The Box by LE (formerly Decoterie): Autumn 2015

The home style box, Decoterie, who’s Summer 2015 box I reviewed, went through a lot of changes and became The Box by LE.  My box ended up arriving on the late so I got mine toward the end of 2015. When I ordered first this the subscription was still called Decoterie and still offered quarterly subscriptions. They now only offer monthly ones (jump down to the Backstory for more info).

As my plethora of Pinterest boards can attest, I have a great love of home décor so when new home décor box came on the scene I had to try it out. The idea for this box is to deliver luxury, quality items while adhering to ethical standards and with an eye for sustainability.

Now let’s jump in.
Box Open Box Open Box 2

Fine Art Canvas by Leigh Viner
(Suggested Retail: $89.00)
Description: “..we partnered with our favorite artist Leigh Viner for one-of-a kind fine art giclee canvases this fall. Leigh Viner is not just the artist who illustrated our Kiss me pillow and coasters that you all love, she is a renowned artist who worked with everyone from Lady Gaga to Sephora makeup brands. WE decided to collaborate one more time and bring you her first ever fine art canvases! That’s right detectives, you won’t find this online anywhere else. Leigh is known for her expensive life size originals or paper prints, nothing in between. This it’s the first ever exclusive for just The Box customers. We can’t choose a favorite, but the watercolor fashion masterpiece that is Insouciant + stunning BW Vanquish abstract portrait can’t be beat. *Enjoy three variations of prints in this box.”
Verdict: Like
It looks like Leigh Viner has a fashion and photography angle so I’m surprised at this piece I received. The card said there’d be there variations but I haven’t seen too many posts with this particular print. It’s a pretty canvas but not particularly compelling, (more like something you’d see in a nice hotel). Lovely colors but nothing with any emotional impact. I really wish I’d gotten a print similar to this one or a photograph like this one.

Artim Area Rug
(Suggested Retail: $20.00)
Description: ”During my sourcing trip this summer, I totally fell in love with the fair-trade Artim collection. Simple and durable, yet striking woven good from Indian artisans where tradition is passed down and there’s no machine in sight. There were so many wonderful bold patterns to choose from, so I opted for the most timeless of them all in three swappable color variations: Black, Navy and Beige. This is perfect for every room, from the front door to the kitchen. Save yourself form constant clean up with this stylish patterned eco-luxe rug! 100% hand dyed natural cotton.”
I think because my box got lost or delayed I’m getting some of the more unusual items because this color is not listed as one of the variations, but I love it. Oceany blues, grays and greens are my go to decorating colors and this rug matches the duvet in my bedroom perfectly. I love the woven pattern and I’m going to put this right next to my bed.

L.E. Throw Blanket
(Suggested Retail: $197.00)
Description: ”…this is another The Box exclusive not available anywhere else. We printed each one especially for you! Since so many of you lust after our dreamy watercolor print limited edition Kiss Me collection, we decided to celebrate fall by creating a new rendition of the print in a glorious baby soft, minky plus, large size fleece blanket. Perfect of snuggling or tossing on the bed sofa or your favorite corner reading chair…”
Verdict: So soft, but such an awful pattern
I’m sorry but I hate the pattern on this. HATE. I’m sure there are some of you that will love it, but the style sort of goes with Warhol paintings and Lucite side tables, while my taste is much more modern rustic. The blanket feels awesome (so very soft!), but for that price tag I’d expect a bigger size. I also think it was a huge gamble to choose this type of print for the priciest item in the box. This has such a specific taste that I think there are too many folks who wouldn’t love it. Not to mention that the orangey red shade of the printed lips just doesn’t work with a lot of home décor. I honestly can’t even think of someone I know who would really like this style, so I’m keeping it and folding it on the plain side (that has no print) so it just looks white.

Decoterie Autumn Box 2015
I love the idea behind this box and I think it’s curator and founder, Leticia Elizabeth does have a nice eye for design. I also really appreciate that we get box exclusive items in this sub. My biggest problem is that this box doesn’t feel cohesive from a design standpoint. I don’t think the same person would purchase all three of those items. They just don’t go together. The blanket is Pop Art, the flower painting is traditional and the rug feels a bit more modern rustic. While I know a home décor box can’t hit the mark on every item for every person, I think that making the priciest item (the throw) such a very design specific taste was a huge miss. I think a more universally appealing pattern on the throw would have pushed this box to a win.

This box was a quarterly box that cost $150 + $15 shipping, so I paid a total of $165.00. According to my card it has an estimated retail value of $306, which seems a bit inflated. I know these are exclusive items, but the throw just doesn’t seem close to the price tag listed.  There aren’t too many home décor subscription boxes so I think it may take some time for this one to find it’s groove, but I hope it does since it seems to have a lot of potential.

What type of home décor style do you have? Laidback luxe? Cheerful pop art? Share!

is a monthly designer home goods and women’s lifestyle box curated by Letitia Elizabeth, for those seeking quality over quantity. The box will include handcrafted designer pieces that are meticulously designed and well curated, so that you can style your home and design a beautiful lifestyle that blends ethics + aesthetics. Each month we send you a bursting hand-packed box that’s focused on a theme. Each box contains a selection of 2-4 items ranging from home decor, textile goods, art, decorative accessories, and exclusive collaborations with top designers known as our HERO item. You’ll be part of an exclusive experience with our box’s pieces specifically made-to-order just for our subscribers and not available anywhere else. So what are you waiting for, join today!.”
Cost: $100 plus shipping

THE BOX MINI: “Delivered monthly just like our signature box, this exclusive new subscription box option is an affordable foray into the world of beautiful home goods. Each month receive a deluxe sized item designed by a designer we love. Included will be an info card detailing the story behind the design, as well as extra goodies thrown in to delight and surprise you. You’ll also be inducted into the Members Club where a VIP Card will be mailed to you for discounted rates off any future purchases from our Box Shop. Items from THE BOX MINI may include scrumptious bedding, art, kitchen wares, bath sets, and more!”
Cost: $49 plus shipping

Pause or cancel at anytime.

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Once upon a time, long, long ago, Lisa attended Syracuse University where she studied singing in a giant castle surrounded by ice and snow. After she earned her music degree, she headed to the island of Manhattan, down to the West Village, to a place called the New School. There, she earned another degree in the great art of writing stories for children. She currently works on that same island trying to help real people, while making up stories about imaginary ones. Her first book, “The Ice Maiden’s Tale,” a fairy tale adventure, was released on May 30, 2017 and is up for sale on Amazon.

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