Memebox – Princess Edition #1 Snow White

So I’ve got a giant stack of Memeboxes that have just been screaming at me for reviews. Unfortunately I misplaced my info card for the Earth & Sea box so while I hunt it down, I’ll distract you with my review of the Memebox Princess Edition #1 Snow White instead.

Memebox’s description: The cooler months spell for the perfect time to brighten up skin, even out uneven complexions, and target pesky dark spots! Whatever shade of the rainbow your skin color is, optimize your skin’s radiance and clarity for luminous, glowing skin.

This box was introduced with two other Princess boxes (Rapunzel & Sleeping Beauty).

Because I have freckles and an uneven skin tone, I’ve been wanting to try out some Korean whitening products so this box seemed like a great opportunity. (Plus who can resist a princess themed box?) This box is currently sold out, but Memebox often restocks so be sure to check back if you really want it.  If you must have a Princess Box immediately, the Tinkerbell box is still available for $29 plus shipping.  For coupon codes and special links jump down to the backstory.

And just be warned that if you get a birthday or Christmas gift it will probably come in a jacked up version of this box because they are sturdy and adorable.
Box Open Box


Card #1 Card #2
As usual we’ve received our lifeline – the dual-sided card that translates the Korean labels (well, mostly translates).

Nella Fantasia Oneday Whitener 120ml
(Memebox Retail: $29.00)
Description: This is a magically whitening body lotion that instantly moisturizes and brightens up dry, coarse and darkened skin tone for a lasting glow all day long. It’s also non-sticky and strong against water and sweat.”
Verdict: Like
I’ve never heard of a whitening body lotion so this one is pretty interesting (and doubly so since it’s “magical”). I have plenty of freckles on my arms so I’m willing to give this a try once I finish up my current lotion.

original raw First Essence 110ml (Vitamin Essence)

(Memebox Retail: $26.00)
Description: “Both the Red Essence and the Vitamin Essence are combinations of a skin toner, an essence and a lotion all in one. Also, they’re both enriched with various vitamin nutrients and dragon’s blood extracts from the dragon tree and work to instantly rejuvenate and brighten up the damaged or sagging skin.
Verdict: Hit!
There’s dragon’s blood in this! Dragon’s blood! Or dragon fruit or something from a Dragon tree.  In any case it sounds cool. Subscribers received either the Red or the Vitamin. I wish I’d gotten the red since it seems to gel better with my idea of what Dragon’s blood should look like, but this one seems nice too.  I really like multi-tasker products and in particular, toners that are super moisturizing (astringent ones are not good for me). Once I finish up with the Bliss toner I’m using I’ll give this one a whirl.

FACEFLUX Anti-Wrinkle Revitalizing Cream 30g
(Memebox Retail: $38.00)
Description: “Enriched with ceramide, hyaluronic acid, lemon verbena extracts, shea butter and portulaca extracts, the Anti-Wrinkle Revitalizing Cream works to brighten up dulled complexion, to relive stimulated or sensitive skin, and to treat sings of fine lines and wrinkles for a younger and healthier-looking complexion overall.”
Verdict: Like
I like that this product is for sensitive skin and now that I’m officially old, I can use all the anti-wrinkle stuff I can get. It’s not super interesting but I’m sure that I’ll get use out of it.

Essense - Bunny
Daltokki Whitening Essence 100mL
(Memebox Retail: $35.00)
Description: “All you need is a single drop of Daltokki’s Whitening Essence mixed with a facial cream for a whitening and moisturizing effect, with a sunblock for creating the naturally brightened skin tone and with a BB cream or foundation for creating the fully covered and perfectly toned up complexion.”
Verdict: On the Fence
Dear Lord that packaging is terrifying. Would you want to use anything that made you look like that? I’ll be honest, the product sounds super interesting but my real trepidation comes from the truly scary packaging. If that’s the best thing they could think of to put on the box, I’m afraid of what they put in the bottle. I will be brave though and try this out since I really like the idea of being able to use it with all my existing products.

Ipsennature 5 Seeds Apple Water Brightening Scrub 90ml
(Memebox Retail: $26.00)
Description: “Made from apple water, apricot, raspberry, walnut, rice and corn seed powders this Brightening Scrub is a cleansing scrub which works to gently peel away all dead skin cells and skin impurities and deliver skin replenishing and brightening effects all in one.”
Verdict: Love!
First, I love that there is an “apple” product in here since it ties right into the story of Snow White and I wish the box had more apple items. I love fruity cleansing products so this is right up my alley. Once I finish up at least one of my open face scrubs I will add this one into the rotation.

Morningtree Revitalizing Whitening Deep Spot 20ml
(Memebox Retail: $34.00)
Description: “Excessive melanic pigmentation is responsible for darkeneds spots over you body, face, hands, arm pits, buts elbows , knees , heels and even the Y-zone. This high concentrate, gel-type essence will soothe, cool, brighten and repair such dry and darkneed spots and it’s suitable for all skin types and for both men and women.”
Verdict: Like
I got to say this description certainly was thorough – I mean just saying face and body would have been easy, but they really wanted to spell out every place you could possibly have dark spots. I must admit I don’t know what a Y zone is – is that like the T zone’s cousin? I think this sounds like a good treatment for any hardcore freckles I have and I  will put it aside for spot treatments.

Full Box

It was obvious from the theme that this was going to be a whitening box and Memebox delivered exactly what I expected. I loved the apple scrub and I do wish they’d included more apple products and maybe less essences. The cost of this box was $29.00 plus $6.99 shipping. I used some Memepoints along with a coupon code and ended up paying $25.99. According to Memebox retail the total value of this box was $188.00, but they  inflate the prices.

For the price I paid I was happy with the items I received and I thought the box worked as a whole.

So if you love checking out memeboxes, be sure to come back as I have a whole bunch waiting to be discussed: Special #31 Earth & Sea Cosmetics, #16 Memebox Global, #51 My Cute Wishlist #2, #61 My Cute Wishlist #3, Memebox #44 Very Berry & Superbox #63 Blackheads No More Bundle, and Superbox #66 Tony Moly & Holika Superbox #67 Holika Bundle

Memebox is constantly updating their box selection and offers, so always check my latest Memebox reviews for coupon codes and offers (jump down to the Backstory for a list of current coupon codes). They also have some offers that are only available through affiliate links. In addition, they will frequently re-issue sold out boxes so if you’re in love with something sold out, make a wishlist and sign up for the Memebox newsletter to find out if it gets restocked.


Some new Memebox Releases!

Princess Edition #5 Tinkerbell: $29.00 plus shipping
Description: Add a touch of glitter to eyes and lips for an understated, yet beautiful eye-catching shine, or go all out and amp up the intensity with sparkle flecked shimmers! You choose! Follow the fairy trend and highlight and illuminate your body and face (minus the excessive shine!) with pearl-based luminizers that give you an enchanting glow! Shimmer and glitter in makeup can be overwhelming, but with the help of our fabulous Memeboxers and Tink herself, we created this Tinkerbell Box for all day, everyday wear!

#60 Oil Therapy: $29.00 plus shipping
Description: Packed full with anti-aging and beauty restoring properties that will help to keep you looking youthful and radiant, these exquisite essential oil blends will nourish, repair and rewind! Easily absorbed and highly powerful, this wonderful Oil Therapy box can be used all over – hair, body, skin and nails – or even use as part of a pampering massage to soothe and repair!”
Spoilers include:
Spoiler #1 HOLIKA HOLIKA Pig Nose Clear Blackhead Deep Cleansing Oil Balm 25g
Spoiler #2 MIGABEE Verbana Oil Serum 30ml
Spoiler #3 BOBBISH Luminous Body & Facial Mist 100g

This box also comes with an entry into the Golden Ticket Sweepstakes.

#80 Pumpkin Pie Cosmetics: $23.00 plus shipping
Description: October and November calls for a big o’l pumpkin celebration, and while you probably won’t be thinking about the beauty benefits that pumpkins while you’re devouring a delish pumpkin pie, you’ll want to hoard all the pumpkin that you see this season once you discover the AMAZING beauty boosts that they give! Plus, the other yummy ingredients that consolidate the pumpkin pie will seriously get you hungry for more beauty!”

Memebox offers some of these boxes in combo sets that give you a discount, so if you want to grab more than one be sure to check out the value sets.

Do any of the Memeboxes interest you? Which one would you choose?


Memebox (pronounced Mi-mi-box) is the #1 beauty box provider in Korea and has recently come to the US. Their boxes include the “most trusted most trusted, best-loved Korean beauty products at everyday prices.” Memebox carries 4 main types of beauty boxes: Memebox, Memebox Special Editions, Superbox and Luckybox along with full-size, Korean beauty products in their Memeshop. Unlike subscriptions, you purchase these boxes individually as they are released, so this is a great option for the commitment phobes who don’t want to be locked into a beauty subscription. There are tons of fun themes and pricing options.

Costs vary depending on the box.

Memebox Special Edition:

Memebox special edition comes packaged with 4-8 full-size products and delux samples under its own theme. Memebox special edition is designed to meet the various concerns, beauty trends, and also seasonal needs.


Superbox was inspired by Memebox lovers, looking for full-sized products catered to specific needs. Each Superbox series comes with its own theme, designed to target particular concerns, or collaboration with our favorite brands!


Every Luckybox is unique and is filled with 4 – 8 full sized products and deluxe samples carefully curated from Korea to give you the best experience and widest exposure to a range of products!


November $5 off any purchase of $30 or more (S&H and taxes do not apply)11AYI6
My referrals will get $5 off automatically at checkout if you spend $100 and
$10 off 
automatically at checkout if you spend $150 or more

You can also get memepoints based on your purchases. Each 1 Meme Point can be redeemed for $1.00. (The maximum memepoints you are allowed to spend on an order is 50)

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Once upon a time, long, long ago, Lisa attended Syracuse University where she studied singing in a giant castle surrounded by ice and snow. After she earned her music degree, she headed to the island of Manhattan, down to the West Village, to a place called the New School. There, she earned another degree in the great art of writing stories for children. She currently works on that same island trying to help real people, while making up stories about imaginary ones. Her first book, “The Ice Maiden’s Tale,” a fairy tale adventure, was released on May 30, 2017 and is up for sale on Amazon.

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    1. Memebox is a lot of fun (and very addictive). The part I really like is that they are one time purchases so you get to try things out without committing to a subscription.

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