Rachel Zoe Box of Style: Fall 2015

It’s time to review my absolute favorite Subscription box: the Rachel Zoe Box of Style! It launched this Spring and so far has had wonderful products and a tight curation. Fall is all about fashion so I’m  super psyched to see what’s in this box. Use code SUBTHERAPYSP10 to save $10 off!
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The packaging on this sub makes it feel high end. You get a lovely reusable box, cute details (like that Fall  sticker) and everything is individually wrapped. There is also a fabulous booklet with info on the products, styling ideas and special coupon codes for subscribers.

Okay, too much talk, not enough paper ripping.

Watch Case Watch
Watch Close
Cluse La Bohéme Rose Gold Watch with dual straps:
(Estimated Retail: $132.00)
Rachel’s Description: “Like I always say, go big or go home, which is why I think every girl needs a statement watch. I love the oversized face and rose-gold finish on this one.”
Rachel’s Styling Ideas: “this menswear-inspired timepiece comes with two leather-strap options: black and grey. To change the strap, slide the silver tab on the underside of the watchband. The grey band is the perfect complement to a light, monochromatic ensemble that you can wear even when fall comes to an end. The black band is a great work-appropriate option that pairs best with earth tones and darker colors.”
Verdict: Hit!
Rachel has a big ticket, “hero item” in every box and reveals it in a spoiler. The rose gold finish on this really classic piece gives it just a hint of something unexpected. You could wear this with a suit for work or paired with jeans on the weekend. It’s sophisticated but not pretentious. It comes with a lovely leather case and two different straps. Also included was a 15% off code for use on the Cluse site. I would have gladly used the code for another strap color, but sadly most of them are out of stock. Hopefully they’ll restock soon.

One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum:
(Estimated Retail: $39.00)
Rachel’s Description: “I love fall but it can translate to dry skin This serum gives you a healthy glow, going deep below the surface of skin to hydrate it. I also love that it’s organic, I assure you this will become one of your go-tos.”
Rachel’s Beauty Tips: “This organic, gardenia-scented serum can be used on the body to prevent and cure weather-chapped skin. Mix it with your daily moisturizer or sunscreen. Use on clean damp skin for the best results.”
Verdict: Like!
I’ve actually received this item in April Popsugar box, but I used that one as a gift, so now I’ll  hoard this one for myself. I like the idea of mixing it into sunscreen or other moisturizers and will definitely give that a shot.

Shashi Noa Rose Gold Ear Climber:
(Estimated Retail: $55.00)
Rachel’s Description: “Ear climbers bring a new kind of drama to the way we wear earrings. Think of these as an easy way to add a little edge to any look.”
Rachel’s Styling Ideas: “Swap out your dainty earrings for these rose-gold ear climbers, a great alternative to classic studs. Even if you own mostly silver and gold jewelry, think of rose gold as a neutral—we’re all about mixing metals. Show them off with a sleek, pulled back bun or messy-braid hairstyle.”
Verdict: Love!
I love that we’re getting more rose gold in this box since it’s something most people don’t have a ton of in their jewelry collection. This ear climber is a great way to try off the trend without doing something too heavy or over the top. You can wear these to work or out to dinner on a weekend and not look like you’re trying too hard. A great pick by Rachel.

Topshop Classic Fedora
(Retail: $48.00)
Rachel’s Description: “Rall is the ideal season to wear hats. I always think it amps up your look a notch, giving you an air of effortless cool.”
Rachel’s Styling Ideas: “The neutral, olive hue of this hat pairs best with black, gray, chocolate brown and denim. For daytime, style it with an oversized sweater, skinny jeans and riding boots. For evening, wear it with a black long-sleeved maxi, tailored vest and ankle booties”
She went there!
Did you expect another scarf? Not from Rachel! I’m sure that some folks will not be thrilled at this choice, with I’m in love with it. It’s perfect for the season, practical, and not something every other subscription is tossing into their Fall boxes. The olive color choice is inspired and will complement lots of hair colors and skin tones.

Sloane Stationery Custom Notebook Set
(Estimated Retail: $40.00)
Rachel’s Description: “We may live in a digital world, but I still love to write everything down. Whether you’re jumping into an important meeting or simply jotting down your thoughts, a chic note book is an essential.”
Rachel’s Styling Ideas: “Use “It’s Everything” to write down inspiring quotes and good ideas, while using “Shut It Down” to keep track of your to-dos. When balancing a hectic schedule of social and professional engagements, it’s smart to keep a notebook in your purse to jot things down while on the go. Place these on your entry table and ask guests to leave a personal note..”
As a writer, blank notebooks are among the many things I hoard and these are lovely quality. I like that these are customized for the box and the sayings are cute. Maybe it makes me old fashioned but I really prefer hand-writing my To-Do lists and notes to myself. Entering them into my phone just doesn’t quite work the same way. I will definitely be using these.

Fabric Spray
The Laundress Fabric Fresh Classic
(Estimated Retail: $8.00)
Rachel’s Description: “Whether you’re jet-setting the globe or just venturing from your desk to dinner the Laundress’ Fabric Fresh is a lifesaver. It smells incredible and instantly freshens up anything – your clothes, handbag, even your car.”
Rachel’s Styling Ideas: “Skip a pricey trip to the dry cleaners by spraying this nontoxic, allergen-free psray on your coats, jackets and denim. Carry it in your handbag to freshen up your clothe son the fly. Spray it on your home linens and upholstered furniture. ”
A Practical hit!
The Laundress is a great brand for fabric care and this will be a perfect addition to my travel bag for an upcoming conference I’m attending in San Diego. Those of us in seasonal climates will be unpacking our bulky sweaters and winter coats from storage and this spray will be an easy way to freshen them up.

Rachel Zoe Fall 2015 Box of Style
Another great box from Rachel Zoe! As usual, we received high quality items with a seasonally appropriate curation.  Rachel’s picks all felt versatile and fashion forward. The most remarkable thing I find about this sub is that Rachel Zoe’s choices work for a broad age range of women. A 23 year old and a 53 year old could wear and use all the items in this box and both would look chic. That’s an impressive styling ability and my hat’s off (pun intended) to Rachel.   I paid $100 for this box and received an estimated retail value of $322. Everything included is lovely and I’ll use all the items.  I’m already antsy to see what’s in the Winter box. What do you think Rachel Zoe might include?


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Box of Style has Fashion, beauty and lifestyle items you’ll be obsessed with!   Over $300 worth of product in every box.

   Box of Style ships 4 times per year—March, July, September & December

   Membership renews each quarter

DISCOUNT!:  Use code SUBTHERAPYSP10 to save $10 off!
Seasonal Membership:
$100.00 / 4x year
Annual Membership: $350.00 / year
Free shipping!

Seasonal membership:  Cancel any time (after the shipment of your first purchased Box of Style)
Annual Membership: Renews each year (membership is not cancellable during the year)



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Once upon a time, long, long ago, Lisa attended Syracuse University where she studied singing in a giant castle surrounded by ice and snow. After she earned her music degree, she headed to the island of Manhattan, down to the West Village, to a place called the New School. There, she earned another degree in the great art of writing stories for children. She currently works on that same island trying to help real people, while making up stories about imaginary ones. Her first book, “The Ice Maiden’s Tale,” a fairy tale adventure, was released on May 30, 2017 and is up for sale on Amazon.

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    1. Rachel Zoe really is the best when it comes to sub boxes. I think she does a better job with the $100 box then I’ve seen some of the super expensive Special edition boxes that are $200+.

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