Birchbox: September 2015

Time again to get through some of my Birchbox backlog with a review of my September box.

Let’s jump in.

Another gorgeous Birchbox that I will be upcying or recycling or whatever hipsters call reusing stuff.
Open Box Open Box 2

Malin + goetz
Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser

(Full Size: $32.00)
Description: This citrusy cleanser dissovles dirt and oil clears up breakouts, and balances skins natural pH.
Malin + Goetz vitamin e face moisturizer
(Full Size: $46.00)
Description: “BONUS – We added in this oil-free formula that nourishes all skin types with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.
Verdict: Eh
I like Malin + Goetz but I have a lot of cleansers and I’m not a fan of foil packets since most of the time you can’t really tell if the product is working or not.

Davines LOVE Smoothing Shampoo
(Full Size: $25.00)
Description: Enriched with olive oil and rice protein, this formula smooths frizzed out and tangle-proned hair.”
Davines LOVE Smoothing Conditioner
(Full Size: $29.00)
Description: “BONUS – We’ve thrown in this conditioner whtat caljms frizz thank sto Minuta Oliveit’s rich with fatty acids, providing moisture and shine.
Verdict: Hit!
I know I usually complain about shampoo and conditioner, but I actually chose the Davines shampoo as my sample. I’ve really liked all the Davines products I’ve tried and they are pricey so I love to try samples of their different lines. I also don’t mind having the larger shampoo versus the bonus foil packet since I can pair this with a lot of my hair masks and deep conditioners.

English Laundry Eau de Parfum Signature for Her

(Full Size: $32.00)
Description: ”Quince mingles, white chocolate, jasmine, rose, and orris root make up this classic country-inspired scent.
Verdict: Miss
Perfumes are tough business for me as most give me headaches. This one is a bit too floral  for my taste.

Juice Beauty
Juice Beauty® GREEN APPLE™ Peel Sensitive

(Full Size: $39.00)
Description: ”An amazingly effective (and gentle!) peel with fruit-derived acids to exfoliate dead skin.
Verdict: Like
Juice Beauty is a great brand and I love trying out these small sizes of peels that are designed for sensitive skin. I find they are a great addition to my skincare routine.

Pop BeautyPop Beauty 2
Pop Beauty Swatches
POP Beauty POP Portfolio Eyeshadow Palette in Sugar Plum

(Full Size: $26.00)
Description: “A trifecta of long-wearing blendable eyesahdows in bold, pigmented purples.”
Verdict: Love!
They weren’t lying when they said pigmented. These shadows are absolutely lovely and the shades are spot on for Fall. Honestly, I hadn’t expected much since the palette is such a great value, but I was super impressed with the quality and will happily try more POP Beauty eyeshadows in the future.

Birchbox 9.2015

Verdict: Hit!
Except for the perfume, I will use all the items in this box. The eyeshadow trio really made the box for me and that along with the DAvines shampoo was more than worth the price of admission. I paid $10.70 and after reviewing the products received $5.00 of Birchbox credit, so I’m quite pleased with what I received.

Have you ever tried Pop Beauty eyeshadows before? If so, what did you think? And what are your favorite beauty bargains?

Birchbox is now offering new Limited Edition Boxes!

LE Charmed Life
Limited Edition: The Charmed Life

(Retail: $40.00)
Description: This collection is filled with chic treasures that keep your space organized in style, while adding modern design touches. From gilded accents to luxurious body potions, these treats will make your happy place that much happier. Welcome home! A $120 value!”

Everday Glamour
Limited Edition: Everyday Glamour

(Retail: $48.00)
Description: A Wednesday night out. A work meeting. A weekend brunch. Not everything can be quite as exciting as a black-tie affair, but doesn’t your day-to-day still deserve a touch of glam? This Limited Edition Box is packed with with gorgeous, timeless products that will elevate your everyday beauty routine to new (gorgeous) heights. From a big-and-bold mascara and cult-favorite lip lacquer to strand-nourishing hair oil and an antioxidant-rich mask, this collection will keep you feeling fabulous and looking glamorous—even on a Monday. A $197 value!



Birchbox subscriptions cost $10 per month or $110 per year (Women’s Sub)
$20 per month or $195 per year (Men’s Sub)

Points System:
Whenever you buy something at Birchbox they give you Birchbox points. $1.00 = 1 Birchbox Point.
Each 100 Birchbox reward points can be redeemed for $10.00.
You can also earn points by reviewing the samples they send you (10 points per sample) and referring/subscribing friends.

Birchbox: December 2014

So I’m still catching up on some 2014 boxes so today I’ll be reviewing my December Birchbox.  Along with the ability to choose one of our samples, Birchbox has been giving us the option of specially curated boxes. For December I opted for box of “party-ready products” curated by Lo Bosworth in conjunction with Birchbox. This box is supposed to bring us a “ of party-ready products, so you can get glammed up and out the door to your next event (and the one after that) in record time.” Truth be told, once I saw this box had red polish that I didn’t already own I grabbed it. I am sadly, very predictable.
Box 2 Box 3

Slightly bummed that I got the usually brown birchbox that just had a different wrapper (other folks got some pretty festive boxes).

But like all things in life (or so Disney tells me) what really matters is what’s on the inside, so let’s take a look.
Open Box 1 Open Box 2

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré (24-Hour Miracle Cream)

(75 mL Retail: $28.00)
Description: A makeup artist fave, this French moisturizer moonlights as a primer and makeup remover.”
Verdict: Hit!
I only tried this as a moisturizer, but I found it really helpful after some of the brutally cold days we’ve had this winter. My commute has me outdoors for quite a bit so my face can end up raw and sensitive. I found this moisturizer really helped in evening out those rough spots. It’s a bit on the heavier side so you may want to skip it (or use it only as a remover) if you have oily skin.

Folle de Joie eau de parfum
(3.4 oz Retail: $98.00)
Description: A Birchbox customer fave, this fresh scent blends mandarin, rose, and sandalwood”
Verdict: Miss
As is typical for perfume samples, I found this to be too strong for me. I’m super picky about scents (and many give me headaches) so it’s a lot more unusual for me to find one I like.  I do think the floral notes would appeal to a lot of folks so I understand why this was included.

RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer – RUFFIAN Red

(Retail: $10.00)
Description: “This universally flattering scarlet polish dries to a glossy, streak-free finish..”
Verdict: Who can resist a classic red polish?
This product was really the reason I went with this box. It’s like I must have all the red polishes in the world (along with any of the polishes that reference mermaids, opals or my name). It’s a sickness I tell you.

Lip Stain
Cynthia Rowley Beauty Creamy Lip Stain in Heartthrob

(Retail: $20.00)
Description: ”A long-wearing stain from the NYC-based designer that gives unbeatable moisture and shine.”
Verdict: Gift
I didn’t open this because I knew I’d be giving it away. My lip product stash is enormous at the moment and I knew I just wouldn’t use it. Plus I’ve gotten this stain in another shade and I don’t really care for how it feels on my lips. (Plus I also found it to be drying). I’m passing it along to a friend who I think will get more use out of it.

Shampoo & Conditioner
Davines Replumping Shampoo
& Davines Replumping Conditioner
(Retail: $25.50 each)
Description: This plumping shampoo from the brand’s innovative Naturaltech line works to boost moisture and elasticity with the help of natural active ingredients, which breathes new life into limp, flat hair. This hydrating conditioner from the haircare brand’s innovative Naturaltech line works to detangle strands while it helps boost moisture and volume with a myriad of natural active ingredients. ”
Verdict: Miss
If you want this girl to purchase a shampoo for $25.50 then you’re gonna need to give me a larger sample size to judge it. I know this is a sample sub, and this is an extra, but I just don’t think foil packets should be included. If I can get it in a magazine, then I don’t think it should be in a box. The contents were enough for one shampoo and condition and I honestly wasn’t wowed. From what I can tell it’s not special enough to be worth that high a price tag, but maybe if you use it regularly you will see a better result.

Hair Filler
Davines Replumping Superactive

(Retail: $39.50)
Description: This leave-in treatment fortifies strands’ structure to leae them looking thick and shiny.”
Verdict: Like!
To start, this product was a great size and when I tried it I did feel like it gave my hair  more volume. Because of the high pricetag and the fact that my hair is already on the thicker side, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing this, but it does seem to do what it says it will.

Full box

While I didn’t love all the products, I feel like they all fit in with the box’s theme. The nail polish and the hair filler were more than worth the $10.70 I paid for the box. After my review, I received $7.00 in Birchbox points so this bad boy only set me back $3.70. Not bad at all.

For January, I decided to go all in with the surprise and didn’t choose a sample or curated box. So come back to see what I get.

Have you tried out any of the curated monthly Birchboxes? What did you think?


Birchbox has a couple new LE boxes with a fitness theme:

Limited Edition: Fresh Start
(Retail: $42.00)
Description: With a new year comes a whole new set of adventures, and you’re gearing up to tackle them head-on. This box is here to help. It’s filled with natural beauty finds to refresh your skin, body, and hair, plus chic upgrades to your gym bag (think: comfy socks and the perfect water bottle) to keep you motivated while you cross those resolutions off your list. Whether your goal is to pump yourself up or calm yourself down, these picks will help you do a little bit of both. A $107 Value!”

Limited Edition: Sweat the Small Stuff
(Retail: $54.00)
Description: After a long, balmy summer, a cold-weather workout can feel like a daunting challenge. To do our part in the fight against inertia, we assembled this box of active essentials, designed to serve as the Apollo Creed to your run-down Rocky Balboa. Every item was picked to give your workout an edge, from easy-access hydration to high-tech foot support. Just add water, and the will to succeed. A $110 Value.”


Birchbox subscriptions cost $10 per month or $110 per year (Women’s Sub)
$20 per month or $195 per year (Men’s Sub)

Points System:
Whenever you buy something at Birchbox they give you Birchbox points. $1.00 = 1 Birchbox Point.
Each 100 Birchbox reward points can be redeemed for $10.00.
You can also earn points by reviewing the samples they send you (10 points per sample) and referring/subscribing friends. If your review all the items you receive in your box each month, you’ll receive 50 Birchbox rewards points!
If you purchase a full size of one of the sample items they sent you in that same

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