Spiffster Tie Box: June 2016 & 20% off Coupon

Been procrastinating on Father’s Day?
If so, I might have just have a solution.   The wonderful folks at Spiffster, a premium tie subscription, sent me a box to review and a fabulous 20% off coupon.
Just use SUBSCRIPTIONTHERAPY to save 20% off your entire subscription (not just the first month, but the whole sub)!

How it works:
After you become a member, they send you a short survey that allows you to build your profile and deliver ties tailored to your preferences.  A fresh tie gets delivered to you monthly.  All ties are shipped on the 16th of each month.

What really sets this sub apart is that you get to customize the tie you receive, plus it’s super affordable.  A month to month sub is only $8.95, with discounts for prepaying 3 or 6 month subs.

Spiffster also offers the ability to purchase ties separately from the subscription in their Spiffster One Time Shop.

Now you may be wondering what $8.95 will get us?
(Me too).  Let’s jump in.

We start with really cute packaging:

Print Tie
The Tie

Now subscribers typically choose their own tie, but mine was selected by Spiffster.  It’s a nice classic style and the quality is excellent.  I’ve gotten a lot of ties from men’s boxes and this is one of the few my boyfriend actually wanted to keep.

Also included was a card, with instructions on how to tie a specific knot.  I thought this was a great inclusion and I think a lot of guys would be interested in learning some of the different methods that they may not be accustomed to using.

Verdict: Hit!
Spffister Tie Box
I’m really impressed with the quality you get for only $8.95.  I also really appreciate that this subscription is completely customized.  For a gentleman that needs to wear a tie every day, this is an easy, inexpensive way to build up a tie wardrobe.  I could also see this as a great gift for a recent grad that is heading into the business world.  If you’ve been looking at tie subs, this is definitely one to move to the top of your list.

Have you ever purchased a subscription as a gift?
If so, tell me about it in the comments!

After you become a member at Spiffster, they send you a short survey that allows you to build your profile and deliver ties tailored to your preferences.

A fresh tie gets delivered to you monthly.  All ties are shipped on the 16th of each month.

“Our neckties are trendy and fashionable. Handcrafted from premium materials and created to instill a sense of success.”

COST: $8.95 Month to Month
$24.95 Every three Months
$56.95 Every 6 Months

Free Shipping on all U.S. orders.
Cancel at Any Time
Free US Shipping

COUPON CODE: SUBSCRIPTIONTHERAPY – save 20% off for the duration of your subscription

ONLINE SHOP: Ties are also on sale for Individual Purchase in the Spiffster One Time Shop

Author: Writer Preziosi

Once upon a time, long, long ago, Lisa attended Syracuse University where she studied singing in a giant castle surrounded by ice and snow. After she earned her music degree, she headed to the island of Manhattan, down to the West Village, to a place called the New School. There, she earned another degree in the great art of writing stories for children. She currently works on that same island trying to help real people, while making up stories about imaginary ones. Her first book, “The Ice Maiden’s Tale,” a fairy tale adventure, was released on May 30, 2017 and is up for sale on Amazon.

6 thoughts on “Spiffster Tie Box: June 2016 & 20% off Coupon”

    1. My boyfriend only has to wear ties on special occasions, but I think this would be a fun sub for the guys that need to wear them every day.

  1. Today you can LEGIT find a subscription box for ANYTHING! This is so cool! I could see myself getting this for my brother, who is a lawyer, and wears suits to work every day. 🙂

    1. Yeah if I was a guy and had to wear a suit every day I’d definitely treat myself to a tie subscription. It would at least make it a little fun!

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