The October Product Review That Wasn’t: A Tale of Lost Love & QVC

Once upon a time there was a fashion and beauty blogger who loved It Cosmetics.  One day, QVC sent her an email about an advance order for the 5 piece It Cosmetics Holiday kit with two brand new products that were exclusive to QVC until 2015.  Our blogger immediately thought, “This is perfect for my October product review!   And this is the perfect birthday treat for myself.  Plus I can use it on my upcoming mini vacation!  This is all so perfect!”

A long, long work week goes by.  It’s Friday, almost 8 PM when our blogger arrives home.  It’s been about a 2 and a hour round trip commute and a long week of working in a dungeon basement filling out government forms and doing word problems.  She eyes the QVC delivery box in the vestibule of her apartment.  A smile crosses her lips, but then she realizes it’s the wrong shape.  From the pictures online the kit is a square gift box and this is a rectangle.  “Maybe I’m wrong,” she thinks.  “Maybe they package it differently when they send it.”

So she opens the box and instead of this lovely kit:
It Cosmetics
.30-oz Celebration Foundation Illumination in Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, or Rich
0.33-fl oz Hello Lashes! Extensions Mascara in Black
0.17-oz No Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Black/Brown
0.38-oz CC+ Radiance Ombre Blush in Je Ne Sais Quoi, a soft pink shade
Heavenly Luxe Double Airbrush Foundation Brush
Hello Lashes! Extensions Mascara and CC+ Radiance Ombre Blush are exclusive to QVC until 12/31/14

She receives this:
A gasp emerges from her lips.  “It cannot be!  Not Wen!  Anything but Wen!”
You see of all the beauty products in the whole wide world, Wen was the one she despised the most.  She’d tried the fig version long long ago and it had not only made her long hair smell like rotten bananas, but had ruined the texture so much she opted to chop it all off and start over.  Encased in this wrong size box was 32 oz of liquid mockery.  It seemed that Wen had managed to win yet another battle in their beauty war.

Cue a frantic call to QVC’s customer service.  Our blogger spent approximately 5 minutes trying to navigate their recorded menu which sadly did not offer a :”You sent me the most horrible thing ever instead of what I ordered” option.  Eventually she gives up and just starts pushing the operator button over and over.  Approximately 10 minutes after that she gets connected to Richard in customer service. With disinterest, he tells her that the kit is now “sold out” and then proceeds to tell her how to return the evil Wen conditioner.   She is understandably upset, but keeps it together until she asks about her refund.  Then the knave Richard, states that she won’t get a refund until they receive the Wen.  You know that awful product that she hates and  never ordered! She now has to go to the post office/UPS and wait for it to be returned and processed before they will give her a refund.  What evil magic is this?  They were holding her hard earned basement money hostage until she fixed their terrible mistake.  She requested to speak to a supervisor but none were available.

Now our blogger is angry.  She hangs up with QVC and proceeds to go to social media to unearth this treachery.   She posts on the QVC page about her disappointment and quickly gets a response from the conscientious social media team member, Beth.  She asks the blogger to email her with details on the problem.  The blogger does and receives a response from the lovely Brittany.  Brittany apologizes and reiterates the unfortunate news that there is no more stock of this kit.  It seems our story has had a tragic ending and our blogger has lost her beloved It Cosmetics kit.  Brittany lightens this cutting blow by stating that the blogger’s money has been refunded, that she doesn’t need to return the Wen conditioner and that she’s been given a $25.00 store credit that she can perhaps use toward a different product to review.

So folks as you can guess, I am that blogger.  And sadly, you are the guys who won’t get a review of what looked like an awesome kit.

I am torn on my feelings about this particular incident.   It seems to encompass both the best and worst customer service. I appreciate how quickly and thoroughly the customer service team kicked in after my post on their Facebook page.  But, I can’t forget how useless and unapologetic their original customer service was.  Customers shouldn’t have to go to social media to get their problems addressed.  This wasn’t just an average QVC order – it was an advance order that included products exclusive to QVC, and from some comments on social media it seems a few other unlucky customers had the same issue I did.  I would have gladly emailed photos if they needed proof of the mixup before they could issue my refund.

I have the Wen product all packaged up so I may still return it depending upon whether I can get to a post office/UPS before they close and whether I can think of someone who really loves the stuff.

Hopefully QVC will offer another It Cosmetics kit with these exclusive items and then I can nab it and review it for you guys..

Would you have been upset at being asked to return an unordered product before receiving your refund, or do you think it’s par for the course with online ordering?

What are your  most positive and negative customer service experiences?  Please Share!

May Blog Hop: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

So it’s time once again for another Blog Hop! I’m part of a fabulous facebook group of beauty bloggers and each month (on the 1st) we all post about the same theme. This month features Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.

Since subscription boxes are my specialty I’m going to feature some boxes along with some gifts you can wrap up in a pretty bow.

For the Mom who enjoys makeup, beauty products, pampering and all things feminine.

 Box Pick:
Cost: $21 per month; $60 of 3 months; $115.00 for 6 months/$220 for 12 months
This box features 5 full size luxury beauty products each month in a pretty box. I think the fact that this box includes full sizes makes it perfect for gift giving. There’s a wide variety of brands featured and they are high end.

Lipstick Set
Besame Cosmetics: Kenley Collins Scarf and Lipstick Set
Cost: $30.00 (Picture from the Besame webpage)
A classic red lipstick in a gorgeous tube with an adorable rose print scarf just screams out “ladies who lunch to me.” If your Mom wears Chanel No. 5 and loves the classics, this might be the perfect thing for

For the Mom who loves travel and enjoys everything from an RV trip to a fancy cruise.

Box Pick:
Quarterly: Hitha On the Go
Cost: $50.00/4 times a year
This is a brand new travel box on Quarterly from the blogger at Hitha On The Go. Quarterly describes her as “Hitha is on a mission to teach women how to travel in style with only a carry-on (yes, no matter how long the trip). A road warrior with an addiction to shoes, she went from checking her massive, overstuffed suitcase to breezing through the airport, with only her 22” suitcase in hand.” Sounds like the perfect sub for those Moms who are always packing for their next trip.

Samantha Brown First Class Collection 2-piece Set
$159.95 (Picture from the HSN webpage)
There is nothing that makes travel smoother than nice luggage. I love the Samantha Brown line that is available on HSN. They have lots of wonderful colors and configurations and there are sets for everything from a weekend away to a month long cruise. This set is classy and durable and the perfect size for a small getaway or to use as your carryon and purse.

For the Mom who believes that love = food and insists on hosting all the holiday parties.

Box Picks:

For the more Traditional Cook, who loves the classics:
Tyler Florence Fancy Box
Cost: $35.00 per month plus shipping
As someone who’s spent a lot of time studying the contents of Fancy boxes, I can assert that this is one of the best and most consistent they send out. It has great food, kitchen and home items. For anyone who enjoys cooking and entertaining this would be a great choice.

For the Super Foodie, who loves experimenting and world cuisine:
Andrew Zimmern Quarterly Box
Cost: $50.00 four times a year
This is the box from that crazy food and travel guy who eats things like dried scorpions. His box features food items from all over the world and each box typically revolves around a certain region. They are the perfect option for a cook with a penchant for global cuisine. For a detailed review of the last Andrew Zimmern box, head over here.


Temp-tations Gingham Gardens 9 Piece Oven to Table Set

Cost: $37.20 plus shipping (Photo from the QVC website)

I highly recommend that if someone enjoys cooking they invest in ceramic bakeware. It’s non-stick, and can go from the oven to the freezer, fridge or dishwasher, plus it’s microwave safe and when you pick up a pretty pattern like the one above, you can even serve in it. QVC has a fabulous line of ceramic bakeware called Temp-tations and it comes in all kinds of awesome patterns and configurations. If your mom loves cooking and collecting stuff, she’ll probably have a fun time getting all the different baking pieces and dinnerware.

So what are you getting your Mother this Mother’s day?

And if you’re a mom, what would you love to be surprised with?

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