Orglamix Glam Box: January 2017 Detox Box + 25% Off

Finally time to dive into my stack of 2017 boxes!  To get us over the hump, I’ve got one of my favorite subscriptions: the Orglamix Glam Box. January features a “Detox Box” theme.
If you’d like to try out a box of vegan, cruelty free natural beauty products for yourself, use the coupon code VEGAN to save 25%.

Overnight Detox Face Oil
(Estimated Retail: $38.00)
Description: ”This lightweight, dry oil is a 100 percent plant-based formula that helps support natural cell renewal and toxin elimination.  Free-radicals and dead cells are eliminated during the nighttime when cells are most efficient at healing.  Skin is left smooth, hydrated and youthful looking.”
Verdict: Like
I like that you can use this on its own, or layered under your regular night cream.  I haven’t tried an oil specifically for overnight so I’m excited to test this out.

Charcoal Aloe Face Cleanser

(Estimated Retail: $18.00)
Description: “All natural treatment cleanser formulated with organic ingredients for daily use or as a needed treatment use.  Activated bamboo charcoal draws out skin pollutants, helps to heal and prevent breakouts.  Aloe gently hydrates to prevent over drying.  Blended with antibacterial essential oils to help eliminate bacteria on the skin surface and deep within pores, soothes skin and reduce inflammation. ”
Verdict: Love!
I don’t think I’ve tried a charcoal cleanser, but I have tried charcoal masks and they’ve been great on my skin.  Between stress, holidays and all the weird extreme temperatures, my skin is kind of a mess right now.  This seems like the perfect thing to help even it out.

Black Magic Detox Sugar Scrub
(Estimated Retail: $14.00)
Description: “Dextox Scrub is activated charcoal and pure organic can sugar both of which are believed to detox the skin, tighten pores and smooth skin texture.  Add to that an exquisitely uplifting fragrance with a healthy helping of essential oils.  Top notes of peppermint, spearmint and menthol are believed to reduce fatigue and increase meal alertness.  Essential oils of lavender, juniper berry and clay sage, calm and uplift the spirit.  A woody drydown of amber, sandalwood, jasmine clove and pine needle makes this scrub a must have for the ultimate pampering experience. “
Verdict: Like!
I’ve got a nice stock pile of scrubs, but I like the mix of charcoal and essential oils in this one.  I’m spending a lot of time working on my house and this should give my skin and senses a little boost.

Konjac Sponge Charcoal

(Estimated Retail: $10.00)
Description: ”IF you’re looking for a gentle way to exfoliate, a konjac sponge laced with charcoal is for you.  Made from the root of the konnyaku plant the natural sponge is gentle enough to use daily—just apply a pump of your cleanser to the sponge and massage it over your face for soft skin without irritation.  These don’t contain active charcoal, though, so reach for a purifying mask if you want a deeper cleanse.”
Verdict: Like!
Julep introduced me to Konjac sponges and they do a nice job of cleansing without irritating your skin.  I’m happy to add this to my skincare stash.

Skin Detox Tea
(Estimated Retail: $???)
Description: ”…Our skin reflects our diet and lifestyle choices: it’s the mirror to internal health.  It’s just as essential to cleanse from the inside; reducing internal impurities can help to promote clearer glowing skin.  Yogi Skin DeTox was purposefully formulated to support a healthy skin care regimen.  Fragrant rose petal and hibiscus, used in Ayurveda to cool and soothe the skin, entice the senses with a fresh floral scent.  Organic green tea that supplies antioxidants to promote a sense of rejuvenation while burdock and yellow dock-traditionally used to support the liver-combine with red clover to promote cleansing….
Verdict: Like
This didn’t include an estimated cost so I’m considering it an extra.  What you eat gets reflected not just in your skin, but in your overall well-being. A detox tea seems a perfect fit for this box.

This was another practical box from Orglamix that suited the theme and time of year.  I missed receiving a makeup item, but the curation made sense with its focus on health, detoxification and charcoal. This wasn’t the most glamorous glam box I’ve ever received, but I’ll use all the items in it and I think my skin will look better because of it.  I receive this box for free in order to review it, but the estimated value came out to a $80, which I think is an excellent value for a box priced at $29.

I’m gearing up to take some pics of my February Box so be sure to come back for more Orglamix reviews!

Do you incorporate detoxifying or charcoal products into your beauty routine?

Orglamix delivers healthy beauty delivered to your door every month.

Healthy, natural beauty, doesn’t have to be boring! When you sign up for Orglamix, every month you will receive a 4-6 expertly curated, healthy beauty products, non-toxic cosmetics, natural & sustainable, cruelty-free goods + a $10.00 Gift Card to For every box sold, we donate a meal to orphaned children in need.

Month to Month: $29.00
6 Month Prepay: $169.00
12 Month Prepay: $289.00

Each Month comes with a $10 gift card for the site.

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