July 2016 Chococurb Nano & 10% off Coupon Code!

I’ve got something special to combat the Mondays – a chocolate subscription!  Yes, that’s right, it’s like a Willy Wonka-o-gram!  Someone will send fancy pants chocolate right to your house every month.  (I swear sometimes subscription boxes do God’s work.)

The wonderful folks at Chococurb sent me their July Nano box to review for you all plus an awesome coupon code for 10% off your order, just use the code THERAPY (valid through 9/16/16.)

“Chococurb partners with the best chocolate makers in the world…and will help you discover, enjoy and learn more about one of life’s greatest pleasures.”

I had no idea I needed help enjoying chocolate, but who knows maybe I just haven’t been trying hard enough.

Chococurb offers several subscription options with a discount for prepaying (for more detail, jump down to “The Backstory”).    Today’s Chococurb Nano box, costs $10 for a monthly sub and offers five small-to-medium sized items.  Chococurb also offers the option to buy your favorite products from their online chocolate shop.

A large Styrofoam box arrives and I’m wondering just how much chocolate is in this bad boy.
I open it and inside is a cute little package nestled in some cooling packs.
Chococurb Nano Wrapped
Inside the cute blue box, we’ve got more wrapping!  Getting to this chocolate is a lot of work.
Once I open it up, we’ve got some adorable little bars inside.

Birthday Cake Batter
Seattle Chocolates – Birthday Cake Batter

(2.5 oz Bar: $3.50)
Description: “Seattle Chocolates created this wonderful treat, which tastes like vanilla frosted yellow cake. With colorful confetti pieces mixed into the milk chocolate, it’s even more exciting!”.
Verdict:  Hit!
I love birthday cake batter treats, so it must have been a moment of insanity (or true love) when I gave this one to my boyfriend.

Ethereal Confections

Verdict: Hit!
I couldn’t find this exact bar, but Chococurb does offer one for sale with Macadamia nuts, raspberry and lime kaffir.

Menakao Chocolate – 44% Milk Chocolate with Madagascan Vanilla

(Bar: $7.99)
Description: “Similar to coffee beans, the ones for cacao obtain many unique characteristics based on where they are cultivated. This might explain how every bar by Menakao has a unique taste of its own. With notes of vanilla and butter, this caramel-esque bar exemplifies the acidic and fruity flavors that distinguish Madagascan cocoa.”
Verdict:  Miss
This one had such lovely packaging that I was super excited for it, but sadly it tasted a bit bitter to me. I’m sure someone else would enjoy it, but it just wasn’t to my taste.

TCHO – Mokaccino + Blue Bottle Coffee Bar

(2 Oz Bar: $5.95)
Description: “Warm, roasted nuttiness and complex, dried fruit notes from freshly roasted Blue Bottle coffee blend seamlessly with the dense caramel and cocoa notes in our SeriousMilk chocolate. Named Best Flavored Milk Chocolate in America by the International Chocolate Awards.”
Verdict:  Hit!
I loved the flavor on this one – just the right mix of coffee and chocolate.

Noire Gingembre
Chocolat Dolfin – Noire Gingembre

(Estimated Retail Bar size 2.47 oz. Bar $5.99)
Verdict:  Like
This may be the fanciest sounding thing I’ve ever eaten.  Chococurb’s store didn’t include this flavor, but they have some other options including a Pear & Almond one that sounds ah-may-zing.  I’m not a huge fan of ginger mixed with chocolate, so this bar wasn’t my favorite but it was still quite lovely.

Chococurb July 2016
There’s something about getting a box of chocolate that brings a smile to your face.  This is a tiny box of chocolates, but I think the unique, high quality offerings match the $10 pricetag.  The nano box option offers you a way to indulge in a monthly treat without going overboard, and it makes a great little gift for someone you love that’s got a sweet tooth.

I also appreciate that Chococurb offers the option to purchase most of the items from their online store.  So many times you fall in love with a unique confection from a sub box and then just can’t find it anywhere.  The one thing I’d love to see added to this sub is an info card that lists all the chocolates included with a description of the flavors.  The included card gave me info about Chococurb, but I had to do some searching on their site to find out about the chocolates themselves.

Would you ever sign up for a chocolate subscription?
Why or why not?

Chococurb partners with the best chocolate makers in the world to deliver you a monthly box of high quality chocolates.

There are several subscription options:
Chococurb: Five to seven personally selected, extraordinary chocolate treats.
Cost: 1 Month $35; 6 Month $99; 1 Year $180

Chococurb Mini: Three gourmet chocolate products.
Cost: 1 Month $20; 6 Month $57; 1 Year $108

Chococurb Nano: Five small-to-medium sized items.
1 Month $10; 6 Month $54; 1 Year $96

Coupon Codes: Use code THERAPY for 10% off you orders through 09/16/16

You can buy more of your favorites from the Chococurb online shop.

Subscriptions ship on the 14th of each month and auto-renew at the end of their respective period, unless canceled.  Chococurb nano does not include personalization.

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