Julep Maven: September 2015 – Kisses, London Collection – It Girl & the LA Mystery Box!

With my travel, birthday and writing projects I’ve been neglecting some of my tried and true boxes so today let’s catch up with Julep. For September, I opted for the It Girl box from their Kisses, London Collection, and when they offered an LA mystery box featuring a travel kit that was perfectly timed with my California trip, I couldn’t resist

So let’s get to the polish!
Maven Box

It Girl

  Delores Swatch
Delores: (Retail $14.00/Maven Price: $11.20)
Verdict: Love!
Description: Iris linear liquid holographic
I know a lot of folks complain about Julep’s holos, but I actually really love them and this purple shade is absolutely gorgeous. The photo just doesn’t do it justice.

Aubrey Swatch
(Retail $14.00/Maven Price: $11.20)
Verdict: Like
Description: Rosewood shimmer
Shimmers are one of my favorite finishes and I really like the unusual hue of this color. I think it’s nice for Fall and will work as an unexpected neutral. I think it will pair really well with rose gold.

Zooey Swatch
(Retail $14.00/Maven Price: $11.20)
Verdict: Love!
Description: Sea spray crème
This shade was one of the reasons I had to go with It Girl. There was something about this shade of blue that I just fell in love with. It’s got this perfect pale ocean vibe and the formula went on beautifully. If you like pastels, you should definitely grab one of these for your collection.

Julep Polish FreebieJulep Swatch (2)

Julep sent us a signature polish named…Julep! Free is always great, but I really love it when we get free polish items instead of candy (my waistband also loves that). This is a pretty color and I love having a signature polish in my giant Julep horde.

Hallie Hallie Swatch
(Retail $14.00/Maven Price: $11.20)
Description: Ocean Blue Holographic
Verdict: Love!
This was available as an add-on for 6.99, and isn’t currently available for individual sale so I’m going to assume the price point is the same as Julep’s other non-sale polishes. I’m obsessed with ocean shades so I had to grab this and it didn’t disappoint. I love the color and if you’re looking to do a “Frozen” inspired mani, this would be an awesome polish choice.

Julep Maven 9.2015

This box actually looks like a cohesive and awesome collection just on it’s own. I love all these shades and I know I’m going to have fun trying them out. I paid $28.87, and without even counting the Julep freebie polish, my retail value comes out to $56, and my maven retail is $44.80. I think that’s a great value for my box and I can’t wait to pick up some more Julep holographic polishes.

Now onto the mystery box!
I knew it would include a Julep travel case and a new polish shade called Bianca. The rest could be anything!
We had to choose between LA and NY.  Since I’m NY pretty much all the time and I’d be visiting LA, I opted for the latter.

LA Mystery Box Open Mystery Box

BiancaBianca Swatch
(Retail $14.00/Maven Price: $11.20)
Verdict: Love!
Description: Textured silver holographic glitter
This is so so sparkly. It’s like a giant Christmas glitter ornament and I adore it.

Travel Case Closed
Travel without Items Travel with Items
Julep Travel Caddy
: (Retail $???/Maven Price: $???)
Verdict: Like
Description: Compact design has plenty of pockets to keep nail faves organized on the go.
This case was one of the reasons I decided to grab this mystery box. I thought it would be fun for travel and a nice way to organize some of my most commonly used tools for easy access. I can’t find this on the Julep site so I don’t have a retail value. I’ve included pictures of it closed, open and with tools in it so you can get an idea of the size.

Julep Emery Board:
(Retail $5.00/Maven Price: $4.00)
Verdict: Like
Description: Our sturdy, two-sided emery board features a medium-coarse grit for filing and a fine grit for shaping.
These are nice quality emery boards, although a bit pricey. I can always use more even if I wouldn’t normally grab them at full price.

Orange Sticks:
(Retail ???/Maven Price: $???)
Verdict: Like
Also not on the website, but they are useful and a nice size for travel.

(Retail $14.00/Maven Price: $11.20)
Verdict: Gift
Description: Oil slick duochrome silk
This is an awesome color, which is why I already own it. I have a friend that I think will adore it so I’m going to pass it along to her.

Plie wand
Julep Plié Wand:
(Retail $25.00/Maven Price: $20.00)
Verdict: Gift
Description: An ergonomic nail polishing tool designed to solve common polishing pain points and give you better results.
While I like that this box seems to include tools, a lot of mavens already have this item (including myself).  I’m going to gift this to a friend.

(Retail $14.00/Maven Price: $11.20)
Verdict: Gift
Description: Smoky plum crème
This is a pretty color as we head into Fall and another shade that I own, so this is going to a friend. (Don’t I have lucky friends?)

Brightening Treatment
Brighter Is Better – Oxygen Brightening Nail Treatment:
(Retail $18.00/Maven Price: $14.40)
Verdict: Gift
Description: A breakthrough nail treatment infused with optical brighteners that hide discoloration, plus lemon extract that, over time, makes your whites whiter and your pinks pinker. Meanwhile, Oxygen Technology delivers oxygen to your nail beds, encouraging strong, healthy growth.
I already have this..(are you noticing a theme?) and I think this work well in a Christmas gift rather than languishing in my stash as a backup bottle.

Julep LA Mystery Box

I really liked that this box included tools since they paired well with the featured travel kit. I thought the colors were nice for Fall, but I wasn’t quite getting an LA vibe. I would have liked to have seen something bright or more beachy as one of the polish choices. I paid $29.99 for the box and am satisfied with what I received. Without knowing the cost of the travel caddy it’s hard to come up with a retail value, but excluding it we get a maven value of $46.40 and a retail value of $58.00 so I think the 29.99 was well spent. Even though I can’t use a lot of the items, they are going to make great gifts.

I’ve got lots more Julep boxes on the way, including trying out their Maven Luxe option, so be sure to check back!

Have you ever tried the Julep Plié wand? If so, what did you think?


Subscription Box Offers & Discounts:

(Just remember this signs you up for a monthly subscription. If you don’t wish to receive boxes you will need to call Julep to cancel. You can also opt to skip a month and you will not be billed.)

 November Birthstone Welcome Box :
Join Julep beauty box and get the November Birthstone Welcome Box FREE ($58 value) – just pay $2.99 shipping

4-piece Metallics Welcome Box:
Join Julep and get the 4-piece Metallics Welcome Box FREE ($50+ value) – just pay $2.99 shipping

4 Piece Brave Pretty Bold Eye Welcome Box:
Join Julep today and get the 4-piece Brave Pretty Bold Eye Welcome Box FREE ($58+ value)

4-piece Brave Pretty Red Lips Welcome Box
Join today and get the 4-piece Brave Pretty Red Lips Welcome Box FREE ($58+ value)

Bridal Welcome Box
Join Maven now and get the Bridal Welcome Box FREE. ($58 value – just pay $2.99 shipping)

4-piece Ombre Welcome Box
Join Maven and get the 4-piece Ombre Welcome Box FREE ($50+ value) – just pay $2.99 shipping

Julep specializes in toxin-free nail color but also features beauty products. They are a small company based in Seattle and have been featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things List.

Monthly Maven Options:

My Maven Subscription: $24.99 per month – Allows you to customize your box
3 Month Prepaid: $19.99/month

Maven Luxe: $39.99 per month – Gives you access to add on more expensive items
3 Month Prepaid: $34.99/month

The options (Take the quiz here):
Modern Beauty – (For those who prefer beauty items over nail color) – “You’re a savvy tastemaker obsessed with the art and science of beauty.” Get two full-size beauty products in every box.

Boho Glam – “You’re a dynamic free spirit with a creative eye.”

Bombshell – “You’re a confident frill-seeker with magnetic appeal.”

Classic With a Twist – “You’re an iconic beauty with a timeless aesthetic.”

It Girl – (For those who want polish only) “You’re a colorful trendsetter who’s not afraid to be bold.” Get three limited-edition nail colors in every box.

Julep will email you with the contents of your regular box selection, and at that time you can opt to keep it as is, change it, or skip. Every time you purchase a box you get the option of add-ons along with access to Julep’s “Secret Store” that lets you get other products at great prices.   Another perk is that when you’re a maven you get 20% off anything you purchase from Julep’s website along with free Shipping.

Julep also has a rewards program that gives you “jules” for taking your monthly boxes and on your birthday. You can use jules to pay for monthly boxes and some other items chosen by Julep.

Author: Writer Preziosi

Once upon a time, long, long ago, Lisa attended Syracuse University where she studied singing in a giant castle surrounded by ice and snow. After she earned her music degree, she headed to the island of Manhattan, down to the West Village, to a place called the New School. There, she earned another degree in the great art of writing stories for children. She currently works on that same island trying to help real people, while making up stories about imaginary ones. Her first book, “The Ice Maiden’s Tale,” a fairy tale adventure, was released on May 30, 2017 and is up for sale on Amazon.

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