Orglamix Glam Box: March 2016

Want your beauty products to be beautiful in more than one way?  Check out Orglamix Glam Box which features vegan, cruelty free and natural beauty products.  For every box sold, they also donate a meal to orphaned children in need.  Who can say no to a box of makeup that helps make the world a little better?

The Orglamix Glam box costs $29.00 for a monthly subscription, with discounts for prepaying.  It comes with 4 – 6 products and a $10.00 gift card for use on

Now let’s dive in.
Open Box

Lucky Chick Essential Oil Rollerball

(Estimated Retail: $18.00)
Description: A blend of bright, whimsical essential oils for good luck. Packed with a potent pampering to make you feel like a lucky chick. When you need good things to happen yesterday!   The best spots to apply it? For maximum benefits, apply generously, rolling on in a circular motion to pulse points. Inhale deeply after each application. Reapply frequently throughout the day.  Blended from 100% pure and natural, steam-distilled peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus and wintergreen essential oils known to attract good luck and protect against environmental threats. With its unique aroma, Lucky Chick offers a fragrant, natural, and effective alternative to nurture and balance emotions. Therapeutic grade.”
Verdict:  Hit!
Apparently luck smells like mint and herbs.  I’m not usually into aromatherapy because I’m sensitive to scents, but I applied this one when my allergies were acting up a bit to see if the mint would help me feel a little better and it actually did.  The oil also rolls really smoothly from the applicator which isn’t always the case with this type of packaging.  If you want to try out aromatherapy or already love it, give this brand a shot.

Lip Balm
Lime Aromatherapy Balm

(Estimated Retail: $6.50)
Description: “Aromatherapy Balm glides smoothly across your lips to create a protective barrier of active botanicals that lock in moisture and promote a firm and supple texture.  Organic coconut oil, candellila wax and sweet almond oil leave lips feeling soft and supple while peptides increase elasticity.  Natural aroma of lime provides a sweet and aromatic finish.  (This balm contains a small amount of lime essential oil.  Although the natural ingredients in our balm provide some sunscreen protection, lime essential oil can make skin more sensitive to prolonged sun exposure.).”
Verdict:  Miss
Unfortunately I didn’t find this balm very hydrating and the lime oil additive means you shouldn’t wear it in the sun, so for a pale redhead like me, it’s not a great option.  It’s not a available on the Orglamix site so it was probably a special addition for March. (I went ahead and linked to their other balms).  Ithink I’d really like some of their other flavors including Hot Apple Cider and Red Velvet.

Lip Scrub
Shamrock Shake Lip scrub

(Estimated Retail: $12.00)
Description: ”Shamrock Shake lip polishing sugar scrub buffs away dead and flaking skin with natural sugars suspended in a blend of natural emollients to leave skin supple and smooth and perfectly prepared for dressing up with color or going comfortably au natural.  A refreshing hint of sweet minty flavor is a delicious bonus.”
Verdict:  Like!
This was obviously a special for St. Patrick’s day so it’s not up on the Orglamix site.  It did have a lovely smell and the texture seemed just right for a scrub.  Unfortunately I didn’t close the lid quite tight enough so it dried out before I could try it out (cue sad face).  I thought it was a fun, seasonally appropriate item that had a great spa vibe to it.

Eye Products Swatches
Eye-rish + Limerick

(Estimated Retail: $12.00 each)
Description: ”This high-tech formula creates a glittering wave of sequin-like sparkle, leaving your eyes glistening like jewels.  The perfect blend of pigment and pearl delivers a weightless feel on the eye, leaving lids glamorous and glowing.”
Verdict:  Hit!
Mineral eyeshadows are wonderful for blending and these went on smoothly.  I loved these seasonal shades (first two swatches above – from left to right) and think they’ll look great with my coloring.  Limerick is a bit more of a highlight color, while Eye-rish is much better for every day.  I know I’ll have a lot of fun with these.

Pot of Gold glitter pigment
(Estimated Retail: $10.00)
Description: A versatile glitter makeup for the face and body…A little bit goes a long way. Just pat on the skin with a wet brush for a long-lasting effect.”
Verdict:  Not for everyone, but cool
This is obviously not something you wear every day unless you’re Katy Perry or a stripper, but it’s still way cool.  This is an item reserved for special occasions and Halloween, but it applied pretty easily and is a lot of fun.  Since the box was full of other practical items, I feel like this was a fun addition and fitting of Orglamix’s St. Patrick’s Day theme.  I couldn’t find this particular version on the Orglamix site, but there are lots of other glitter pigments.  I used the retail price on the included card, since the other pigments are priced a bit higher.

Catch a leprechaun
Catch a Leprechaun

(Estimated Retail: $18.00)
Description: ”This silky smooth cream formula lets you go sheer, dramatic or anywhere in between for depth and color that lasts. Infused with coconut and avocado oils to help soothe the sensitive eye area and minimize the look of lines and wrinkles.”
Verdict:  LOVE!
This is my absolute favorite item in the box.  I love cream shadow/liner combos but they can dry out and get hard to apply and it’s actually hard to find colors that appeal to me.  This shade is really funky – a great bronzey brown-green-gold amalgamation that I think would look great on just about every skin tone (swatch above on the far right).  You can layer it for more color and combined with my eye primer it had great staying power.  It also feels good on your lids, which is probably due to the coconut and avocado oils.  Like most of the items this appears to be specially made for this box.

March Orglamix 2016
I received this box for free, but the regular month-to-month price is $29.00 and I thought that was a great value for the products you received.  If you purchased these all from the Orglamix site they’d be $88.50 and that’s excluding the fact that many of them seem to be limited edition.  Natural beauty products tend to be pricier than regular ones and it can be hard to find brands and items you like.  This box gave a nice mix of practical and fun items that fit the box theme.  It had a sense of playfulness that was very appealing–plus each box you buy helps feed a hungry child so it’s just a win-win all around.

If you are looking for vegan, cruelty free makeup that’s a lot of fun, checkout the Orglamix Glam Box.

How important are natural cruelty free products in your beauty routine?
Are you an all natural girl, trying to slowly add in more natural products, or are you equal opportunity for all kinds of glam?

Orglamix delivers healthy beauty delivered to your door every month.

Healthy, natural beauty, doesn’t have to be boring! When you sign up for Orglamix, every month you will receive a 4-6 expertly curated, healthy beauty products, non-toxic cosmetics, natural & sustainable, cruelty-free goods + a $10.00 Gift Card to For every box sold, we donate a meal to orphaned children in need.

Month to Month: $29.00
6 Month Prepay: $169.00
12 Month Prepay: $289.00

Coupons: Each Month comes with a $10 gift card for

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