Writer’s Shelf: Interview with DIY MFA – Writing a Modern Day Fairy Tale

One of the very best things about joining an MFA program are the amazing writers you get to meet.  Among the many awesome alumni from the New School, is the fabulous Gabriela Pereira.  While our time there didn’t overlap (we just missed each other), we ended up connecting at lots of alumni events afterwards.

Gabriela founded a remarkable site called DIY MFA that gives everyone the opportunity to learn about creative writing and work on their craft – even if they can’t enroll in a traditional MFA program.  There are so many helpful posts and interviews chock full of valuable advice that I was so so psyched when Gabriela offered me an opportunity to be featured.

This was my very first podcast interview and Gabriela was super nice and accommodating of a newb like me.  I don’t often get to discuss the details of how to craft a story so it really was a joy to sit down and speak with her.

If you’re interested in creative writing and want to hear about things like crafting a modern fairy tale, using settings as metaphors and how to handle stories inside of stories, head over to DIY MFA and have a listen.




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