August Product Reviews: Memebox Yeondukong Fix Lip & Cosrx Blackhead Silk Fingerballs

The great folks at Memebox always sent me fun and funky products to review. For August, I received the uber mysterious Cosrx Blackhead Silk Fingerballs and the cheerful Yeondukong Fix Lip.

We’ll start with the lip product.
LipstickLipstick Swatch
Yeondukong x Memebox: Fix Lip #01 Red Orange
(Retail: $12.00)
Keeping up with Memebox’s recent theme of having special celebrity curations, “Yeondukong is a 25-year-old, ultimate “gwiyomi” beauty guru from Korea. She shares beauty tips that are quick and easy, perfect for students and workers who want to look great on the go.”

“What it is: This super pigmented 3-in-1 is pigmented like a lipstick, moisturizing like a tint balm, and evens out dry, patchy lips like a primer. It gives a great color payoff that makes the lips naturally plump and pretty. Formulated with mango, grapeseed, apple oil, and honey extracts to nourish and moisturize the lips. Its long-lasting formula allows the color to stay intact for up to 12 hours.”

This is Memebox’s photo that shows the color after 12 hours of wear:
Lipstick Before & After
Verdict: Hit!
As you can tell by my swatch this is hardcore orange on me–like prison jumpsuit, see me coming from across the street, orange. But the formula on this product was fabulous. The lipstick went on smoothly and had a gorgeous color saturation. It was hydrating, although after wearing it for a few hours my lips did feel a bit dry, so it’s not one stop shopping for  lip hydration. The lipstick was long-lasting but mine didn’t get that 12 hours of wear as shown in the Memebox photo. After a bunch of hours and a pizza dinner, it had mostly faded but there was still a bit of an orange tint. Even though this color is out of my comfort zone, it was so bright and saturated that after a while I started to like it. If Memebox introduces a cooler red shade, I’m going to be all over it. This is a great lipstick and I think it’s worth the $12.00 pricetag. If you like orange reds, definitely consider giving this a shot.

Blackhead Silk Finger Ball 12 pcs

(Retail: $4.58)
I’m going to be honest here, when I first got these I couldn’t figure out if they were packing materials or an actual beauty product. Thankfully, Memebox sent out an email to  bloggers with more info and directions.

“What it is: A finger ball made of 100% natural silk. Used to massage and gently exfoliate the skin to reveal healthy, youthful skin.”
Verdict: Does anyone ever think that Korean beauty manufacturers are just punking us sometimes?

So these are like blackhead finger scrubbing balls? Why not just make silk pads similar to a konjac sponge? I don’t quite get it. I dutifully followed the instructions, but I didn’t see much change in my blackhead situation. It did remove a little leftover makeup, so it does function as a basic face sponge/exfoliator but I’m not seeing this as having any real impact on removing blackheads. If you want to scrub your face using just your fingertips, then this is just the product for you, but if you’re like me and are fine usually a regular face sponge, you can pass on this one.

Memebox ProductsAs usual, I had a lot of fun trying out these Korean beauty trends, even if they all weren’t wins for me.  Korean products are a great way to mix up your beauty routine and have some fun with your makeup and skincare.

What do you think of the Korean beauty trend in the US? Are the products exciting or just a bit too weird for you?

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6 thoughts on “August Product Reviews: Memebox Yeondukong Fix Lip & Cosrx Blackhead Silk Fingerballs”

    1. You should have seen how long I spent trying to figure out what they were before I got the email with instructions. I was never going to guess “silk fingerballs” on my own.

  1. I’ve been wanting to try the lip tint but I am also scared that the color is too vibrant! Thanks for a detailed post.

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