Rachel Zoe Box of Style: Winter 2015 & $10 Off

It’s my happy time again where I get to review my fave subscription, the Rachel Zoe Box of Style! It launched this Spring and so far every box has been well worth the $100 price tag. Let’s see what Rachel chose to finish out 2015.  If you want a subscription of your own (and who wouldn’t) use code SUBTHERAPYSP10 to save $10!

I opened the cardboard package and discovered an extra surprise beautifully wrapped sitting on top of my regular Rachel Zoe box. What could it be?
Open Box SurpriseWrapped Surprise

Makeup Case Note

“Get Gorgeous” Makeup Bag
Have I mentioned before how much I love this subscription? Rachel Zoe gave out an extra gift for “inaugural members”. Take note, Popsugar *this* is how you treat longtime customers, you know the people who throw money at you all year long (instead of constantly offering great discounts and offers only available to new members, but I digress). Rachel Zoe is a class act and this is an adorable little bag. I’d love to keep it for myself but I think it will be better served as part of someone’s Christmas gift. The note is so nice and Rachel looks forward to making 2016 my “most glamourous year yet.”  Bring it on, baby.

Now to the actual Box:
Box Open Box Close Label
As usual lots of gorgeous wrapping and boxes all of which will be recycled for Christmas gifts.
Open Box Wrapped
Ring with Box Ring Close
Wearing Ring Front Wearing Ring Back
Alexis Bittar Gold Tone Swarovski Crystal Adjustable Ring:
(Estimated Retail: $198.00)
Rachel’s Description: “As a long time friend and fan of Alexis Bittar, I couldn’t be more excited that he created this ring exclusively for us. TI’s timeless & elegant and romantic but not too over-the-top.”
Rachel’s Styling Ideas: “This piece is adjustable which means you have the freedom to wear it on whatever finger you like. Rock it alone or alongside a few of your favorite dainty rings. Tired of wearing your same old statement necklaces all the time? Swap it out for this bold ring that adds a similar dose of sparkle to your look. During the holidays, more is more so bring on this glamour ofr nighttime! Ears this ring with a standout cocktail dress, a fabulous coat thrown over your shoulder sand a bold lip—you’ll be the best dressed guest at every party.”
Verdict: Hit!
I love it when we get exclusive pieces and Alexis Bittar has some amazing jewelry items on his site. This isn’t a style I would normally gravitate toward but it’s super fun to wear and surprisingly comfortable for the size. I do love baguettes and I hope to see them show up in more jewelry pieces. Getting unique items I wouldn’t normally find on my own is the best part of subscription boxes and this item alone is already well over the value of the entire box.

Our Heiday Notecard Set:
(Estimated Retail: $20.00)
Rachel’s Description: “Follow up a glamorous season of gift giving with an equally glamorous and thoughtful thank you card. I think these are a chic go-to all year round.”
Rachel’s Tips: “Every hostess needs a set of notecards on hand—use these to share your messages in style. Jot your post-holiday thank-you notes on these printed cards. A thoughtful sentiment is always best received on gorgeous stationery. In the spirit of the season, use these to send your loved ones thoughtful notes. A great gift doesn’t have to cost a lot!”
Verdict: Gift
I actually hoard stationery, (particularly thank you notes) but this print doesn’t quite speak to me. It does on the other hand, remind me of a good friend so I’m going to add it to her Christmas gift. I couldn’t find this exact print on the Our Heiday website so I’m guessing it was exclusive for this box.

Honest ProductsLip CrayonMulberry Swatch
Honest Beauty Makeup Remover Wipes:
(Estimated Retail: $10.00)
Honest Beauty Truly Kissable Lip Crayon in Mulberry Kiss (Estimated Retail: $18.00)
Rachel’s Beauty Tips: “This crayon is made with ingredients that help nourish and hydrate lips for a gorgeous finish. Apply by first lining the outer edges of the lips, then fill in for beautiful, full-bodied color. Remove a face full of makeup with these soothing wipes, which leave skin feeling clean and soft.”
Verdict: Love!
Typically I use an oil cleanser to remove makeup, but I always like to have wipes on hand in case I’m exhausted and want the path of least resistance.  (They are also great to fix makeup mistakes – aka the winged liner that turns into a giant black eye).  Most wipes are really drying and tough on my skin so I’m excited to try out the Honest brand and see how it stacks up against the others. This lip crayon goes on so smoothly and the color is absolutely beautiful. It’s a gorgeous winter shade, perfect for Holiday parties and I think the burgundy hue will compliment many skin tones. Another great pick from Rachel.

Hairpin 1Hairpin Close
Lelet NY Swarovski Crystal Hair Pin
(Retail: $98.00)
Rachel’s Description: “I believe in accessorizing everything so why stop with your hair? This pin is simple enough that anybody can wear it and it will never over power the other jewelry you have on.”
Rachel’s Styling Ideas: “This holiday season, you might be dripping in jewels form your ears to your fingers but don’t forget about your hair. Think of this piece as a bobby-pin substitute. For a simple but chic style, fasten into your hair just above one ear to keep locks in place and add a little bling to your do. For evening, take two sections form either side of the head and fasten them in the back with this sparkly accessory.”
Love, Love, Love
Doesn’t this look like something you’d expect Natalie Portman to wear to an awards ceremony? It’s lovely and sweet with just enough sparkle to make it festive, but not so much that it takes away from you or anything else you are wearing. It works for short and long hair, and is perfect for holiday and New Year’s Eve parties. Rachel Zoe even included some great ways to style it on her site. I couldn’t find this exact one on the Lelet website, so like so many things in this box I’m assuming this was another exclusive.  I love how classic this is and how anyone from a child to an elderly woman could wear it gracefully.  It’s my favorite item in the box.

MarulaOil Rare Oil Intensive Masque & Complementary Rare Oil Treatment
(Estimated Retail: $45.00)
Rachel’s Description: “You have to take care of your hair, especially as it gets colder. A moisturizing masque will help keep your hair shiny and healthy all winter long.”
Rachel’s Beauty Tips: “Kiss dry, limp locks goodbye—this replenishing hair masque revives winter-weathered hair with a cocktail of moisturizing ingredients. Use this product on your wet hair when it needs some extra love. Comb through tresses then leave on for 3 to 10 minutes depending on your needs. For even deeper conditioning, apply heat with a blow-dryer while the masque is in your hair.”
I’ve heard lots of good things about the magic of MarulaOil so I’m excited to try this hair masque. The size is really generous and I’m going to use the bonus oil treatment for an at home spa day.

CiateCiate Celestial Swatch
Ciaté London Nail Polish
in Celestial
(Estimated Retail: $15.00)
Rachel’s Description: “Nails are just an extension of your mood and one more way to accessorize any ensemble. For this holiday season, start with your nails to add a little spark to your look.”
Rachel’s Beauty Tips: “A festive holiday ensemble isn’t complete without a gorgeous manicure to match. Use this Ciaté polish as the finishing touch to your party-ready look. Apply one coat for a slightly sheer color; try three coats for a bolder more opaque hue. To add a twist to a basic manicure, use this polish to paint an accent nail on both of your ring fingers. Pay around with color combos that match your cocktail attire. ”
You had me at glitter
Yes, I have a ton of polish, but look at how sparkly it is! So sparkly! I actually don’t own any polish from Ciaté  so it’s nice to have one for my collection. I think this is a perfect shade for the Holidays and a great way to add something fun to a basic outfit. I always say, “when in doubt, add glitter”. I couldn’t find this shade on the Ciate website so I think it may be sold out.

Foot Petals
Foot Petals
Custom Tip Toes
(Estimated Retail: $8.00)
Rachel’s Description: “Whether you’re running from your desk to dinner or out dancing all night long, Foot Petals Tip Toes bring comfort to your high heels.”
Rachel’s Styling Ideas: “Perfect for keeping you comfortable on the holiday-party circuit, these foot petals are guaranteed to make your dancing shoes groove a little easier. These petals cushion the balls of your feet and keep toes from sliding forward in shoes. Froe extra comfort, make sure you’ve already broken in the heels you plan to wear, then slip in the Foot Petals for added cushion. ”
I’ve actually been using the Foot Petals brand for years and they are wonderful. They have all different kinds of products to help with various shoe fit issues including things like straps that dig in and lack of arch support. Their products are durable and really help make shoes that can be painful a lot easier to wear. It says these are custom which is why I’m guessing their retail value is just a little higher than the regular ones on the Foot Petals site. I do think they are definitely worth $8.

Box of Style Winter 2015
Let it Zoe, indeed!
I don’t know what to say besides this is exactly what a Style subscription should be. The value on this box came out to $412 (and that’s excluding my free gift). The cost on this box is $100 and I don’t feel like the retail value on any of the items was off the mark. Because I had received several referrals, I actually received this box for free. I would have gladly paid $100 because it’s full of lovely things  that feel special and seasonally appropriate.  I’ll use or gift everything in this box.  It was really right on the mark with a cohesive holiday theme and just enough sparkle to make it fun, but not so much that most of it is useless the rest of the years.  The exclusive items really make this box feel extra special.   I can’t wait to see what Rachel comes up with for 2016.

In January, I’ll be doing my favorite items from all of my 2015 sub boxes which will include a heck of a lot from this amazing Box of Style subscription so be sure to come back and check it out!

Box of Style has Fashion, beauty and lifestyle items you’ll be obsessed with!   Over $300 worth of product in every box.

   Box of Style ships 4 times per year—March, July, September & December

   Membership renews each quarter

DISCOUNT!:  Use code SUBTHERAPYSP10 to save $10 off!
Seasonal Membership:
$100.00 / 4x year
Annual Membership: $350.00 / year
Free shipping!

Seasonal membership:  Cancel any time (after the shipment of your first purchased Box of Style)
Annual Membership: Renews each year (membership is not cancellable during the year)


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