Orglamix Glam Box: February 2017 Get Your Glow On + 25% Off

It’s time to get back to some box reviews and today I have one of my favorites: the Orglamix Glam Box. February’s theme was “Get Your Glow On”. If you’d like to try out a box of vegan, cruelty free natural beauty products for yourself use the coupon code VEGAN to save 25%.

We’ve got a really pretty box and super adorable Valentine’s themed packaging including itty bitty little paper hearts.  (As an aside, doesn’t “Paper Hearts” sound like it should be a movie on the Hallmark Channel?)

Anyways, let’s get to the goods:

Pink Himalayan Rose Solar Salt Mineral Soak
(Estimated Retail: $14.00)
Description: ”This softly scented soak relaxes muscles, eases the mind and softens skin to perfection. Featuring a blend of high-vibration sea salts including large-grain solar, Pink Himalayan and Epsom salts this relaxing bath soak is handmade.  Soaked in essential oils and organic rose petals, this soak elevates your bathing experience.”
Verdict: Like
Bath Salts! (And not the kind that turn you into a flesh eating zombie.) I love that this soak came with a little sachet to use so that you won’t have to deal with cleaning a ton of miniscule rose petals from your tub.  If the first phase of working on my kitchen cabinets is any indication, I will definitely need a relaxing soak for my muscles.  It’s amazing how sore you can be from just sanding, taping and painting.

Pink Opal Shimmering Skin Perfector

(Estimated Retail: $18.00)
Description: “…Our newest, creamy, highlighter powder to light up your best features with a high-shine finish.  Like a spotlight for your skin, this highlighter lights up your favorite features with high-impact, ultra-reflective shine….The multi-toned pigment pearls adjust to your skin’s natural undertones.  Unlike traditional loose powders, this unique formula blends pigments with liquids, to create an unparalleled, creamy feel that applies seamlessly for silky finish that never cakes.  The result: a high-shine, elegant finish that doesn’t look glittery.”
Verdict: On the Fence
I love the idea of this powder and the application was easy and felt lovely on my skin.  For me though, it did seem a touch glittery.  But that’s just my first impression on a swatch.  I’ll have to really experiment with it to see if I can make it work for me.

Buffing – Brush

(Estimated Retail: $15.00)
Description: “A new technology in brushes, thousands of soft cruelty free bristles so tightly packed together as a buffer this brush give san air brushed look to the skin.  Densely-packed bristles cut at an even length, which enables you to buff the product into your skin.  Buffing brushes can work powders, liquids, creams and gels into the skin for an airbrushed effect.  They do all the hard work for you—just gently swirl the brush over your face and watch your makeup blend beautifully.  For extra coverage, try tapping the burhs on your skin to add more product—you may not even need concealer!” “
Verdict: LOVE!
I’ve been lusting after all the new oval buffing brushes that have come out on the market.  Unfortunately, so many of them have crazy high price-tags, so I’m super excited to finally try one out.  This is one of my favorite items in all the boxes I’ve gotten so far this year.

Pink Champagne – Natural Eyeshadow

(Estimated Retail: $12.00)
Description: ”…Pink Champagne is an incredibly romantic shade.  It brightens eyes and looks great on everyone.  It’s anything but boring, and can create both smoky and minimalist looks…”
Verdict: Hit!
This shade is very similar to my skin tone, but it gives more of candlelit look.  I think this will work great as a base for some winged liner or as part of a natural beauty look.

Glisten Lip + Cheek Gelee
(Estimated Retail: $18.00)
Description: ”A moisturizing lip and cheek tint that minimizes fine lines while delivering the perfect pop of color…”
Verdict: Love!
I’ve been wearing this as a blush nearly every day since I got it.  It’s the perfect natural shade for my skin.  It gives a hint of color that just makes my skin look healthy rather than made up. Another winner.


This was a romantic and fun box that I adored.  Getting a makeup oriented box after January’s skincare heavy one, showed a nice attention to the curation.    The items were a perfect fit for the romance of February and the brush was a wonderful surprise.  I receive this box for free in order to review it, but the regular cost is $29.  The estimated value comes out to $77, which doesn’t surprise me since natural beauty products can be quite pricey.  I think $29 for all the items you get is quite a bargain.

I’m gearing up to take some pics of my March Box so be sure to come back for more Orglamix reviews!

Have you tried any of the new oval buffing brushes on the market?
If so, which ones and what did you think?

Orglamix delivers healthy beauty delivered to your door every month.

Healthy, natural beauty, doesn’t have to be boring! When you sign up for Orglamix, every month you will receive a 4-6 expertly curated, healthy beauty products, non-toxic cosmetics, natural & sustainable, cruelty-free goods + a $10.00 Gift Card to For every box sold, we donate a meal to orphaned children in need.

Month to Month: $29.00
6 Month Prepay: $169.00
12 Month Prepay: $289.00

Each Month comes with a $10 gift card for the site.

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