Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box – October 2013

For more on Fancy  subscription boxes and a coupon code, jump down below, but let’s get to the review of my October Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box.  This is one of the five celebrity curated boxes that Fancy offers.

Open Box

Somehow Jennifer Love Hewitt must have known that October is my birthday month because she sent me a party in a box.  I was a bit disappointed with her last month, but she’s more than made up for it with a booze themed box centering around her favorite drink, the Cosmopolitan.

ShakerFinal Touch Glass Cocktail Shaker (Retail $25:00 on Fancy; $21.99 on Amazon)
This is a really sturdy and practical cocktail shaker.  It’s got seven different drink recipes written on the glass along with measurements in both ounce and milliliter.  I have a metal cocktail shaker, but I’ve been wanting an additional glass one so we can make more than one cocktail at a time.

Cutting BoardCore Bamboo Mixology Bar Board: (Retail: $15.00 on Fancy & Amazon)
This little bar board has a recipe for a cosmopolitan cut right in.  It’s a great size and it has a hole cut in the corner so you can hang it up.  I actually don’t own a cutting board in this size nor do I have one just for my bar.  This is a welcome addition.

ChitchatsChitChats Drink Markers: (Retail: $10.00 on Fancy; $9.02 on Amazon )
These are reusable drink markers that let you write fun messages.  While I’d probably never pick these up on my own because I don’t tend to have large parties, they’re fun and I’m sure I’ll pull a few out for my birthday.


Molecule-R Cosmpolitan: (Retail: $29.00, this size kit not available on Amazon)
This kit includes 3 recipes for molecular mixology at home.  You get encapsulated cosmopolitan, cranberry foam and citrus caviar.  I have been dying to try one of these kits, but they were always way more than I wanted to spend.  I was so excited to see this and I can’t wait to try it out with some friends.

CardsSo overall, I was thrilled with this box.  I will use every single item.  This is my first Fancy box that really had a solid theme and I hope they do this more in the future.  I also liked that it had a real connection to Jennifer Love Hewitt by featuring her favorite drink.  Now if you’re not a drinker, you could be disappointed by this box.  However, each of these items can be coupled with a corresponding bottle of booze to make a great gift.  It’s particularly suited for hostess gifts.  As long as you know some people who like to booze it up from time to time, you can still get a lot of use out of this box.

Full BoxEven using the cheaper amazon price on the shaker, this box retailed for $75.99.  Normally it would cost me $46.95 (including shipping),  but Fancy gave me a $15 gift card for a previous error with a box and you lovely readers gave me some referral credits, so this month I only ended up spending $22.95.   I would have been thrilled with this box at the higher price, so I’m super excited to have gotten it for such a low cost.  (And a big thank you to those of you who gave me referral credits!  It is much appreciated!)

What did you guys think?  Would you have loved the booze filled box or been bored with the theme?


Fancy Box is a monthly subscription service that curates items that are popular on the Fancy website.  There are a few different subscription options.  They all cost $39 plus shipping (an additional $7.95).

#1 –Fancy box (Original)
This box features a collection of some of the most fancy’d items, curated by the fancy community. Each box includes $80.00+ of products in the categories of your choice.
The categories you can choose from include: Men’s, Women’s, Kid’s, Home, Gadgets & Media.  It also lets you customize your Tshirt size and your cell phone type.

#2 Fancy Food Box
Each Fancy Food Box includes five or more food products – anything from cookies and chocolates to teas and sauces – along with a selection of tasty recipes and pairing suggestions.

#3 Celebrity Curated Fancy Box
There are seven celebrity curated boxes to choose from.  Each box includes $80.00+ of products.  Most boxes are geared toward men or women though they do include unisex items.

They include:



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