Writer’s Shelf: On Changing Your Story

I’ll be the first to admit my story wasn’t always a happy one, (although most often pretty funny), so I’d been working for a very long time to change it.  And strangely enough, it seemed like on my 37th birthday, my fairy godmother woke up from a very long bender, looked around and said, “I’ve got a *lot* of work to do. Hold my beer.” And somehow, like the breaking of a curse, all my saved up wishes started coming true.
Dickens said, Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one; stronger than magician ever spoke, or spirit ever answered to, in the strongest conjuration.”
And that’s exactly what I finally got: my own home.  A very strange, but charming house, that needed me just as much as I needed it.  I’ve always wanted to buy a home and fix it up, so the avocado carpet, blue toilet and yellow countertops were all screaming out my name.  Hopefully when I’m done it will be more fairy tale cottage and less disco.  I’ll be posting my home renovations over here.

Now like most writers, I have to have a day job because I haven’t yet learned how to live without things like food and electricity.  But I’ve spent the past 15 years of my life filling out government forms in a windowless basement, so I feel like I can only go up from there.  I managed to snag a new job with more money, less stress and its above ground!  My last day at work was the day before my 38th birthday, because there is no better gift than lack of responsibility.  I’ve got a couple weeks to get my house together and catch up on my sub box reviews before I start my new job, so you’ll finally be seeing all that awesome content I’ve been promising you.
And lastly, the wish possibly closest to my heart: getting published. The Ice Maiden’s Tale, a story that started almost a lifetime ago, was released on May 30, 2017, and not only is it up for sale online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but it’s finally in a brick and mortar store!  On my 38th birthday, The Book Garden in Frenchtown, New Jersey, added my book to their shelves.  They’ve also asked me to join them on Small Business Saturday on November 25, 2017, along with some other authors.   So you can catch me at The Book Garden from 11:30 to 3 PM, to chat and sign books.  I’ve added a handy dandy events page to the blog, for easy reference. I’ve also gotten some amazing reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, a great interview with Author Julie Whitley, and some awesome blog reviews over at Le Coeur de l’Artiste and Bookworm for Kids, plus a cool BookStop page over at the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators site.  It’s been busy and wonderful.
So to say it’s been a crazy year, seems to be an understatement.  But for once, it’s been the good kind of crazy. While I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of work I need to do, I wouldn’t change a thing, and I feel like I learned something very important. What I hadn’t realized in all these years of trying and falling short, or killing myself to *almost* make it, is that somewhere along the way I’d stopped actually believing it would change.  I still kept trying, but I didn’t *really* think it was going to lead anywhere.   But somehow, I did what I never thought I could:  I changed my whole world.  So just because things have always gone the way they’ve always gone, doesn’t mean they will continue that way.  If I can change my story, you can change yours.  So take a minute to dust off those old dreams, and start letting out your saved up wishes.  You’d be surprised where they might take you.

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