June 2014 Product Review: CC Pollen’s Organic Honey


So as I mentioned back in my May Product review of the CC Pollen skincare line, they also included an awesome assortment of their organic honey. So for June, I’m endulging my sweet tooth and focusing on CC Pollen’s honey products.

Raw Blossom
C.C. Pollen, Raw Blossom Honey, 1.5 lbs
(Retail: $ $10.51)
Verdict: Hit!
This honey was lovely and smooth and I used it in tea and in a spicy peanut noodle recipe. I love that this comes in a wide mouth jar. It makes it so easy to use for recipes. I can dip my measuring spoon right inside with no problems.  It’s also a nice big jar for the price point.

Premium Honey
C.C. Pollen, Premium, Finest Pure Natural Honey, 13.4 oz
(Retail: $10.06)
I used this honey to sweeten a champagne sangria and in a bread recipe (similar to the type they serve at Outback Steakhouse). It worked well in both uses and again it came with that fabulous wide mouth jar that’s great for cooking.

Flavored Honey
C.C. Pollen, Natural Pure Honey, Chocolate Flavor, 12 oz
(Retail: $7.90)
On the Fence
This honey came to me crystallized. I’m not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to be and I know it’s an easy fix, so I’m not too concerned. It has an interesting flavor that is kind of hard to describe. It’s not quite chocolately, but it has almost a nut sort of flavor. It’s not unpleasant but I’m going to need to experiment with it in some recipes and cocktails before I’m sure if I really like it.

C.C. Pollen, High Desert, Natural Pure Honey, Natural Peach Flavor, 12 oz
(Retail: $7.90)
I adored the flavor of this honey. I used it in a berry flavored Iced tea and a fruit dip. It gives this really natural peach flavor that compliments all kinds of summer dishes. I will definitely be picking this up again when I finish the contained.

C C Pollen High Desert Natural Pure Honey Cinnamon — 12 oz
(Retail: $8.24)
This honey had that cinnamon candy type taste, although it wasn’t synthetic at all. It’s going to pair really well with apple recipes and I know I’ll be pulling out for my Fall baking.


All Honey

I enjoy cooking and use honey in all kinds of recipes. From baking to dips and cocktails and I enjoyed trying out all of these. I found them all to be high quality and the flavored honeys to be really unique. I think they are well worth the price and I don’t think you could go wrong with trying out any of them.

Do you use a lot of honey? Have you ever tried any flavored ones?


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May 2014 Product Review: CC Pollen’s Royal Jelly Skin Care with Honey

So for May’s product review I got a lovely box chock full of items from CC Pollen. They sent me a skincare collection and a fabulous assortment of honey. I figured it made more sense to review them separately so for May we’re focusing on the skincare and in June we’ll dive into sweet honey goodness.

CC Pollen sent me their Royal Jelly Skin Care with Honey line. The idea is that royal jelly has many benefits that will result in firmer, healthier and younger looking skin. The purported benefits of royal jelly include supporting skin renewal and acids that contribute to collagen production and promotion. The addition of honey is for keeping skin hydrated and because it “…supports the skin’s ability to rejuvenate and refresh depleted skin, leaving it feeling silky, soft and supple.”

I was really intrigued with the ingredients and I don’t recall ever trying Royal Jelly in skincare products before so I was excited to give these a shot.

C.C. Pollen, Foaming Cleanser, Royal Jelly Skin Care, with Honey, 4 oz
(Retail: $ $9.33)
Verdict: Miss
The packaging on this was nice and the smell was a little sweet but not flowery (almost like the scent of baby products). I found the fragrance to be really pleasant and not at all overpowering.  Unfortunately the cleanser to was really drying.  I have combination skin with some oily areas, so I can only imagine what happens to the folks with overall dry skin. The only way you should try this out is if you have oily skin, otherwise skip it.

C.C. Pollen, Toner, Royal Jelly Skin Care, with Honey, 4 oz
(Retail: $10.77)
After the cleanser I was afraid this toner might be really drying as well, but it was pretty nice. Toners typically fall into two categories: refreshing or astringent. In my opinion this one is actually in between. If you want an astringent toner, but don’t want one that’s really  harsh, this might be a good choice for you. I’d skip this if you have dry skin, but I think it would be a great fit for the folks with oily skin or oily/normal combination.

C.C. Pollen, Anti Aging Serum, Royal Jelly Skin Care, with Honey, 1 oz
(Retail: $21.57)
So this has that same light sweet, scent as the other products and a wonderful gel consistency. It’s cooling to the touch and goes on light and smooth. I think the texture is a perfect match for summertime and I feel like it helped smooth out any irritation or redness my skin had.

C.C. Pollen, Royal Jelly Skin Care with Honey, Moisturizer, 2 oz
(Retail: $14.37)
The first thing I was struck with was the packaging. I love the metal tins. I tend to only keep a few beauty items on my tiny bathroom counter and this one (along with the night cream) were cute enough to keep out. They are a great alternative to lovely (but oh so breakable) glass and not so lovely plastic. Anyway, enough about the outside, let’s get to the inside. This cream went on smoothly and sunk into my skin pretty quickly.  It had that same pleasant scent as the rest of the line. It’s a lighter moisturizer and I think it’s a good option for ladies who don’t like the feel of heavier face creams.

Night Cream
C.C. Pollen, Royal Jelly Skin Care with Honey, Night Cream, 2 oz
(Retail: $17.97)
The night cream was in the same adorbs packaging of the regular moisturizer and I actually found the products to be quite similar, although this one was a little richer.  However in terms of a “night” cream, it’s definitely on the light side.  I liked the product and found it gave me excellent hydration, but I tend to prefer more intense creams and serums at night. (I like my skin to do the heavy lifting while I sleep). I think this might be a really great fit for ladies with oily skin who still want to keep their skin fresh and hydrated.

All Products
I really enjoyed trying these products. The line has a lovely scent and the products go on smoothly and they all possess a pleasant consistency. I think these products would be a great fit for ladies with oily or normal skin that want their skin to look fresh without slathering on heavy moisturizers. If you’ve got dry skin, I’d probably skip these because of the drying nature of the cleanser and toner. If you just want to try out one product, I’d recommend the moisturizer, since I think it will work just as well for day or night. It’s also a great price for the size and one jar will last you awhile.

So what type of moisturizer do you use? Do you prefer heavier or lighter creams?


Coupon Code: If you want to give these products a shot you can use my code at iherb.com: CVF809 for a discount on your first order. They are a fabulous place to buy everything from groceries to essential oils and they offer lots of freebies at checkout.

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