Polished!: ILNP Spring 2016 Polishes

As you may have noticed from my blog, I have an extremely large polish hoard, uh, collection, so I’ve decided to periodically include a polish feature with info on cool brands, polish storage and all kinds of other nail related obsessions.

If you’re not too far down the rabbit hole of polish obsession, you might not be aware that there are tons of indie makers of polish and hundreds of brands beside what you see in the drugstore.  They range from small time folks on Etsy to larger scale producers that have their own websites.  You can also buy a variety of indie brands through sites like Harlow & Co and Color 4 Nails.

Why bother with indie makers?

Well, they make the *really* cool stuff.  Unlike large scale manufacturers they get to experiment more with finishes and effects, plus many like to create collections with links to all kinds of fandoms or pop culture.  Plus it’s always nice to support independent artists and makers.

A big fave in the indie world, is ILNP (I Love Nail Polish).  They are best known for their flakie polishes and when they released a Spring Holo Jellies collection, I knew I had to try some out.  For those that don’t know polish slang,”Flakies” include flecked glitters that come in different shapes and have a jagged type appearance.  “Holos” are short for holographics, these contain very fine shimmers that give a rainbow type effect.  “Jelly” finishes are more sheer colors that can be layered to create depth.  They give an almost squishy jelly like appearance (hence the name).  You can use jellies to create special effects by layering glitter between them (Jelly Sandwich manicures).

Did I want to buy the whole collection?
You betcha.  But I have neither the budget, nor the space in my helmer, so I let myself choose  three.
In Boxes Labels

ILNP Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea

(Retail: $10.00)
Description: “Sweet Pea is a graceful and sweet seashell pink jelly that is incredibly versatile! This sheer stunner wears beautifully alone for a subtle pop of color with a glass-like shine and intense holographic sparkle or take it a step further and sandwich it with another favorite!”
Verdict: Love!
I really wanted something almost nude, but still pink and I think this fits the bill.  There is something so appealing about understated pinks/nudes plus a ton of sparkle.  They just work so well.  I could see this being a great pick for a formal event where you want some bling but don’t want a bright shade on your nails.

ILNP Jello Shot
Jello Shot

(Retail: $10.00)
Description: “Jello Shot is a deliciously juicy paradise pink jelly that packs a jaw-dropping holographic punch thanks to a generous assortment of oversized holographic goodness!  You’ll find the glass-like translucency of Jello Shot lends itself to an incredible finish. Get ready to go nuts over the amazing depth and color saturation you can build with each coat!”
Verdict: Love!
How could I not get a polish called Jello Shot?  This watermelon shade just made me think of summer and I think it will make really fun pedicures once the weather heats up.

ILNP Rolling Hills
Rolling Hills

(Retail: $10.00)
Description: “Rolling Hills is a refreshing, iced mint Ultra Metallic polish laced with an array of holographic micro flakes!  Pay close attention and you’ll notice a subtle hint blue-to-teal, color travelling shimmer for a finish that’s to die for!”
Verdict: Love!
This polish actually came from the regular Spring 2016 Collection.  Flakies are what ILNP is known for so I wanted to grab at least one from this collection.  I adore the pale green shade.  It’s perfect for spring and I think it will compliment my pale complexion nicely.

ILNP Jellie Holos

Verdict: Love!
These polishes were all lovely and unique.  I really wish I could have grabbed all 13 in both Spring 2016 collections, but I’m happy with my choices.  They are perfect for Spring and will transition nicely to summer.  I also think Rolling Hills will look lovely during Christmas time.

Have you ever tried an indie polish?  If so, what brand and what did you think?

Author: Writer Preziosi

Once upon a time, long, long ago, Lisa attended Syracuse University where she studied singing in a giant castle surrounded by ice and snow. After she earned her music degree, she headed to the island of Manhattan, down to the West Village, to a place called the New School. There, she earned another degree in the great art of writing stories for children. She currently works on that same island trying to help real people, while making up stories about imaginary ones. Her first book, “The Ice Maiden’s Tale,” a fairy tale adventure, was released on May 30, 2017 and is up for sale on Amazon.

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