sunglasses(Fancy Retail: $40.00)
Verdict: On the Fence
Description: “The Quay Kitti Pink Sunglasses add flair and glam to a casual look.”
Sunglasses. Again. Quay Sunglasses. Again. I really need Fancy to stop sending me sunglasses. I’ve actually lost count of how many pairs I’ve received from them.  I know there are at least four pairs of Quay alone.  And this particular subscription just sent me a pair of Quay glasses in the April 2014 JLH Fancy Box. So putting aside that this is my eleventybillionth pair of sunglasses from Fancy, this pair is a little intense. My whimsical heart loves the bright pink and the cat shape, but my practical side says that wearing these will make me look like a jackass who’s trying too hard.   I’ll have to wait and see which side wins out. It may all depend on how much tequila I’ve had.

Full Box

I paid full price for this box at $46.95 and the estimated Fancy value was $102.00. The only item I was super enthusiastic about was the clutch, but I thought the selections felt summery and they did fit in with the Jennifer Love Hewitt aesthetic, even if they weren’t my personal favorites. The really disappointing part was the inclusion of sunglasses so soon after we received a pair.  Maybe a sunhat or one of those on trend turbans would have been a better summer accessory.  Maybe I’m just weird because I don’t use tons of different pairs of glasses?

How many pairs of sunglasses do you own and do you use them all?

Looks like there are a few new celebrity boxes! There’s one in particular I’ve got my eye on…

Snoop Doggy Dog Fancy Box
Get a collection of the coolest products hand-picked by Snoop Dogg every month.

T-Pain Fancy Box
Get a collection of the coolest products hand-picked by T-Pain every month. Since T-Pain is obsessed with everything from cool gadgets, clothing and outrageous gifts, expect a box with creative and imaginative items in every box. Don’t be surprised to also receive special items that only T-Pain has access to!

Nicky Hilton Fancy Box
Get a collection of the coolest products hand-picked by Nicky Hilton every month.

Isaac Mizrahi Fancy Box
Get A Collection Of The Coolest Products Hand-Picked ByIsaac Mizrahi Every Month.


Fancy Box is a monthly subscription service that curates items that are popular on the Fancy website. There are a few different subscription options. They all cost $39 (unless otherwise noted) plus shipping (an additional $7.95).

#1 –Fancy box (Original)
This box features a collection of some of the most fancy’d items, curated by the fancy community. Each box includes $80.00+ of products in the categories of your choice.
The categories you can choose from include: Men’s, Women’s, Kid’s, Home, Gadgets & Media. It also lets you customize your Tshirt size and your cell phone type.

#2 Fancy Food Box
Each Fancy Food Box includes five or more food products – anything from cookies and chocolates to teas and sauces – along with a selection of tasty recipes and pairing suggestions.

#3 Celebrity Curated Fancy Box
Each box includes $80.00+ of products. Most boxes are geared toward men or women though they do include unisex items.

They include:


Author: Writer Preziosi

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5 thoughts on “Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box: May 2014”

  1. Do you still have these sunglasses i want them badly so if you want to sell them it would be really cool..tnx

    1. Hi Matea,

      I do still have them just waiting for someone to give them some love. I’ll shoot you an email and we’ll see if we can work out something. Thanks for reading!

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