Lilian Eve: “Champagne & Peonies” – May 2015

If you’re a regular reader then you know I have a slight polish obsession, (you say excessive, I say adequate, let’s meet in the middle). In any case, I was super psyched when Lillian Eve, a polish sub, sent me their May box to review.

Lillian Eve offers a monthly sub box featuring a duo of artisan nail polishes without harmful toxins (5-free), animal by-products, or animal testing. for $12.99 (with free shipping). They offer trendy seasonal colors and if you’re interested you can sign up for a free Welcome box. Lilian Eve also offers their polishes for individual sale. They have an awesome range of colors along with manicure basics like topcoats and cuticle oils.

A cute square box arrived on my doorstep to reveal…

A theme of “Champagne & Peonies”.
Open Box 1

The pastel polishes fit a wedding motif.
Open Box 2 Polishes

Bit of Bubbly Swatch
Bit of the Bubbly

Description: Sheer Finish Ivory Polish
Verdict: Hit!
I have a few white polishes but most are on the thicker opaque side. I like this sheer white because I think it will be the perfect backdrop for some really fun topcoats. White is also a chic color choice as we head into summer.

Maid of Honor Swatch
Maid of Honor

Description: Lavender Creme
Verdict: Like
Back when I was a maid of honor for my sister’s wedding, my dress was actually very close to this color so I find this polish to be aptly named. This is a very sweet shade of lavender. This season I’ve been into pastels and sheer polishes so I’m sure I’ll have some fun with this color. The formula also applied quite easily.
Lilian Eve May 2015 Swatches

Lilian Eve - May 2015

Verdict: Hit!

I love polish and this duo felt seasonally appropriate and cohesive as a set. I received this box for free, but the cost is only $12.99 per month. That’s a great value in a sub box and a great price for two vegan/5 free polishes. Even drugstore polishes would cost me more, so I was thrilled with this box. I find polish a great inexpensive way to jazz up your wardrobe for the seasons. If you’re looking for some fun new polishes at a bargain, consider signing up for a Lillian Eve sub.

Do you wear polish regularly? If so, do you find you change colors seasonally, or stick to your faves?


With Lilian Eve you’ll receive 2 debut LE polishes valued at $24+
Lillian Eve artisan nail polishes are vibrant colors formulated to last without harmful toxins (5-free), animal by-products, or animal testing.

Trendy Seasonal Colors

Easy Monthly Delivery

Cost: $12.99 / month with FREE SHIPPING!

Ships in just 3 days!

Sign up and get a free Welcome Box!

The Music Box: March 2015

Music is my first love that I’m always homesick for, so when The Music Box offered to send me a box to review for you guys, I was super excited. They are a music subscription that delivers CDs to you monthly based on your top 3 musical preferences.

First you choose your subscription type: $5 Envelope, $10 Box, or $13 Bundle, then your favorite genres.

I selected Acoustic Singer Songwriter, Folk Rock & Blue Grass.
I loved the cute little box and logo.
Inside were some extra cards, stickers and a free download.
Extras 1 Cards

I received the $10 “Box” subscription that included 3 CDs featuring Dan Wolff.

Old Fashioned
Old Fashioned Love
– Artist: Dan Wolff
Verdict: On the Fence
I really liked the lyrics and melodies of the songs and Dan Wolff’s voice is adequate (if not inspired), but for me the tracks are over-produced. During undergrad, my work study gig was being a recording engineer in the school of music, so I may be a bit over sensitive to these types of things. There’s just more fiddling and reverb than Dan Wolff and these songs need.

Here's to Someday
Here’s to Someday
– Artist: Dan Wolff
Verdict: Miss
This album suffered from the same issue as “Old Fashioned Love” and I didn’t find most of the songs as compelling as the ones on that album (although I do like the title track “Here’s to Someday”).

One of those Days Acoustic
One of Those Days (Acoustic)
– Artist: Dan Wolff
Verdict: Hit!
This acoustic album takes the best tracks from the previous albums and really elevates them. These songs should always be played this way. After hearing this album it really cinched my feeling that the production on the previous ones did a disservice to Dan Wolff’s music. His voice sounds better here, the music feels more authentic and it’s overall a much better album than the other two. My favorite tracks were “Staying In Bed” and “Gypsy Folke Shoppe”.

Full box

I don’t normally buy CDs because of my tiny apartment and lack of storage, but there is something charmingly retro about getting some new music on a shiny disc. I hadn’t heard Dan Wolff’s music before so it was a lot of fun to hear a new artist. I really enjoyed his acoustic album, but am slightly bummed that all my CDs featured him and there were numerous overlapping tracks. I would have enjoyed the box much more if it just had his acoustic album and CDs from other artists.

I didn’t pay for this one, but if I had it would have cost me $10.00. I think that’s an amazing price to get a couple CDs sent right to your door.  Just enjoying the one CD, still made the box an excellent value.   This is a great bargain for a subscription and it would make a fun gift for the music lover in your life. I could particularly see it going over well as a gift to a college student.

Do you still listen to CDs or are you strictly digital with your tunes?

The Music Box delivers CDs to you monthly based on favorite genres of music.
Box Choices:
The Box:
Includes: 2-4 CD’s & other goodies. The goodies you may see in your box are stickers, wristbands, downloads, autographs, or t-shirts, etc.
Shipping: United States: FREE
Canada: $6
International: $10

The Envelope:
Includes: ONE compilation CD w/ 15-20 songs. Featuring genres such as Pop-Punk, Pop-Rock, Indie, Alternative, etc.
Cost: $5/month
Shipping: United States: FREE
Canada: $6
International: $10

The Bundle:
Includes: ONE Music Box & ONE Envelope
Cost: $13/month
United States: FREE
Canada: $6
International: $10

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