Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box: August 2014

So it’s that time again for one of my most unpredictable boxes: Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box.
I honestly never have any idea what might be inside, it ranges from the totally practically to the completely ridiculous. But that’s sort of par for the course with Fancy boxes in general.

So enough talk, let’s get to the box.


Open Box 1 Open Box 2

A quick glance at the nice little brochure inside tells me that I have all my items, so we are already doing better than last month.

La Fresh Face Wipes (Fancy Retail: $8.00)
Verdict: Hit!
J. Love’s Description: “Nothing feels better than a fresh clean face after a workout. Wipe away make-up, sweat and your day with these Cleanser Wipes from La Fresh.”
Sure these aren’t the most exciting items we’ve seen, but they are practical and I most certainly will use them. I always keep a package of face wipes in my bathroom for nights when I’m super tired and can’t do a full cleanser routine. I’ve never tried this brand before so I’m happy to try them out.

White Galaxy Glow Laces (Fancy Retail: $12)
J Love’s Description: “I love going for runs in the evening and these glow laces are the perfect accessory. Great for kicking up your sneaker style.”
Verdict: Like
Would I have picked up glow in the dark laces on my own? Hell to the no. Do I think they are fun? Sure. And they absolutely would be a great addition to your sneakers if you like to go running at night.

Fresh Smoothie Mug: (Fancy Retail: $13.00)
Verdict: Hit!
J. Love’s Description: “I have no time in my day, so this smoothie mug is a life saver for my home-made juices and smoothies to-go.”
I take my breakfasts and lunches to work with me and had been searching for a great to-go smoothie cup for a long time. This is perfect.

Onyx Food Container (Fancy Retail: $28.00)
Verdict: Love!
J Love’s Description: “Pack your lunch to go to save some dollars and calories. This eco-friendly Tiffin set from Onyx helps reduce waste from all those fast-food lunches.”
I have always wanted a Tiffin set, but never splurged on one. They are pretty much the Indian style of bento boxes and contain two stackable metal containers. Not only can I use this for my daily work lunches, but it’s great for picnics or pot lucks. I also think the cute stackable design is a creative storage solution for smaller items, so this might be co-opted into some crafting or office storage. It’s really nice stainless steel and excellent quality.

Passion Fruit Headbands (Fancy Retail: $14.00)
Verdict: Hit!
J. Love’s Description: “Keep those fly-aways in line with this bright passionfruit inspired set of headbands from Kitsch.”
I’ve been growing my hair out this year so some soft stretchy headbands are perfect when I’m trying to be active and don’t want to fuss with my hair. Although I probably wouldn’t pay $14 for this set, the colors are cheerful and I know I’ll get some use out of them.

Hair Ties
Passion Fruit Hair Ties (Fancy Retail: $9.00)
Verdict: Hit!
J Love’s Description: “These hair ties look great in your hair and on your arm. Pair with the Passionfruit headbands to have the complete look while working out!”
Hair Ties are a staple of sub boxes. If you get a women’s sub, sooner or later they are going to throw in some hair ties. But personally, I can never have enough since I seem to misplace half of mine. Again these are cheerful fun colors and it’s nice to have the complete set with headbands.

Full Box

Was this the most surprising and ground breaking box ever? Nope. But it was full of practical items and I will use every single one. This box had a workout/get fit and healthy theme that came together beautifully. I think this sub really shines when it’s boxes have a coordinating theme. I paid $46.95 for this box (full price + shipping) and received $84.00 worth of items. Except for the laces, I would have easily grabbed up all these items if I saw them in a store.

I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for next month’s box. I’m hoping for a nice Fall theme.

Do you subscribe to any Fancy boxes? If so please dish on which ones and what you think of them!


It seems that joining Fancy’s lineup is another new (and fairly random) offering: The Rockettes Fancy Box. I’m not sure when the Rockettes became relevant again, but hey it certainly is an unexpected option. It’s the usual $39 pricetag and the description states: “Every month, we will send you a Fancy Rockettes® box full of their favorite items, from dance to beauty, fashion to fitness.” So maybe we’ll see an emphasis on dance and fitness with a bit of beauty and fashion thrown in. But that’s just a guess. Fancy and I often disagree about what words mean. J



Fancy Box is a monthly subscription service that curates items that are popular on the Fancy website. There are a few different subscription options. They all cost $39 (unless otherwise noted) plus shipping (an additional $7.95).

#1 –Fancy box (Original)
This box features a collection of some of the most fancy’d items, curated by the fancy community. Each box includes $80.00+ of products in the categories of your choice.
The categories you can choose from include: Men’s, Women’s, Kid’s, Home, Gadgets & Media. It also lets you customize your Tshirt size and your cell phone type.

#2 Fancy Food Box
Each Fancy Food Box includes five or more food products – anything from cookies and chocolates to teas and sauces – along with a selection of tasty recipes and pairing suggestions.

#3 Celebrity Curated Fancy Box
Each box includes $80.00+ of products. Most boxes are geared toward men or women though they do include unisex items.

They include:

#5 Culinary Fancy Box!
Get a collection of the best home goods hand-picked by our Fancy curators each month. Each box includes $80.00+ of products.



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