Rachel Zoe Box of Style: Summer 2017

To kick off the beginning of summer, I’ve got my favorite sub box – Rachel Zoe Box of Style. This is a quarterly subscription that features high end brands and will set you back $100 for your seasonal fix.

Note from Rachel Zoe: “More than just a season, summer is a state of mind. For this Box of Style edition, my team and I wanted to bring that wanderlust the warm months evoke in all of us to life..”

The Sheer Perfection

Helena Quinn Kimono: (Estimated Retail: $120.00)
Description: “Versatility is the key to a polished closet.  From the beach to the stree, this muted floral stunner pulls together any ensemble—instant chic.”
Rachel’s Styling Ideas: “Stow in your beach or work bag for an effortless throw-on-and-go daytime option.  Layer over a crisp blouse and trousers for an elevated evening look.”
Verdict: There’s nothing that gets me looking forward to summer more than getting clothes I can’t fit into.
Why Rachel?  Why have you forsaken me?  We’ve gotten clothing items in the past but they were over-sized enough that they could fit a very large variety of women.  This is not very big and it has a belt so it just looks odd if it doesn’t fit you properly. It’s so beautiful and I’m epically sad that I can’t fit into it.  I’m so disappointed because there are so many fashion things that larger size women miss out on.  This box was something that even plus size women could enjoy. Now, not so much.  Rachel Zoe also has added in a customization option and this is an “exclusive collaboration” so there’s no excuse why they couldn’t include clothing with sizing options. Rachel’s going to have to score a lot of points in this box to win me over.

The Ace of Shades

Rael Durante Sunglasses Tortoise Shell (
Estimated Retail: $150.00)
Description: “There’s no such thing as too many sunnies, and this modern twist on a timeless style completes any look, causal or glam.”
Rachel’s Reasons to Love: “Classic wear-with-anything hues makes for easy accessorizing.  The updated cat-eye complements a variety of face shapes.”
Verdict: Love!
Cat eye glasses are my favorite shape and we were able to choose between black or tortoise shell.  I find tortoise shell complements my hair and pale skin better so I opted for that shade.  They are fun, classic and complimentary to a lot of face shapes.  A great choice.

The Wish You Were Here

The Brave Collection – Compass Necklace
(Estimated Retail: $115.00)
Description: “Summer is synonymous with travel, and this handmade necklace is a chic symbol of those sweet escapes we look forward to all year long.”
Style with Purpose: “This piece is handmade by fair-trade artisans in Cambodia, and 10% of profits are donated toward the fight against human trafficking.”
Verdict: Love!
Delicate gold jewelry is perfect for summer. I adore unique pieces and this one also donates profits to a worthy cause so that makes it even lovelier.  I have a silver talisman necklace that reads “courage without fear” that I wear regularly and this piece has a very similar feel, so excited to add it to my collection.

The Out of Office

Sole Society Straw Panama Hat: (Estimated Retail: $27.00)
Description: “A wide-brimmed hat is one of the most glamourous ways to protect your face from the sun, and this playful iteration adds a bit of splash to any outfit.”
Rachel’s Styling Hacks: “Tie on a scarf underneath for a snug-wind-proof fit.  Pack upside down and stuff crown with clothing to save space and maintain shape when traveling.
Verdict: Cheap Looking
Maybe this is just me but I think the pompoms on this hat really make it look cheap.  I love hats and collect them, but this one just seems like something you could find at a low end accessory store.  I like the idea of including a sunhat, I just don’t care for the one they chose.

The Jet Set

Beautycounter “Color Pinch” Cream Blusher in Hibiscus:
(Estimated Retail: $37.00)

Protect Stick Sunscreen:
(Estimated Retail: $18.00)
Description: “A bright cream blush and a fresh, breathable sunscreen are summer’s dynamic beauty duo and the ultimate way to bring out your natural glow.”
Rachel’s Reasons to Love: “Clean, good-for-you ingredients—totally paraben and silicone-free.  Double-duty color: Dab Cream Blusher on cheeks and lips for a subtle pop.  No streaks—safer, mineral sunscreen goes on clear.”
I love cream blushes and this one looks perfect for summer.  (How could something called Hibiscus not be?) I didn’t swatch it yet since I’m still working through some other makeup first.  I’m always on the lookout for new sunscreen products because the sun is my mortal enemy.  Currently, I don’t have a solid stick product so I’m happy to try this one out.


This is why doves cry.
Let’s start with the good stuff.  The box fit the summer theme perfectly and the estimated retail value was a whopping $467.  I thought the blush, sunscreen, glasses and necklace were all on point, and I will enjoy using those items.  Unfortunately, Rachel Zoe opted to include a piece of clothing with a value of $150 that could be a potential fit issue for a lot of customers, and was for me.  That’s a huge amount to deduct from the box.  So for a plus size lady your box value automatically falls down to a $317 before you even start looking at the products. As for the hat, it’s not the quality I expect from a $100 box or from Rachel Zoe.  It’s more suited to a discount store in the mall.  It didn’t scream out luxury.

I’ve always felt Box of Style was very thoughtfully curated to work for women of all shapes, sizes and ages, but this box clearly wasn’t put together with that idea in mind.  Even though I do like the majority of the items, the kimono was so disappointing that it ruined the whole experience for me.  As a pricier sub I expect better.

How do you feel about sized clothing in sub boxes?
Are they just part of the sub box gamble or do you think they are unfair to subscribers?

Box of Style has Fashion, beauty and lifestyle items you’ll be obsessed with!   Over $300 worth of product in every box.

   Box of Style ships 4 times per year—March, July, September & December

   Membership renews each quarter

Seasonal Membership:
$100.00 / 4x year
Annual Membership: $350.00 / year
Free shipping!

Seasonal membership:  Cancel any time (after the shipment of your first purchased Box of Style)
Annual Membership: Renews each year (membership is not cancellable during the year)

COUPON CODE: Use code BOXOFSTYLE25 for 25% off your first purchase at Rachel Zoe’s shop.
(Valid through September 15, 2017)

Popsugar: February 2016 & an April Spoiler!

I’ve still got a few February boxes just waiting for a review. Since I just got my March Popsugar, I realized I’m overdue to talk about the February one.
Let’s dive in:
Open Box

Tilo Heart Print Scarf
(Suggested Retail: $125.00)
Description: “Beautifully organize your things with this Must Have exclusive storage bin – great for your hats, scarves, toys, books, or anything that needs a home. We love the gray spotted print, which can easily tie into any room décor.”
Verdict: Gift
This is a lovely scarf and super soft, but I have so many scarves and this one just didn’t call to me, and I’m actively trying to trim down my clothes hoarding, closet. I did think it would make a great Valentine’s day gift for my Mom, so I passed it along to her. It’s definitely pretty and perfectly suited for a February box, although I couldn’t imagine paying $125 for it.

Beauty Counter
Beautycounter Nourishing Cleansing Balm
(Suggested Retail: $50.00)
Description: ”Unlike cleansers that leave you dry, this formula uses carefully sourced ingredients to remove makeup and impurities while also moisturizing skin. Prepare to feel pampered as you rinse it off with the soft muslin cloth included.”
I’m obsessed with trying out unique cleansers so this is right up my alley. I also have never tried this brand before so I’m excited for something new. I really love it when we get fancy/unusual versions of everyday items. I think it’s a great way for us to add a little luxury or surprise to our everyday beauty routines.

RingRing CloseRing Finger
Jewelry Coupon
JewelryStorm Endless Arrow Ring
(Suggested Retail: $28.00)
Description: ”This dainty ring has just the right amount of bling to wear alone or stacked with other pieces. Because of its versatility, you can even try using it as a midi ring to mix things’ up!”
Verdict: Great Idea, Mediocre Execution
I love getting adjustable rings in boxes. They are versatile and fun. I actually own a similar ring to this one that is just a simple arrow with no rhinestones and I do wear it regularly. My problem with this piece is that to me, it just looks a little cheap. It’s like something you’d find in Claire’s. It’s really the rhinestones that make it look a bit young and inexpensive. I think if this had just been a simple gold plated arrow ring it would have been infinitely better. It’s still a nice way to incorporate Valentine’s day and I do think a lot of subscribers would probably like it. It also came with a coupon code.

Fringe Studio Hello Beautiful Square Tray
(Suggested Retail: $14.00)
Description: “This kiln-fired glass tray is an elegant accessory for your desk or vanity – and the perfect daily reminder that you’re truly beautiful.”
Verdict: Hit!
This little tray is lovely and adorable for corralling rings on your dresser or paperclips on your desk. Mine is now sitting on top of my media console in the living room.

Victoria’s Secret Coconut Milk Hydrating Body Lotion (Suggested Retail: $22.00)
Description: “The exclusive hydrating formula of this soothing lotion will help moisturize your body, even during the chilliest months of the year. You’ll feel gorgeous from head to toe!”
Verdict: Like
I’m always happy to get lotion that smells like food. Coconut makes me think of summer so this will be a nice reminder that the end of winter is in sight.

FoodStirsFoodStirs Close
Foodstirs Heart cookie Mix
(Suggested Retail: $12.95)
Description: “Cofounded by Sarah Michelle Gellar, Foodstirs wants you to add a personal touch to your favorite bites. Because this festive cookie kit is free of artificial ingredients, GMOs and preservatives you can feel good about baking sweet treats with all the loves in your life!”
Verdict: Love!
First, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my favorite show ever, so I am a huge fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Second, I’ve been wanting to try out a Foodstirs subscription since I first heard it was coming out, but thanks to my giant baking hoard and Weight Watcher’s hard stance against sugar I haven’t tried it yet. I’m so excited to try this kit and I had a great plan to make these for Valentine’s Day and blog about it all for you guys and then..I got the flu. Which is why I’m still working my way through 80,000 (approximately) February boxes. I do promise that eventually I will make these and take pictures and we’ll get to dish.

Special Extras
Victoria’s Secret Sport Socks

Description: “Complete with an extra cushioned sole and arch support, these sockes make it easy to take care of yourself in comfort…they’re made with fabric that keeps your feet cool and dry even while working out!”
These are surprisingly good quality socks. I never thought to go to Victoria Secret for my sport socks, but I these are great and I will definitely consider it.
This also came with:
Victoria’s Secret Reward Card
Description: “Victoria’s Secret is sharing a $20 gift just for you – it works just like a gift card when used within the valid dates, so treat yourself to something special!”
This cared is pictured with the lotion earlier up on this post. I don’t usually buy much from Victoria’s Secret but maybe I’ll use these for some new socks!

February 2016 Popsugar
With my prepaid discount this box only cost me $24.91 and the estimated box value (excluding the special extras) was $251.95. I do think the price of the scarf is inflated, but this is still a great value. Some of the items weren’t exactly to my taste, but I thought they fit the season really well and that the curation was thoughtful. I think a lot of subscribers would adore this box and it was a perfect fit for the Valentine’s Day holiday.

So this was the spoiler released for April:
April Spoiler
This cookbook has tons of buzz and positive reviews so it’s a great choice in a Popsugar box.
I’m going to use this on my Popsugar Reading Challenge for the “book written by a celebrity” slot and hopefully I’ll even try my hand at a few recipes for all.

Popsugar is a women’s lifestyle subscription that delivers a monthly box of fun, full-size products hand-selected by Popsugar editors.

In addition to Popsugar’s monthly must have boxes, they have some seasonal special edition boxes that contain uber luxe items.  The price tag on these boxes is higher, but the products you receive are high end.

Popsugar Pricing:
Monthly – $39.95
3 Months – $109.85
6 Months – $214.70
12 Months – $404.40

Coupon Codes:  REFER5 = $5 off site wide
POPSUGAR10 = $10 off a 3 month subscription

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