Heaven’s Honey Box: May 2016 & 15% Coupon Code!

Back in March, I filled you in on the launch of a brand new organic beauty box called Heaven’s Honey Box.  Not only did the lovely folks from Heaven’s Honey send me the May box to review, they also set me up with a great coupon code for my readers. For 15% off your first box, just use the code: SUBTHERAPY

This box costs $49.95 and features 5-8 full size, natural body care products.  I always get excited to see the first box in a subscription, so let’s get right to our natural and organic beauty splurges.

It looks like our featured brand this month is “Skin Nutrition from Nature with Love”.  That’s really quite a mouthful.  For the purposes of my sanity, I’m going to abbreviate them as SNNL because I don’t want to have to type out that whole sentence every time I refer to them.

Sugar ScrubSugar Scrub Open Face
Charcoal & Lemon Sugar Face Scrub

(Estimated Retail: $12.00)
Verdict: Hit!
I couldn’t find this exact scrub on the brand website so I linked to a similar one and used that pricing.  I love citrus and I’ve never tried a scrub with charcoal so I’m excited to add this to my routine.

Body Frosting
Whipped Shea Butter Body Frosting

(Estimated Retail: $6.00)
Verdict: LOVE!
This has all the good parts of frosting: sweet smelling creamy luxury–without any of its downfalls like stickiness (and lots of calories).  This was hands-down my favorite item in the box.  I couldn’t find this 2 oz. size so I linked to a larger one and scaled the price accordingly. It’s like marshmallow fluff that disappears into your skin. (Which sounds totally weird, but I promise its awesome).

Body Scrub
Green Tea & Cucumber Body Scrub

(Estimated Retail: $12.00)
Verdict: Like!
I couldn’t find this exact scrub either, so I’m guessing a lot of our products are exclusive to this box, which makes them even more fun. I’m working my way through a giant jar of Sabor body scrub, but I once I finish that I’ll give this one a try.  The scent of Green Tea & Cucumber seem perfectly suited to Summer.

Cuticle Softener
Cuticle Softener

(Estimated Retail: $???)
Verdict: Love!
I can’t find this at all on the website, but it’s a great product.  It’s incredibly moisturizing for your cuticles and really easy to apply.  I’ve been keeping it on my desk at home and applying it as I surf the net or work on my writing. Hopefully this product will make it on the SNNL website because I think a lot of people would love it.

ToothpasteToothpaste Open
Fluoride Free All Natural Mint Toothpaste, 4 oz

(Estimated Retail: $12.00)
Verdict: The stuff of my nightmares
While I appreciate natural products, this is possibly the hippiest product I’ve ever seen. The only thing that could make it worse was if it flavored with patchouli.  I swear I’ve had a nightmare where my toothpaste was black and made my teeth fall out. In any case, I’m guessing a lot of subscribers of organic and natural products would be interested in this, but it’s just not for me.  The included card came with directions on how to use this and frankly I found a lot of them pretty scary.  “use very little or it will be very oily” and “The paste is black, and will require you to swipe your sink out after each use”.  No, just no.  I’ll keep my fluoride filled deathpaste, thanks.

Lemon Soap
Lemon Poppyseed Handmade Soap
Orange Soap
Spiced Orange Handmade Soap

(Estimated Retail: $6.00 each)
Verdict: Like
This are really lovely handmade soaps and I think they are perfectly packaged for gift giving. I adore citrus scents so these are right up my alley.  I couldn’t find these exact soaps, so I estimated the retail based on soaps like this pumpkin one.

Shea Butter Lotion 4.75 oz

(Estimated Retail: $10.00)
Verdict: Like!
This product had a nice consistency and wasn’t too greasy.  It’s slightly anti-climatic after the body frosting, but it’s still a nice product.  I couldn’t find this exact one on the SNNL site, so I’ve linked to a similar one.

Heaven's Honey May 2016

Verdict: Hit!
Even excluding the cuticle oil, this box came out an estimated retail value of $64, so it’s already well over the $49.95 price and that’s before you consider that most of these items seem to be exclusive to this sub box.  Except for the toothpaste, I really liked everything (and the body frosting was to die for).  With the exception of the aforementioned toothpaste, I think even subscribers new to natural beauty products would enjoy these products.  They felt very luxurious while still keeping their natural vibe.

What I’d like to see Heaven’s Honey do in future boxes is include a more detailed card on the contents.  I only received a card with instructions on how to use the toothpaste and sugar scrubs.  I really want a list of everything in the box, with a bit of description and why it was included.  I think it adds a lot to a subscription service when you get more info about the contents.  Still, this was a great start for a natural beauty sub!

How important are organic and natural products in your beauty routine?

We’ve still got a great giveaway for a free Orglamix May box.  Enter between now and June 13th!  Check here for all the details.

Every 30 days, Heaven’s Honey Box. chooses 5-8 products full/value size, natural body care products for a discounted rate. 1-2 Artisan companies will be featured every month and will create a package that they feel subscribers will love.. Their Artisans work extremely hard to make sure their products contain only the best, high-quality and rich-in-benefits ingredients. Their goal is to help you discover products that will not only be safe for you (& your family), but also will be effective during use.

Cost: $49.95 per month

COUPON: For 15% off your first box, just use the code: SUBTHERAPY

Fair Ivy: September 2015

It’s been a bit quiet here since I was away at a work conference out in San Diego. And when I say “work” I mean my boring day job that pays for things like gas and electric (and makeup, let’s be honest), not far more stuff like reviewing products and writing books. So now it’s time once again to pay catch up on all the past boxes, so I’m kicking off my “crap look how behind I am” spree with my last Fair Ivy box. I really loved this sub but in the interest of saving money, I decided to unsubscribe.  Fair Ivy alternates their boxes with handmade finds and jewelry every other month. For September and my last month (sniff, sniff) I’ll get jewelry.

My package

Inside a lovely wrapped box and a Card:
Box Card

EarringsEarrings Close
Fair Ivy 9.2015
Handmade 14K gold fill & Swarovski pearl earrings
from NimbooDesigns
(Retail: $42.00)
Description: “These elegant earrings are made of 14K gold fill circular tags and vegan Swarovski pearls. The earwires are handcrafted by me with 14K gold fill wire so they are suitable for sensitive ears.”
Verdict: Love!
Right off the bat, did anyone else know “vegan Swarovski pearls” existed? I make jewelry (or at least I hoard jewelry making supplies) and I had no idea that was a thing. I learn so very much from sub boxes. In any case, I love these earrings. By some type of design mojo they manage to be so many things all at once: classic but fashion forward, dainty but edgy, refined but unfussy.  I’ve already used them a ton and I know I’ll be grabbing them frequently.

And let’s talk about the back of these.
Earrings Back
The stiletto style is Ah-may-zing. This pick was a bit edgier than a lot of the jewelry I’ve received from Fair Ivy and I think it was an inspired choice. I paid $36.95 for this box and the cost of the earrings is $42 (without shipping). That’s a great deal especially since this box typically breaks even when it comes to retail value.

This is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry from Fair Ivy and I’m so happy I ended my subscription on a high note.
Earrings & Card 1
What did you think of the earrings? Did you love them as much as I do?

Fair Ivy is a subscription box of beautifully wrapped, vegan friendly handmade items made by individual artisans from the US.

Subscriptions currently cost $30/month + Shipping.

Fair Ivy: August 2015

I’m a bit behind with my Fair Ivy posts, so for Throwback Thursday I’m featuring my review of the Fair Ivy August box. Fair Ivy alternates their boxes with handmade items and jewelry.  August is a non-jewelry month.

My mysterious package.


Flour Sack Kitchen Towel Set
from June & December
(Retail: Set of 4 for $46.00)
Description: “Whether they are out on a picnic or are brightening up a kitchen, these lovelies always put a smile on our face.”
Verdict: Gift
I know it sounds ridiculous but I have sort of an obsession with kitchen towels. I love quirky and quaint designs so I have a drawer full of different types and styles of towels. These are beautiful and quite versatile since they’d function well as over-sized napkins. I’d love to keep these for myself, but I have way too many and I think these will make a lovely gift so they are going into the Christmas stash.

Do you have any odd kitchen items you hoard? If so, dish!

Fair Ivy is a subscription box of beautifully wrapped, vegan friendly handmade items made by individual artisans from the US.

Subscriptions currently cost $30/month + Shipping.

Fair Ivy: July 2015

Every month Fair Ivy sends a handmade find with a guarantee of jewelry every other month.  July is a jewelry month.

I got my package which was only slightly worse for the wear.
Inside we have a cute little box with an unfortunately dead bit of evergreen, but still I appreciate the effort that went into the wrapping.
Wrapped Wrapped Close

Open Box Close
Silver & Gold Bar Necklace from Grey Goose Gifts
(Retail: $???)
Verdict: Gift
Grey Goose Gifts has been featured in previous Fair Ivy boxes and I do love their designs. I think this is  pretty and classic, very much in line with the Fair Ivy aesthetic, but maybe it’s a bit *too* much in line. It’s way too similar to the pieces we already received. I feel like most Fair Ivy necklaces I get resemble each other so closely that I don’t really need multiples. It’s also extra disappointing because Grey Goose Gifts has some interesting designs that include crescent moons, druzy stones and anchors – all things subscribers haven’t gotten before, and would still work within the aesthetic.

I’m going to set this aside as a Christmas gift, (but there’s always the chance I’ll decide I want it after all and then treat myself.) I paid $36.95 (including shipping) and I can’t find the cost of this necklace on the site so I’m guessing it was custom made for subscribers. The pricing seems in line with what many of the other pieces cost and it does seem worth the price. Unfortunately, I am feeling like it’s probably time for me to cancel this subscription. I love the designs and buying from indie makers but I’m getting too much jewelry that all looks the same.

What does your jewelry collection look like? Do you have eclectic tastes or do you stick to one aesthetic?


 Fair Ivy is a subscription box of beautifully wrapped, vegan friendly handmade items made by individual artisans from the US.

Subscriptions currently cost $30/month + Shipping.

Fair Ivy: June 2015

Every month Fair Ivy sends a handmade find with a guarantee of jewelry every other month. June is a non-jewelry month and when I opened my package I got this adorable bag.
Can you see that tiny seashell? It’s already going into my craft hoard and will be turned into some type of jewelry concoction soon.

Inside we reveal a lovely scarf from Ting Lisa, with a coupon!
Use the code “FAIR15OFF” to save 15% (valid through August 31, 2015).
Fair Ivy 6.2015

Day at the Beach Scarf from Ting Lisa
(Retail: $30.00)
Descripton: “Day at the Beach polka dot scarf. It is super sheer and soft, and instantly creates the beach vacation feeling when you wear it.”
Verdict: Gift
This scarf is classic, lovely and well made so it pains me to say that I’m disappointed with it. My last picture on this product is a bit off, as it reads a dark navy in real life rather than a bright blue. Sadly, I don’t get a beach vibe from it at all.  To me, it’s more autumnal. In 2014, Fair Ivy sent another scarf from Ting Lisa that I absolutely adored and is in regular rotation in my wardrobe. It had a gorgeous vintage floral print and this one in comparison feels (gasp) generic. Again, the fabric is lovely, the craftsmanship is great, but I just feel like it’s a bit too pedestrian and isn’t the best fit for the season. The Ting Lisa Etsy shop has some other shades and I think perhaps the bright red variation would have been a little bit more apropos for summer.

I paid $36.95 (including shipping) and the cost of the scarf is $30.  As usual, the Fair Ivy value is pretty much equal to what I paid.  Unfortunately, I’m not feeling this piece but it’s quite nice and I know a few folks on my gift giving list that will love it. July promises a jewelry item, and I’m hoping for some colorful earrings.

What do you think of this scarf? What season do you think you’d wear it?

Fair Ivy is a subscription box of beautifully wrapped, vegan friendly handmade items made by individual artisans from the US.

Subscriptions currently cost $30/month + Shipping.

Fair Ivy: May 2015

Every month Fair Ivy sends a handmade find, with a guarantee of jewelry being included every other month. May is one of the months featuring jewelry, so let’s see what shiny little pretty we’ve got.

A lovely wrapped box from Simply Lovely Handmade with a coupon!
Use the code “FAIRIVY” to save 20% (valid through June 30, 2015).

Simply Lovely Handmade is designed and handcrafted in St. Charles, Missouri and describes their collection themselves as, “…a collection of stylish, understated, perfect for everyday jewelry. From delicate layering necklaces to the perfect statement earrings, each piece of jewelry is designed to be an essential for daily wear while transitioning effortlessly from day to night.”

Bracelet On Wrist
Silver Chalcedony Bracelet from Simply Lovely Handmade
(Retail: $???)
Descripton: “This delicate bracelet, custom designed in collaboration with Fair Ivy, features a pink chalcedony gemstone on a sterling silver satellite chain.”
Verdict: Hit!
Layering delicate jewelry has been on trend this season, so this lovely gemstone bracelet is perfect for the season. I have a lot of gold toned bracelets, but very few silver so this will work wonderfully in my collection. The pink shade will also coordinate well with lots of other colors. This piece was custom designed for Fair Ivy so I couldn’t find it on the website in order to come up with a comparable retail price.

I paid $36.95 (including shipping). I think that’s an excellent price for a sterling silver bracelet with a lovely gemstone, so I’m quite happy with my purchase. Next month will bring us a different handmade surprise. I’m hoping for something in the home décor category.

Do you enjoy handmade jewelry? If so, where is your go to shopping site?


 Fair Ivy is a subscription box of beautifully wrapped, vegan friendly handmade items made by individual artisans from the US.

Subscriptions currently cost $30/month + Shipping.

Fair Ivy: April 2015

Every month Fair Ivy sends a handmade find with every other month including a jewelry surprise. April was a non-jewelry month so I was super excited to see what type of item I’d get.
As soon as I saw what was written on the side of the box I got excited. Fair Ivy sent items from White Peach Pottery before and it was one of my favorite sub box items from 2014.

Now we dive in.
Box 2 Wrapped
Okay, I’ll admit that this isn’t the prettiest wrapping job I’ve received from a Fair Ivy product, but it’s cheerful and I’m sure I couldn’t have done much better.

We unwrap to reveal…
Cup Spoon Close
Handmade Mug & Spoon from White Peach Pottery
(Retail: $32.00+)
White Peach Pottery writes, “Your new mug & spoon are 100% handmade by artist Marianne Tolosa, of White Peach Pottery, in the state of Virginia. Each mug is thrown on the potter’s wheel before being hand-altered and decorated with 14k gold luster.”

April 2015 Fair Ivy
Do I have mugs? Sure I do. But this one is so pretty. It’s really classic, lovely and makes my coffee treats feel extra luxurious. The best part is that adorable spoon. How can you not love it? If White Peach Pottery sold sets of just the spoons I’d buy a bunch. I don’t see this particular version available on the website, so it seems like it was made just for subscribers. I linked to a similar one with different coloring. Sadly, I cannot find a spoon available for purchase.

I paid $36.95 (including shipping) and with a retail price of $32 just for the mug (excluding the spoon & shipping), I feel like I got my money’s worth. I know this is pricey for a mug, but it’s handmade and very special so I’m fine with paying a bit extra for it.

Fair Ivy has also been randomly sending subscribers small handmade samples to subscribers so they can share them on social media. It’s a fun way to try out some of these amazing indie artisans.

Tea SurpriseTea
Plum Deluxe Oregon Breakfast Black Tea

(Retail: $7.00 per oz)
Plum Deluxe offers teas for sale along with a tea-of-the-month subscription.

Soap Surprise
Wrapped Soap Soap
Natural Soap from Marvi Beauty
(Retail: $3.00 for a small bar)
Marvi Beauty is a skin and hair care company with 100% natural products crafted by hand in small batches.

It was really nice to get some fun extras in the mail box and find some cool new shops to stalk.

Do you enjoy handmade items? If so, where’s your go to outlet to find new artists?

Fair Ivy is a subscription box of beautifully wrapped, vegan friendly handmade items made by individual artisans from the US.

Subscriptions currently cost $30/month + Shipping.

Fair Ivy: March 2015

Every month Fair Ivy sends a handmade find with every other month including a jewelry surprise.

This was a jewelry month so let’s open up our mysterious packet and see what’s inside.

Open BoxCloseup Box

Necklace Rings
Three Gold Rings Necklace from Amanda Deer Jewelry
(Retail: $32.00)
Amanda Deer writes, “I set out to create pieces that are simple, chic and wearable every day- tiny little statements that add just a touch of glam to any outfit. My line features dainty necklaces and bracelets, some inspired by nature and others inspired by faith and family. I hope you enjoy this dainty 14kt gold filled three ring necklace, handmade by me in my studio.”
Verdict: Like

Now this necklace on its own is lovely and there is just one reason I didn’t give it a “love” verdict. It is super similar to necklaces Fair Ivy sent to subscribers previously. In the past we’ve received not one, but two necklaces with circle charms. One had one circle and another had two. While this one has three, it still seems redundant.   I’m particularly disappointed because Amanda Deer has so much amazing stuff on her website that is at the same price point and offers much more interest. (Like this amazing crescent necklace). I know Fair Ivy may not be considering the jewelry designs they sent out before their hiatus, but they should keep in mind that long term customers will have the similar pieces and be disappointed to have three necklaces that all look alike.

I paid $36.95 (including shipping) and with a retail price of $32 (excluding shipping) I pretty much break even. I love dainty jewelry and the necklace is lovely, I just wish we’d gotten a different Amanda Deer design—one that subscribers hadn’t seen before.

What is your jewelry style? Are you a statement kind of girl or a daintier lady?

AMANDE DEER JEWELRY: Save 10% using code; valid through 5/1/15

Fair Ivy is a subscription box of beautifully wrapped, vegan friendly handmade items made by individual artisans from the US.

Subscriptions currently cost $30/month + Shipping.

Fair Ivy: February 2015

Last month I received my first Fair Ivy box since they have been back from their hiatus. This sub features unique handmade finds with every other month including jewelry.

Since last month included earrings, this month was going to feature a non-jewelry surprise.

As usual adorable packaging. I mean do you see that itty bitty little closepin?
Sadly, in my excitement to see my surprise I managed to destroy it. Rest in peace, itsy bitsy closepin.

Now what’s inside?
Open Bag Inside Bag

Clutch from from Lacy Lou Designs
(Retail: $28.00)
Lacy Lou Designs writes, “This clutch was handcrafted with the idea of making you feel hip and confident. It is the perfect design for a night on the town, yet functional enough to be used every day. Its roomy interior keeps all your essentials together while its mixed media design gives you an urban-chic look. This particular clutch was designed specifically for Fair Ivy and—you!”
Verdict: Love!

The “urban-chic” description was dead on. This clutch has a really put together but easy feeling to it that will work well for a ton of different outings. It’s lightweight but still a good enough size that you can fit in all your essentials. I think this would be a perfect bag to take on a trip or vacation since it  works equally well for day or night. I also feel like the color palette and print will translate well across different seasons. I love that this is an exclusive for Fair Ivy subscribers so while there are similar bags on Lacy Lou’s site, this exact one is just for us.

I paid $36.95 (including shipping) and with a retail price of $28 before shipping I pretty much break even. The bag is cute, versatile and no one else I know will have it so I feel like I got my money’s worth. Plus I love supporting independent artists.

What do you think of the clutch? Is it your style?


Fair Ivy is a subscription box of beautifully wrapped, vegan friendly handmade items made by individual artisans from the US.

Subscriptions currently cost $30/month + Shipping.

Fair Ivy: January 2015

One of my favorite subs has returned from hiatus!
Fair Ivy is back with unique handmade finds. Fair Ivy has done a slight revamp of their program and they now only offer one subscription option that features a handmade surprise each month. Jewelry will be featured every other month.


A little about Fair Ivy: ” All of our unique surprise gifts are created by individual US artists, so your love of surprises and gifts helps support handmade (a US version of buy local!) by supporting their wonderful craft and livelihood. Each gift you receive is handmade and vegan-friendly, and contains an information card with details of the artist’s process, background, or inspiration, so you can understand the time and care put into each hand-wrapped item.”
Paper Inserts

So I got my little January packaged and tucked inside with my cute little cards was a beautifully wrapped box. Fair Ivy is the absolute best at packaging and that extra effort really makes you feel like you are getting a gift every month.

EarringsEarrings Close
Earrings from Song Yee Designs

(Retail: ???)
Song Yee Designs describes these earrings as “a pair of sterling silver earrings featuring life like rose leaves dangling from dainty French hook ear wires.”
Verdict: Like

I couldn’t find these exact earrings on Song Yee’s site so I don’t have a retail value for them. They are dainty and cute, but they didn’t wow me. I felt like they either should have been bigger or had multiple leaves (maybe mixed metal with copper or gold). Because there is only one surprise item I feel like that item should really wow me. After looking at Song Yee’s site I see a ton more interesting and compelling designs (the druzy pieces in particular were striking). Fair Ivy’s aesthetic is feminine and delicate, but I’d like to see a bit more daring in their choices. Still these are lovely earrings in sterling silver and I’m sure I’ll use them.

I paid $36.95 (including shipping) and I do feel that these earrings were perhaps a touch overvalued.  I’d put the price at $20 – $25 rather than $30. Next month should feature a non-jewelry item and I can’t wait to see what it is. I love that this subscription supports independent artists and that it introduces me to brands and artisans I would otherwise miss out on.

What type of jewelry do you prefer? Classic and dainty or bold and edgy?


 Fair Ivy is a subscription box of beautifully wrapped, vegan friendly handmade items made by individual artisans from the US.

Subscriptions currently cost $30/month + Shipping.

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