Popsugar: March 2016 & another CFDA Spoiler!

It’s another rainy day in NYC and my best way of fighting it is with Harry Belafonte tunes (Shake, Shake Shake Senora!) and by wearing my favorite Jeffrey Cambell boots. I’ve been quite distracted and apparently been saving my March Popsugar review for a rainy day (which seems to be every day this week). Besides the scoop on this box I’ve also got another CFDA spoiler for you and the inspiration for the May Must Have Box, so let’s jump in.
Open Box Open Box 2

Watch On Wrist
Nanette Lepore Classic Rose Gold Watch
(Suggested Retail: $55.00)
Description: “We can’t get enough of the rose gold trend, and you’ll understand why after slipping this stylish watch on your wrist. The strap on this elegant timepiece – exclusively designed by Popsugar – is neutral enough to wear with all of your favorite outfits.”
Verdict: Love!
I love this watch so so so much. Rose gold is on trend and I have so little of it, and this watch is so classic and elegant I can wear it in a million different ways. The pale strap color works well with my skin tone and is perfect as we head into warmer weather. I love that it’s an exclusive and looks a lot more expensive than the $55 retail value. A great pick.

Pixi by Petra Book of Beauty, Minimal Makeup
(Suggested Retail: $24.00)
Description: ”Complete with two highlighters, two cheek tints, and four eye shadows, this sophisticated beauty kit is your new secret weapon for creating the perfect ‘no make’ look. Its luminous, barely there hues will subtly enhance your natural glow, eliminating the guesswork from your daily beauty routine.”
I didn’t remove this from the packaging or swatch it because I may end up using it as a gift. I think the shades are lovely and they do look like a great natural makeup collection. I currently have so many neutral palettes, I didn’t want to open another. I regularly clear out my makeup case and add in new things so this might make it into the next rotation. For ladies that aren’t makeup junkies with too much overflow, I’m sure this was a great pick.

Necklace Necklace Close
Miss Ivy Pearl Five-Tassel Necklace
(Suggested Retail: $38.00)
Description: ”Our editors can’t get enough of tassels these days1 Minimal enough to be worn with other beachy baubles or fun enough to wear on its own, this piece will quickly become one of your favorites.”
Verdict: Almost, but not quite
Popsugar didn’t have a link for this in the included card so I’m going to assume it’s an exclusive product. Now tassels are on trend and popping up everywhere.  They can look festival chic or horribly cheap. Unfortunately I think this falls a bit on the latter side. The color  is lovely, but the fringe on the tassel has super thin strands and it just screams out curtain tie from 1979. I kept the plastic cover on it, because I think as soon as I take it off, this thing will start disintegrating in record time. I love the color and the idea, it just needed better execution. I also am not seeing $38 here.

Govino Go-Anywhere Carafe and Water Glass Set
(Suggested Retail: $14.95)
Description: “It’s easy to stay hydrated when you can do it in style! Use this shatterproof carafe and glass to hit your daily water intake goal, and because the set is mad BPA-free polymer that resembles fine crystal, it will easily elevate any bedside table or picnic.”
Verdict: Love!
This was perfectly timed because I’d been looking for a carafe and glass set for my bathroom (to use with mouthwash). Most were glass and in my teeny-tiny, overcrowded bathroom I was sure I’d knock it over. This version is plastic and unbreakable so perfectly suited for my purposes. This would also be great to keep on a bedroom nightstand. I couldn’t find this exact set on the Govino site, but I linked to a similar one with two glasses.

Hello Extra Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste
(Suggested Retail: $4.49)
Description: “Feel good about your dental hygiene when brushing with this peroxide- and preservative-free toothpaste. Good for you and the earth!) From start to finish, this extra-whitening paste is vegan, packaged in a recyclable carton and made in the USA.”
Verdict: Love!
One of my wishlist items for sub boxes this year were more everyday luxury items, so I’m actually excited to get fancy toothpaste. I really appreciate the “green” qualities to this brand.

Toffee Cookies
Goodie Girl Cookies – Toffee Chaos
(Suggested Retail: $4.99)
Description: “You don’t have to live a gluten-free lifestyle to love these tasty toffee cookies! Made with kosher dairy and sans peanuts, Goodie Girl’s delicious bites have a low fat, sugar and calorie content that makes them better for your body and taste buds.”
Verdict: Hit!
These were super tasty. I paired them with the lemon cookies and tea I got from my Try the World box and had a little tea party in my living room. I thought it was quite nice for Popsugar to include a gluten free treat for the folks that often get left out of the fun baked goods.

Special Extra
LOLA Gift Card

Description: “Many feminine care products use synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals, bu LOLA’s 100 percent cotton tampons are refreshingly different. Use your gift card to pick up a box, then check out its customizable subscription service.”
Despite being a sub box junkie, I’m very particular about my feminine hygiene products so I’m not going to use this one. It does look like the card covers 1 box of tampons so at least you don’t have to spend money in order to use it.

March 2016 Popsugar
With my prepaid discount this box only cost me $24.91 and the estimated box value (excluding the special extra) was $141.43. I loved the watch so much that it really made everything else in the box an extra. I thought the box had a nice light spring feel to it and that the curation made a lot of sense. This was another good collection from Popsugar.


Spoiler #2:
CFDA Spoiler 2
Description: “For the second year in a row, we’re proud to launch our limited-edition Must Have box with the Council of Fashion Designers of America. This fashion collaboration has little luxuries perfect for a relaxing day by the pool or a weekend filled with sun and music. Fifty percent of POPSUGAR’s profits from each box will be donated to the CFDA, in support of the CFDA mission to strengthen American fashion in the global economy.”
Cost: $225.00
Spoiler: every box includes a pair of Illesteva Leonard sunglasses.
Popsugar has released a second spoiler for their CFDA box. (To see the first one, check out my review of the April Mini Box). I’m guessing after last year’s CFDA box disaster, sales on this one are slow. These shades definitely look fun, but they haven’t swayed my resolve in staying far away from this LE box.

May Must Have Inspiration
May Spoiler

Popsugar has released the inspiration for the May Must Have box. I’m going to be a bit controversial and say that I’m disappointed. I sort of hate fitness items in non-fitness sub boxes. You end up with a cardio DVD even if you don’t have space to do use it or a jump rope when you have joint problems. Fitness is so personalized that it can be difficult to find items that really work for a majority of folks.  I’m also hoping hydration doesn’t mean we get yet another water bottle. I have glass, plastic, with filters and fruit infusers and so on. I really don’t need or want any more of them.

What do you think of the May theme? Are you disappointed like me, or looking forward to it?

Popsugar is a women’s lifestyle subscription that delivers a monthly box of fun, full-size products hand-selected by Popsugar editors.

In addition to Popsugar’s monthly must have boxes, they have some seasonal special edition boxes that contain uber luxe items.  The price tag on these boxes is higher, but the products you receive are high end.

Popsugar Mini Pricing:
(Features 2 Full Size Items)
Monthly – $18.95

Popsugar Must Have Pricing:
Monthly – $39.95
3 Months – $109.85
6 Months – $214.70
12 Months – $404.40

Coupon Codes:  REFER5 = $5 off site wide
POPSUGAR10 = $10 off a 3 month subscription to Must Have

Popsugar Must Have Box – December 2013

And it’s that time again for the Popsugar Must Have Box.  For info on Popsugar subscriptions along with some coupon codes jump down below. Now let’s dive into the December Must Have Box.

BraceletBracelet Closeup
Lulu Frost for Popsugar Bracelet
(Retail: $110.00)
Verdict: Hit!
Lulu Frost seems to be a big hit with a lot of celebrities and is “known for mixing vintage and modern elements to create timeless baubles”.  This bracelet won me over because it has baguettes (they are a favorite of mine and don’t show up as frequently as I would like) and it has an art deco vibe (another favorite but this one does show up pretty often).  The only downside to this piece is that the design is only on the front while the back has the “Lulu Frost for Popsugar” logo.  With this style bracelet that logo is bound to show when the charm dangles.  I wish it had something more decorative in the back and maybe just a little dangle tag by the clasp to indicate the designer. The retail value of this item is more than three times the cost of what I paid for this box, so we’re off to a great start.

Wrapping Paper
Mixt Studio Holiday Gifting Set
(Retail: $9.00)
Verdict:  Hit!/Gift
It seems no matter how much wrapping paper I buy, I always run out at an inopportune moment, so I was happy to see this in my box and it promptly made it’s way onto Christmas gifts.  The “snow drift” print in particular is incredibly striking and has made my Mom’s Christmas gift look all the more amazing.

ModelCo Fibre Lashxtend Black Mascara
(Retail: $)
Verdict:  Hit!
Once upon a time I fell in love with a Fibre mascara and then..gasp..they changed the formula.  Then, of course it didn’t work for me anymore.  I’m still in search of a replacement for that fibre mascara I once loved and lost, so I’m happy to try out a new one.  I’ve never tried anything by Modelco so it will be fun to play with a new brand.  The mascara also includes a cute little mirror right on the tube.  This  came with a coupon for $10 off plus a free ultra lip gloss.

Govino Go Anywhere Flutes
(Retail: $12.95)
Verdict:  Gift
I have a lot of glasses.  It’s one of those things that people seem to love to give me plus I inherited a ton of my grandmother’s, so I am well stocked up.  In order for me to add on a set of glasses I have to love them and these just don’t speak to me.  The fact that they are shatterproof and plastic isn’t really appealing either.  I feel like if I’m at an event casual enough for plastic, it’s time to bring out the giant red beer cups, that I won’t have to wash when all is said and done.  These do however complement a Christmas gift I already had planned so they are getting packed up with that.

CC Caramel Corn
(Retail: $4.00)
Verdict:  Hit!
The only problem with this was that there wasn’t more of it.  It was delicious and I had to fight my boyfriend in order to get some.

Nail Wraps
NCLA Peppermint Lane Nail Wraps
(Retail: $16.00)
Verdict:  Hit!
As I’ve mentioned before, 2013 was the year that I got into doing my nails.  I’ve been meaning to try some nail wraps but haven’t gotten around to it.  These designs seem pretty basic and I think they’d work great as accent nails with my Julep colors.

Ghirardelli Squares Chocolate
(Retail:$8.40/Retail: $4.25)
Verdict:  Gift
I love chocolate but since this time of the year is filled with so many amazing confections and treats I decided to add these to some Christmas gifts and share the calories—eh, I mean the love.  Yeah, the love.

Full Box

With my discount for purchasing multiple months in advance I paid 33.88 for this box and it had an estimated retail value of $184.60.  I either liked or could gift everything  so it was definitely a win for me.  I do think the appeal of this box lies with the high ticket item.  If you like that Lulu Frost bracelet, everything else is just gravy.

What did you think of this box?  Hit or Miss?

The Backstory

Popsugar is a women’s lifestyle subscription that delivers a monthly box of fun, full-size products hand-selected by Popsugar editors.

In addition to Popsugar’s monthly must have boxes, they have some seasonal special edition boxes that contain uber luxe items.  The price tag on these boxes is higher, but the products you receive are high end.

Popsugar Pricing:
Monthly – $39.95
3 Months – $109.85
6 Months – $214.70
12 Months – $404.40

Coupon Codes:  REFER5 = $5 off sitewide
POPSUGAR10 = $10 off a 3 month subscription

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