Fair Ivy: August 2015

I’m a bit behind with my Fair Ivy posts, so for Throwback Thursday I’m featuring my review of the Fair Ivy August box. Fair Ivy alternates their boxes with handmade items and jewelry.  August is a non-jewelry month.

My mysterious package.


Flour Sack Kitchen Towel Set
from June & December
(Retail: Set of 4 for $46.00)
Description: “Whether they are out on a picnic or are brightening up a kitchen, these lovelies always put a smile on our face.”
Verdict: Gift
I know it sounds ridiculous but I have sort of an obsession with kitchen towels. I love quirky and quaint designs so I have a drawer full of different types and styles of towels. These are beautiful and quite versatile since they’d function well as over-sized napkins. I’d love to keep these for myself, but I have way too many and I think these will make a lovely gift so they are going into the Christmas stash.

Do you have any odd kitchen items you hoard? If so, dish!

Fair Ivy is a subscription box of beautifully wrapped, vegan friendly handmade items made by individual artisans from the US.

Subscriptions currently cost $30/month + Shipping.

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