February 2017 Orangeglad & 10% off Coupon Code!

If you’re like me, you just need a little something extra to face Monday.
Today I’ve got just the thing – an artisan dessert subscription!  All the treats!

The lovely folks at Orangeglad sent me a box to review.  Each month, Orangeglad sends handcrafted, unique and exclusive desserts. The treats are created by local artisan chefs throughout the country.  A single portion box comes with 5 treats and costs $25, while a double portion of 10 costs $40.  (Shipping is included in the costs).

If you’d like to try out one for yourself use my code ST10 for 10% off your order.

This was a new sub, so I didn’t know what to expect.
I got a wrapped package and inside was a lovely box.

It was nicely packaged and perfect for gift giving.

There’s supposed to be a little book inside with info on the foods and vendors, but unfortunately mine was missing. I’ve used my best google skills to try to research the items and their cost, so bear with me.

Sweet Lydia’s S’mores

(6 Bar Box: $23.00)
Description: “Gourmet Vanilla Marshmallow is sandwiched between two graham crackers, covered in milk chocolate. You might think you know what to expect from a S’more but hold onto your hat as this treat will blow you away. Each s’more is individually wrapped, perfect for sharing or keeping all to yourself.”
Verdict:  You had me at hello, (sniff), you had me at hello
I adore s’mores and pretty much all marshmallow goodness (except for Peeps – they are for looking at, not for eating).  This was so very tasty.  The ingredients were fresh and the chocolate was creamy—so much better than what you find at your local drugstore.  I’ve never met this Lydia lady, but after tasting this and checking out her website, I think I love her.  I mean she has raspberry s’mores! And peanut butter!  So much marshmallow happiness! Unfortunately, you can’t buy these individually and a box of $6 will cost you $23.00.

Shotwell Candy Company – Craft Beer & Pretzel Caramels

(2.5 oz resealable pouch: $5.95)
Description: “We combine our buttery soft caramel with a healthy dose of Ghost River Brewing’s Golden Ale and finish it off with nice sized chunks of hand-crushed salty pretzels.  Makes a perfect malty, caramelly, crunchy and salty bite!  Beer and pretzels? Sure.  Beer, pretzels and caramel?  Back the truck up!”
Verdict: Hit!
I’m not a beer drinker, but I thought this was such a fun, unique spin on the caramel I had to give it a thumbs up.  I haven’t had a chance to try this one yet because I want to share it with friends, but even if it’s not my taste, I appreciate the creativity.

Shotwell Candy Company – Hand-Crushed Espresso Caramels

(2.5 oz resealable pouch: $5.95)
Description: “Like that perfect cup of coffee on a cold morning, these espresso caramels are something special.  Our small batch, hand-made caramel is infused with crushed Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee beans, a shot of pure, fresh pulled espresso, 100% natural vanilla and almond extract and then finished with a sprinkling of hand-crushed espresso beans and sea salt.”
Too repetitive
This box includes 5 treats so I was a bit disappointed that two of them were caramels.  If you happen to not like caramels, you’d dislike almost half the box.  I’d have split this one from the pretzel one and used them in different boxes.

QUIN Fruit Lollipops – 3 pieces

(6 Pieces: $6.00)
Verdict:  Like
These were definitely nicer than Dum Dum lollipops. The packaging and design of the candy also made it feel chic.  Like you should be eating these while you write your article for Vogue.  I only ate one but it had a nice flavor without being too cloying.

Fatty Sunday’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels – Toffee

(3 rod box: $3.49)
Description: “It’s no secret that toffee and chocolate make the perfect pair. How sweet (and salty) it really is. These gourmet pretzel rods are made with sweet and buttery toffee bits, creamy milk chocolate and of course, a salty pretzel. Sink your teeth into the sinful combination of crunchy toffee and milk chocolate – you will not be sorry you did. Your secret’s safe with us.”
I love chocolate covered pretzels and toffee so this was wonderful for me.  This is the only brand in the box that I was familiar with as I’m pretty sure it’s popped up in other sub boxes.  It’s quite tasty and the only item that you could buy in the same size included in the box.


The positives – This is a beautifully packaged box with dessert treats that feel chic and adult.  It’s perfect for gift giving – particularly for those hard to shop for folks.  It would be great for those office gifts when you don’t want to give something too personal, but where a gift card might not be the best route.  The treats felt high end and nearly all of them were new to me.  Everything I tasted was excellent and I’d happily buy the s’mores if my budget allowed.

The negatives are two parts.  First, I think for 5 small treats you need a tight curation and having two packages of caramels and two treats that featured pretzels aren’t quite appropriate.  While I love pretzels and like caramels, if you disliked either (or both!) you would be quite stuck.  The lollipops are great, but I would have liked to have seen the pretzels and espresso caramels saved for another box and one replaced with fruit treat and the other perhaps with a peanut butter based one.

The bigger issue though is the value.  This box would cost you $25.  When I added up the cost of the items it came out to $15.57, not including the shipping or packaging.  Now, it’s important to remember that only one of these items can be purchased in the quantity included in the box.  You can’t just order 1 s’more, so while that may be what they are worth, you can’t buy them for that amount.  Still, it’s almost $10 between the value and what you pay and to me that’s way too much.   It feels like maybe there should be 6 items in the box, or some should have been in larger quantities.

This seems to be a newer sub box, so there’s always a lot of tweaking that goes on before they find their sweet spot (pun intended).  It has a lovely vibe to it and the treats are delicious, so I’m hoping they can up the value and variety in their future boxes.

Would you ever sign up for a dessert subscription?
Why or why not?

Orangeglad is an “artisan dessert box that sends handcrafted, unique and exclusive desserts each month. Eat delicious treats created by local artisan chefs throughout the country, and learn about the amazing people behind each item.”

Single Portion Box: 5 Deluxe Sized Treats
Curated from around the country
Makes 1-2 people happy
Cost: $25 per month (shipping included)

Double Portion Box: 10 Deluxe Sized Treats
Curated from around the country
Makes 3-4 people happy
Cost: $40 per month (shipping included)

Managing your account is easy. If you want a break, you can cancel or skip at anytime, with absolutely no hassle.

Coupon Codes: Use code ST10 for 10% off your orders

Author: Writer Preziosi

Once upon a time, long, long ago, Lisa attended Syracuse University where she studied singing in a giant castle surrounded by ice and snow. After she earned her music degree, she headed to the island of Manhattan, down to the West Village, to a place called the New School. There, she earned another degree in the great art of writing stories for children. She currently works on that same island trying to help real people, while making up stories about imaginary ones. Her first book, “The Ice Maiden’s Tale,” a fairy tale adventure, was released on May 30, 2017 and is up for sale on Amazon.

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