Fair Ivy Package #3 – September 2013

I received  Fair Ivy’s third package for September.  Their subscription service features beautifully wrapped handmade items.  Skip down for more details on subscription options along with a coupon code.   Now for  the review!
Box with Cards

Once I opened my package I was greeted by a lovely tulle and raffia wrapped box with a cute little stamp that read “uniquely handmade limited edition”.  I think of all the gorgeous packaging I received from Fair Ivy, this is my absolute favorite.

Closeup Box

Once I stopped being distracted by the, oh so pretty packaging, I opened it up to discover Botanical Dead Sea Bath Salts in Lilac from Paradise Bath Boutique.  According to the card inside:

“Paradise Bath Boutique offers a large array of scented products created with many natural, organic and paraben-free ingredients.  With over 130 products and more on the way Paradise Bath Boutique boasts salon grade scented lotions body butters & scrubs, bubble baths, shower gels, botanical dead sea salts, hydrating body mists, antibacterial had soaps and sanitizers, aromatherapy and gifts.”


The only bath salts I currently own are some lavender scented Epsom salts from the grocery store so this is a luxurious upgrade.  The salt mixture includes dried flowers which really make it feel special.  This package plus the fancy pants bubble bath from my fall style Popsugar box make me think I need a much better bathtub to go with all my awesome products.

According to the Paradise Bath Boutique website, the cost for these salts is $7.00.  My first package for Fair Ivy was the lovely silver and gold plated necklace at about $23 and then the caramel sauce which I’m estimating at about $8.00.  This brings the total value I received at about $38 without shipping costs.  My Fair Ivy subscription costs me $48 including shipping so I think I got my money’s worth.


A jewelry only subscription at $25.00 a month (plus shipping) for 1 jewelry item per month.  (This option will ship in the US, Canada & the UK).


An original subscription at $40.00 a month (plus shipping) of 3 handmade items (1 item will be jewelry).  (This option only ships in the US).

Because the items ship directly from the artisans, if you choose an original subscription you will receive the packages individually throughout the month.

DISCOUNT CODE:  NEWSLETTER2 will get you $2.00 off either subscription.

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