Orglamix Glam Box: June 2016 & 25% Off Coupon Code!

For Manic Monday, I figured a little pampering might be apropos, so I’ve got my June 2016 Orglamix Glam Box review today.  This sub features fabulous vegan, cruelty free beauty and is always a ton of fun so let’s dive in.  (To save 25% on your first box, use coupon code VEGAN.)

Our theme is Farmers’ Market:
Open Box

Blueberry Water
Micellar Water Blueberry

(Estimated Retail: $12.00)
Description: ”If you’ve ever been backstage at Fashion Week, you’ll notice all the makeup artists using this cleansing water….It dissolves any traces of makeup even waterproof) quickly and efficiently…It’s s perfect for travel as an in-flight face savior, a camping trip hero, a teen or tween helper – or pretty much the perfect solution for any skin area in need of feeling clean and refreshed.”
Verdict:  Love!
Micellar water is all the rage.  It’s a type of cleansing water that is gentle and dissolves makeup easily.  This smells ah-ma-zing and does a great job of removing dirt.  My routine is to use an oil cleanser to get off all my makeup (goodbye winged liner) and then follow with a toner or cleansing water spritzed onto a cotton pad and wiped onto my face.  This fit perfectly into my routine and I loved how fresh it felt.  Definitely a winner.

Aloe Jelly
Aloe Jelly Cucumber + Cranberry
(Estimated Retail 2 oz: $62.00)
Description: “This little wonder is perfect for use after the sun exposure, shaving, waxing and cosmetic treatments as it soothes the skin with a mixture of Cucumber Distillate, Aloe Vera and antioxidant rich Cranberry Seed Oil.  This concoction treats sensible skin that reacts easily and soothes irritation and inflammation.  It’s fast absorbing, never sticky, and provides a lightly moisturizing cool gel sensation.  The clean cucumber scent is crisp and delightful.  It’s wonderfully effective during hot summer months!  Keep handy (or chill in the fridge) for use on sun burnt skin. It provides effective relief form minor burns, skin irritations, insect bites, chafing, itching, dry skin.  Perfect as a hydrating or calming mask, under eye gel and facial or body moisturizers.  This ultra-healing, oil-free product can sol be used after shaving or waxing to soothe, leaving your skin healed, sealed and nicely nourished. “
Verdict: Love!
Aloe is amazing for irritated or injured skin and this is absolutely perfect for applying if you’ve gotten a sunburn, or even if your skin just needs a little pick me up after a long day outside.  The cucumber scent is so light and lovely and just right for summer.  As someone who gets attacked by mosquitoes, I’m definitely going to try this on my insect bites and see if it stops my incessant itching.

BlushStrawberryBlush Swatch
Strawberry Jam pure Mineral Blush

(Estimated Retail: $18.00)
Description: ”Behold, the most-wanted blush to swirl on this season: Strawberry Jam.  The pure mineral powder comes in a true pink shade with a hint of shimmer that’s universally flattering to all complexions for a just-pinched rosy look.”
Verdict: On the Fence
A strawberry blush sounds amazing, but this seems a touch too sparkly for my taste (I prefer matte).  I do think it’s pretty though so I’m definitely going to experiment with it.

Eyeshadow Peach Shadow Peach Shadow Swatch
Juicy Peach pure mineral eyeshadow

(Estimated Retail: $12.00)
Description: ”Just in time for the bright heat of summer.  Go for a subtle wash over your lids or a shot of color along your lashline.  Juicy Peach is the perfect nude eyeshadow that goes with every look.”
Verdict: Hit!
This shade blends into my skin to give a shimmery hint of color.  I think it’s going to look fabulous with a cat eye for a touch of summer evening glam.

Perfume Palette – Fresh picked fruit

(Estimated Retail: $21.00)
Description: “Inventing your own custom fragrance is at your fingertips—litearlly.  Just blend these solid perfumes or wear alone to create a fragrance that is truly and uniquely your own.  Prepared in small batches and hand-poured so the fragrances are fresh and aromatic when they arrive at your door.  Each blending palette contains 3 solid perfumes, and are exceptionally light—not cloying.  While hard to find solid perfumes are a top request because they’re long lasting, spill-proof, and easy to carry in a purse, carry-on or suitcase.”
Fresh Picked Apple (green): Crisp apples just picked sweetness of Mother Nature’s Best!
– Fresh Picked Blackberry: Freshly harvested blackberries bursting with aroma.
Fresh Picked Watermelon (Pink): Sugary slices of fresh watermelon invoke feelings of warm sunshine and backyard barbeques.  True slices of summer!

Verdict:  J’ADORE!
This is my not only my favorite item in the box, but one of my favorite items I’ve gotten in any box all year.  If you read at all you know perfumes are mostly a miss with me because I’m super sensitive, but these are wonderful.  I love that you can blend the different scents or wear each individually. I adore solid perfumes and wish we’d see more of them in mainstream beauty.  They are versatile, last forever, and for some reason don’t bother my allergies half as much as regular perfumes.  Solid perfumes also offer a great commuter trick – ever been stuck on the bus or train with someone who’s, how shall we say, not so fresh?  If you’ve got a solid perfume you can rub a little above your lip (right under your nose) and voila the world is a much better smelling place.   This is like a little jar of magic.  Seriously.

June 2016 Orglamix Box
Awesome-sauce with a side of fruit.
My Orglamix boxes just keep getting better and better.  This is my fave so far.  The theme was right on the money and the products are unique and I will use all of them.  I love how natural and fresh all the products feel (and smell).  These are all specially made for this box, but I’m hoping that Orglamix gets them up on their site soon, because you all deserve to try out that perfume palette.  When I could find a similar product I included a link for you.

I received this box for free, but the regular month-to-month price is $29.00 and that’s an amazing value for what you receive. This box is a perfect getaway kit – grab your favorite gloss and mascara plus the June Orglamix box and you’ve got all the beauty products you need for a summer weekend .

Orglamix delivers healthy beauty delivered to your door every month.

Healthy, natural beauty, doesn’t have to be boring! When you sign up for Orglamix, every month you will receive a 4-6 expertly curated, healthy beauty products, non-toxic cosmetics, natural & sustainable, cruelty-free goods + a $10.00 Gift Card to For every box sold, we donate a meal to orphaned children in need.

Month to Month: $29.00
6 Month Prepay: $169.00
12 Month Prepay: $289.00

Each Month comes with a $10 gift card for the site.


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