Rachel Zoe Box of Style: Spring 2016 & $10 Off

The only thing better than the start of Spring is getting my Rachel Zoe Box of Style! It’s my absolute favorite sub (which is saying a lot). (If you want to sign up, use code SUBTHERAPYSP10 to save $10 off!)

Now let’s get to the goods.
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La Mer

Deluxe Sample of La Mer The Concentrate
Verdict: Love!
This is an extra item in addition to all our regular box items. The price for an ounce of this is $340. The full size at 1.7 oz is $440. Let that sink in. La Mer is known as the ultimate in skincare and completely unattainable for most of the population (including yours truly). I’m so psyched to try this out and hopefully I won’t fall too much in love because I could probably afford unicorn tears easier than this stuff.

Now to the actual Box items:

Bag Inside Bag
Shaffer LA Leather Bucket Bag:
(Estimated Retail: $150.00)
Rachel’s Description: “This bag comes in a gorgeous custom caramel leather, which will pop with any outfit without overpowering it. Plus, there is no hardware so it’s super lightweight while holding all your essentials.”
Rachel’s Styling Ideas: “Wear it with tailored trousers and a crisp button-up oxford for a polished office ensemble. Throw it over a floaty bohemian top and cutoffs for the upcoming festival season. Treat the versatile shade of tan as a neutral and pair it with everything from high-contrast whites to vibrant separates.”
Verdict: Love!
I’m a sucker for leather bohemian-esque bags so this was right up my alley. It’s definitely high quality and it’s perfect for weekends when I just need to run out for the grocery story or to meet friends for lunch. This bag was custom for the Rachel Zoe box, but it looks like there is a similar one available in a variety of hues in case you want to grab one for yourself.

JouerJouer CloseJouer Swatch
Jouer Créme Eyeshadow Crayon:
(Estimated Retail: $24.00)
Rachel’s Description: “Why not add a little shimmer to your beauty routine. Use this crayon to create either a fine line or a smoky look without the makeup bag clutter.”
Rachel’s Beauty Tips: “Whether you’re running late or stuck in the back of a cab, toting an eyeshadow stick is the perfect makeup staple to get your look under control, stat. No need to carry around an arsenal of brushes—just apply to your lid and smudge with your finger. For a sultry smoky eye, apply on the entire lid. For a daytime look, apply only in the crease. And for an edgy evening look, apply along the upper and lower lash lines and smudge.”
Verdict: Love!
We could receive 1 of 8 different shades and I adore the one I received. It’s a bronzey color that is perfect for me (Sorry I forgot to check the name on the product.) I actually tried twice to order Jouer cream eyeshadows (the type in pots) from Birchbox and both arrived dried out so I gave up on them. This applied easily and should not have the same problem with drying out. Shadow sticks are a really great shortcut when you don’t want to fuss too much with your eye makeup.

BraceletOn Wrist
Jules Smith Pavé Bar and Stone Cuff:
(Estimated Retail: $45)
Rachel’s Description: “This cuff is a great, Delicate Piece that is chic enough to stand on it’s own or layer with your go-to jewelry”.
Rachel’s Styling Ideas: “For date night, mix this delicate cuff with an armful of bedazzled bracelets, your favorite LBD and sky-high heels. Layer the bracelet on the same wrist as your watch for added sparkle at the office. Pair with other turquoise jewels, a gauzy T-shirt and vintage jeans shorts for a winning festival-ready ensemble.”
Verdict: Like
I love the turquoise on this and I feel like it’s a great choice for Spring. I do wish that maybe we’d received a different type of bracelet, since sub boxes tend to send out a lot of cuff styles. These were also available in silver and gold, and since I have a ton of gold cuff bracelets I really wish I’d gotten the silver instead. Still, it’s very pretty and is the style is suitable for a woman of any age.

Ear BudsEarbuds 2
LSTN Sound Co. Wembley Earbuds
(Retail: $99.00)
Rachel’s Description: “I can’t think of a single stylish woman who doesn’t crave an equally chic pair of headphones. These earbuds offer great sound and are an elevated option for every day. For your commute, pair with a complementary phone case to show off your stylish sensibility. No need to conceal these when running errands—pair with oversize sunnies for glamourous on the go style. Proceeds from each pair sold help provide hearing aids to help someone hear for the first time through Starkey Hearing Foundation.”
Do we get a lot of earbuds/headphones in sub boxes? Yes, we do. Do I still love these? Yes, yes I do. I go through earbuds at an alarmingly high rate because of my hardcore commute and I just broke another pair so the arrival of these are perfectly timed. I love the mix of wood and gold detail – it’s that luxe bohemian vibe that is everywhere this season. I also really appreciate that this company donates proceeds from each pair to provide hearing aids for people who need them.


Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk (Estimated Retail: $20.00)
Rachel’s Description: “If you haven’t used a dry shampoo, this is the one to try. I first discovered this product in Paris during fashion week—it’s a great hair refresh when you’re on the go, and the scent is perfect..”
Rachel’s Beauty Tips: “Tired of limp strands and greasy roots? This dry shampoo freshens day-old hair when you don’t have time to wash. Bonus: It’s hypoallergenic and free of parabens, sodium chloride, colorants and sulfates. Give clean hair incredible texture and a no-slip grip for ponytails, braids or updos. To apply, shake first and spray roots from 10 inches away. Let sit for two minutes. To revive a salon blowout, massage into your scalp and then blast with your hair dryer.”
Klorane Dry Shampoo is an old friend of mine and if you remember I got a small version in a recent Birchbox. This is one of my favorite dry shampoos, so I’m always happen to get another bottle.

Blotting Tissues

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Oil Blotting Tissues (Estimated Retail: $7.00)
Rachel’s Description: “Whether you spent the night out dancing or your skin is overly moisturized, blotting papers are a mattifying must for the pho-read look.”
Rachel’s Beauty Tips: “It happens to the best of us: That midday shine up and down our T-zone. Thaks to these Oil Blotting Tissues, your 3 Pm glow just got a lot more manageable. They’re slim ienough to keep in your clutch or your back pocket. Gently blot rather than swipe, and these sheets will eliminate shine without removing your makeup.”
I have combination skin so I’m sure this will come in handy as we move toward the warmer months.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Spring 2016
As usual, Rachel Zoe delivers high class items that are sophisticated enough for older women, trendy enough for the younger ladies and fashionable enough that we all want them. This wasn’t Rachel’s most exciting box but it had a lot of useful products for the upcoming warmer weather. Excluding the stratospherically expensive La Mer sample, this box value came out to $345. For the $100 I paid, that’s amazing. This box always feels like a present, which is exactly what a subscription is supposed to be. If you have the budget for this box I can’t recommend it enough.

What did you think of Rachel’s Spring box? Would you use most of the items?
And have you tried the infamous La Mer Concentrate?  Is it as magical as we are led to believe?

Box of Style has Fashion, beauty and lifestyle items you’ll be obsessed with!   Over $300 worth of product in every box.

   Box of Style ships 4 times per year—March, July, September & December

   Membership renews each quarter

DISCOUNT!:  Use code SUBTHERAPYSP10 to save $10 off!
Seasonal Membership:
$100.00 / 4x year
Annual Membership: $350.00 / year
Free shipping!

Seasonal membership:  Cancel any time (after the shipment of your first purchased Box of Style)
Annual Membership: Renews each year (membership is not cancellable during the year)


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