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So I’m going to admit it.  I am exhausted.  My book release, the home renovation, my full time job and my box reviews are keeping me more than busy.  But on the upside I have TONS of cool stuff for you coming in the next few weeks. A super low budget way to update laminate counters, interviews for my book, Kbeauty products, plus unusual new boxes including collectibles and Japanese snacks.  The tough part is finding time to tell you all about it.

For today I felt like I could use a treat, so I’m going with my April review of Orangeglad, a monthly artisan dessert subscription.

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Lovely packaging as usual:

Salt of the Earth Bakery – Brooklyn, New York
About the Company:
“Salt of the Earth Bakery devotes themselves to elevating the sweet indulgence experience.  Their joy in life is re-imagining classic treats which is why they pair all of their goodies with hand-picked se salts and exotic spices.  Their creations are the result of countless rounds of taste and tests and nothing goes into production unless it is simply the best they have ever eaten.  Their entire product line is all-natural and certified Kosher (OK-D). Made in Brooklyn.”

The Brownie
(The Brownie – 3 boxes, 2/unit @ 1.6 oz each – $15.00)
Description: “For you brownie purists out there, this is nothing but intense chocolate satisfaction. A simply amazing trio of chocolate & more chocolate with a dash of Halen Mon Sea Salt.”
The Kona
(The Kona – 3 boxes, 2/unit @ 1.6 oz each- $15.00)
Description: “Welcome to paradise. An intense eruption of chocolate brownie with aromatic espresso and Kona Sea Salt. Aloha tastebuds!”
(Sorry missing a photo on this one.)
I found these brownies to be a bit drier than I like.  I’m more of a gooey brownie lover.  They were good, but somehow by the description I expected a bit more.  The Kona definitely has a richer flavor because of the coffee. What’s very nice is that these are certified Kosher so they’d make a lovely treat for anyone who requires Kosher food.

Hard Crack
About the Company:
“What’s their story? They love toffee- and just about any other kind of caramelized sugar confection we can name.  Hard Crack’s first creation was the toffee chip cookie.  They make the toffee in small batches and then chop it into chips, which add into their buttery cookie dough.  The result is deliciously complex: great for cookie lovers, great for candy lovers (and the original is even great with cheese!).”

Original Toffee Cookie Snack Pack
(8oz, 28 cookies: $6.00)
Description: “Hard Crack’s caramelized take on a cookie classic.  It’s a combination of rich, complex caramelized flavors with not-too-sweet shortbread crispness to create this addicting treat.  Don’t let its thin size fool you, it’s packed with sweetness.  I dare you to eat just one!”
These are super crispy with a satisfying crunch.  They aren’t super sweet and the toffee adds a nice complexity of flavor.  I just wish they’d included more cookies.  These seem relatively inexpensive, so adding a few more would have improved the box value and not have cost Orangeglad too much extra.

Three Kids and A Kitchen
About the Company:
“Inspired by unsuccessful attempts to recreate a treasured family fudge recipe, stay-at-home mom of three, Erin Spalding, began crafting and sharing delicious caramels with friend and family as holiday gifts.  Established in 2011, Three Kids and a Kitchen has grown from a single kettle on her home stove to a commercial custom caramel kitchen that includes a playroom so her kids can continue to be part of the sweet experience.”

Original & Salted Caramel Snack Pack
Description: “Handcrafted old fashioned and salted caramels paired to create a smooth, rich treat that literally melts in your mouth.”
I’m not a huge caramel candy lover, but these were tasty and had a lovely smooth texture. They weren’t too sticky or hard to chew.  I tried to find their site online for links to products and more pricing info, but every link I followed took me nowhere.

Raley’s Confectionary
About the Company:
“Raley’s Confectionary is a family owned and operated artisan Candy Shop that combines centuries old candy making techniques with wholesome ingredients and modern artwork.  They have loads of fun making the candies ot that you can have loads of fun enjoying them.

Variety Fruit Rock Candy
(3 oz: $5.00)
Description: “Raley’s takes the art of hand-crafted hard candy to a whole new level, experience the masterpiece with this blend of everyone’s favorites: banana, pomegranate, watermelon, root beer, blueberry, tutti-fruitti, berry and raspberry.”
These are so lovely to look at and have a Willy Wonka vibe going on.  The flavors aren’t too sweet or cloying, which is a huge accomplishment with hard candy.  The flavors were unique.  Without looking at the card it was for me hard to place some of them.  They were really unlike any hard candy I’ve tried and a lot of fun.


Verdict: Fun box, but value is still a problem.
This was a beautifully packaged box of treats that included a nice variety of sweets, but the retail value doesn’t seem to add up for me. It’s hard for me to come up with an exact amount because I couldn’t find info on the caramels, and some of these products aren’t available in such small quantities, but the retail value doesn’t seem like it would be much more than half of the box cost of $25.  Some cost needs to be associated with the shipping and the packaging/curation, but I think the gap between the subscriber cost and value of items needs to be narrower.  Even just adding the full $6.00 portion of the toffee cookies would have gone much further in making the box feel like it had more value.

I still love the focus on small businesses and artisan products and I think this would make a lovely gift.  Hopefully Orangeglad can work toward adding a little more value in future boxes.

What are you favorite sweet treats?

Orangeglad is an “artisan dessert box that sends handcrafted, unique and exclusive desserts each month. Eat delicious treats created by local artisan chefs throughout the country, and learn about the amazing people behind each item.”

Single Portion Box: 5 Deluxe Sized Treats
Curated from around the country
Makes 1-2 people happy
Cost: $25 per month (shipping included)

Double Portion Box: 10 Deluxe Sized Treats
Curated from around the country
Makes 3-4 people happy
Cost: $40 per month (shipping included)

Managing your account is easy. If you want a break, you can cancel or skip at anytime, with absolutely no hassle.

Coupon Codes: Use code ST10 for 10% off your orders

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