Rachel Zoe Box of Style: Fall 2016 & $10 Off

It’s time for my favorite sub box: the Rachel Zoe Box of Style. This quarterly sub is a bit of a splurge at $100, but it’s chock full of high end, quality items so it’s always a treat to review. (If you want to sign up  Use code SUBTHERAPYSP10 to save $10 off!)  This box also lists coupon codes for the included brands so I’m adding to my review so you can pick up the stuff you love at a discount.
Fall is a great time of year for fashion so let’s see what Rachel Zoe has picked  out for us.
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The Colorblock: Donni Charm Wonder Cape
(Estimated Retail: $197.00)
Description: “There is nothing more Classic than black and white.   This versatile Cape transcends seasons and flatters every body type—it’s sizeless, ageless and timeless.”
Rachel’s Styling Ideas: “For day, wear the cape over a cream-colored turtleneck k and a dark wide-leg denim.  Play up the luxe vibe for evening by teaming it with a satin slip dress and leather ankle boots.  Wrap it around your neck to transform it into a cozy scarf.”
Coupon Code: Use RZxDC20 for 20% off site wide (Valid through November 15, 2016).
Verdict: Love!
This item was the spoiler and retails for almost twice the cost of the box.  It is so so soft and such a classic piece. (It even has the cutest charm on the label).  This is a great option for travel since you can wear it a variety of ways plus it can keep you warm on those chilly flights.  I love how classic and high end it looks.  This is the kind of the thing I can totally use in my wardrobe and I’d probably never splurge for on my own.  I also adore that Rachel includes fashion items women of every age and size can pull off.  It’s not an easy thing to do and it makes fashion accessible and fun.  To help see the full piece better I included one of Rachel Zoe’s styling options.

The Cinch: B-Low the Belt Gatsby Wrap Belt
(Estimated Retail: $105.00)
Description: “This belt is so versatile: Double wrap it to cinch a maxi dress, do a dramatic single wrap around a thicker jacket or pull it through belt loops on trousers.  With tassels, that add a little extra interest, it’s a style star favorite.”
Rachel’s Styling Ideas: “Wrap the belt around a cape or tunic to polish a roomy silhouette.  Adapt a dressy frock for daytime by slinging the belt around your hips and wearing with flat shoes.  Add polish too casual t-shirt and jeans by pulling through your belt loops and letting the tassels fall at the fron..”
Coupon Code: Use RZOE20B-LOW for 20% off site wide (Valid through November 15, 2016).
Verdict: Hit!
Good belts that can accommodate larger size ladies are hard to find, so this was a wonderful inclusion.  I don’t own anything like this and it’s definitely taking me a bit out of my comfort zone.  I love that it coordinates with the cape from this box.  I’m going to have fun incorporating it into some looks.

The Eye-Catcher: Rachel Zoe Tassel Bracelet:
(Estimated Retail: $95.00)
Description: “I am beyond exited to include a piece of jewelry from my own collection in this season’s Box of Style!  Whether styled on its own as an elegant addition to your look, or layered among your stack of usual suspects, this is a great piece of jewelry you’ll wear constantly.”
Rachel’s Styling Ideas: “Wear the bracelet alone with a simple shift dress for the office—the chain and tassel are all the statement you need.  For a double dose of tassel, pair it with the wrap belt to dress up a simple jumpsuit for a night out.  Let your jewelry do all the talking by stacking bracelets and cuffs for a head-turning look.”
Coupon Code: Use RZFall20 for 20% off sitewide (Valid through November 15, 2016).
Verdict: Love!
This bracelet is exclusive to this box, so I linked to a similar one from Rachel’s collection.  I adore box exclusive items and this bracelet is lovely.  One of my very first sub boxes, featured a Rachel Zoe ring that I wear at least once a week.  Her jewelry is high quality and very classic.  The tassel on this is well made and I’ve already worn it a few times.  A 50 year old woman and a 15 year old girl could both wear this and look wonderful.  Another thoughtful choice.

The Styling Tool: Holly wood Fashion Secrets Lint Removing Sheets
(Retail: $6.00)
Description: “It’s so easy to find yourself covered in lint, especially when you’re wearing sweaters, scarves and fall coats.  These are much more handy and compact than a bulky roll brush, so they’re east to carry with you everywhere.”
Rachel’s Living in Style Tips: “Stow them at your desk to keep you lint-free I the office.  The slender packaging allows you to keep them in your evening clutch to touch-up your LBD during nights out.  If your layering pieces easily shed, make sure to use them immediately after removing once you get indoors.”
Coupon Code: Use Zoe25 for 25% off sitewide (Valid through November 15, 2016).
A practical little item that I will add to the “survival kit” I keep in my commuter bag.
The Statement-Maker: It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil
(Estimated Retail: $24.00)
Description: “The majority of the women in my life struggle with their brows—everything form shaping them to filling them in to finding the right shade to match.  This pencil works on any brow color and makes filling in so easy.”

The Perfect Pout: It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Blush in Hydrating Gloss Stain in Mauve-A-Lous Darling
(Estimated Retail: $24.00)
Description: “A bold lip doesn’t always mean bright and saturated in color.  What I love about the many shades of lip stain is that is’ a great way to boost your natural beauty without completely overtaking your look.”
Rachel’s Beauty Tips: “For date night, pair your lip stain with a crisp cat-eye and a sleek ponytail for a pulled together, understatedly sexy look. If you’re ever in a pinch, add a swipe of the gloss on your cheeks and blend with your fingers to give your complexion a wash of health-looking color.  For dark eyebrows use pressure to match the shade perfectly.  Use less pressure for light and blonde brows.”
It Cosmetics is one of my go to brands, although both of these products were new for me.  As a redhead, it can be problematic to match brow color but this one does blend in perfectly.  It’s not quite as easy to apply as some of the brow gel products, but it still does an excellent job and one tube should last quite some time.  For the lip color, Rachel Zoe offered the opportunity to pick from three shades.  I struggled with the options which included red, berry and pink since my first impulse is to go for the fun red.  Instead, I opted for the more practical mauve.  The color is very pretty and the stain effect actually leaves your lips with a bit of color – not the same as the initial application, but more of a softer flush.  It does feel infinitely better and more hydrating than any other stain I’ve tried.

Rachel Zoe never disappoints.  I always get beautiful things at a great value.  If I had to get rid of all my subs but one, this would be the keeper.  So many boxes try to highlight fashion, but it’s difficult to accommodate different sizes, ages, and skin tones, so it’s quite an accomplishment that Rachel Zoe pulls it off every season.  As for value, this box cost me $100 and came with an estimated retail value of $451.00.  I will use everything in this box plus it included items that broadened my fashion horizons and an exclusive jewelry piece.  We also had the opportunity to customize the box a bit with our lip color choice and I hope Rachel continues to add that feature.  If your budget allows, definitely consider treating yourself to the Rachel Zoe Box of Style.

What did you think of Rachel’s Fall box?
Would you use all these items?

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