Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box: February 2014

So if you’re a regular reader, you know that the Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box  is my most unpredictable box.  You might get a great themed box, you might get leftovers from five months ago (twice in a row) or you might get a totally odd assortment of random stuff.  I never know what to expect, but I guess that’s half the excitement.

So let’s get to it.  Now this box arrived in the usual Fancy square (unlike the original box that came in a new rectangle) and this one weighed a metric ton.  I was almost afraid to find out what could possibly be in there that was so damn heavy.   With this box, it really could be anything.

And we have another win for this month since not only do I have cards for everything but they all have comments from Jennifer.
Open II

BookOpen Book
Movie Icons: 365 Day-By-Day Book
(Fancy Retail: $30.00; Amazon Retail: $25.76)
Verdict:  Miss
So this book was the reason the box was so heavy.  According to the card, JLove included this because she’s a “total movie buff’.  Sorta makes sense since she’s an actress and all.  Now this book has a different movie for each day of the year with pics with the occasional quote.  As I mentioned in my last Fancy post, I’m not a big fan of coffee table books.  I just don’t have the space.  I’d rather keep my favorite fiction, cookbooks and crafting books.  I think this book would have more interest if it had movie trivia about each entry, but it doesn’t.  I do get a lot of writing inspiration from random quotes so I think I’ll put this aside and drag it out for writing prompts.

CC Made Classic Caramel Corn (3 oz)
(Retail: $4.00)
Verdict:  Hit!
So CC Made Popcorn is JLove’s “favorite movie night snack”.  They also seem to be quite popular with subscription boxes since we’ve gotten this brand before in a Popsugar box.  I’ve tried this popcorn before and it’s delicious.  My one beef is that the bag is pretty small.  It would have been nice if they’d sprung for the 8 oz size.

Mixing Pitcher with Hawthorne Strainer
(Amazon Retail:$42.95;)
Verdict:  Love!
Between this item and her Cosmopolitan themed box, JLove is single handedly putting together a great bar for my house.  This is an adorable mixing pitcher that according to Jennifer is “just the right size to mix two cocktails at once so it’s perfect for date night.”  This pitcher is high quality and you could use it in a lot of ways beyond just mixing cocktails.  It’s also a great way to personalize a hostess gift, by adding this little  guy to a nice bottle of booze.

Drifter Socks by Richer Poorer
(Fancy Retail: $12.00)
Verdict:  Love!
Surprising as it is, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten socks from one of my subscription boxes.  Tights, yes, but no socks and I’m quite happy to see them.  JLove includes these because “there’s nothing like cozying up on the couch to watch your favorite movie or TV show.”  I am constantly going through socks so I can always use another pair.  The print and color on these is adorable and they seem like good quality.  Useful and cute.

Full Box

I paid just under full price for this box at $45.90 ( somehow had a fancy rebate for $1.05).  Even factoring in the amazon prices, the estimated retail on this box was $84.71.  Now I didn’t care for the book, but it’s not a bad item, just not suited for me.  But the pitcher was the highest valued piece and I really loved it.  The socks will be worn and the caramel corn will be eaten so those items worked out fine.

This box had a movie night at home theme and I’m so happy to see the Jennifer Love Hewitt boxes returning to a unifying theme.  I have my fingers crossed that they will keep it up.

What did you think of the box?  Do you like coffee table books?


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