Fair Ivy: November 2013 – Jewelry & More!

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Fair Ivy sends me each of their three items separately, but this was a busy month for subscription boxes and all these packages came together so this review is going to include all the items I received for November.

      The first is the jewelry item.

Package #1 – Jewelry

Jewelry Opening
As is typical for Fair Ivy, this item came beautifully packaged. 

NecklaceNecklace LongNecklace from Silver Vine Boutique.  (Retail: ??? I couldn’t find a comparable piece on the Silver Vine website so I can’t estimate a retail on this one.)
They “specialize in providing unique, handcrafted and vintage items for you and your home.”

Hit for the Designer/Miss for Fair Ivy
Now I think the design on this piece is great.  It’s simple and elegant, great for everyday use and the combination sterling silver and gold plate is lovely.  So I give points to Silver Vine for their design.  Unfortunately, I think it is way too similar to a necklace Fair Ivy sent out earlier this year.  I own this lovely piece: http://www.fairivy.com/portfolio/hammered-silver-circle-necklace/ that they sent out several months ago and wear it regularly.  I’m not sure how much use I have for a second necklace that’s only real discernable difference is having another gold circle.  

Package #2
Orange Clove Soap from the Emerson Soap Company  (Retail: $8.00)
These handcrafted soaps are made in small batches and are packaged using recyclable materials and plantable seed paper.

Soap Closeup
If you subscribe to numerous subscription boxes, you will quickly accumulate lots and lots of soap.  Package #2 for November has brought me another bar, but this one is by far the most gorgeously packaged that I have seen and is so pretty that it must become a Christmas gift.  I’m sensitive to smells and despite having cloves, this scent is not at all overpowering.  It feels very warm and Autumnal.  If you’re looking for stocking stuffers these would be perfect.

Package #3
Water Ways
Note Card Set from Sloe Gin Fizz by Nicole Ray (Retail: $20.00)
Nicole Ray, an artist and illustrator based in southeast Michigan, “creates a line of whimsical art prints and paper goods infused with a playful sense of humor under the name Sloe Gin Fizz.  This set of Water ways cards was inspired by all things water and contains two designs created specifically for Fair Ivy.”
Verdict: Love!

One, I adore stationary.  Two, whenever something is made especially for a subscription box it makes me feel super special, so this item is already doing well before I even get to the artwork.  The designs on these sweet little cards are lovely and can work for so many occasions.  You can even frame and hang a couple for an inexpensive  art series.  I am a firm believer in thank you notes and thinking of you notes, and I don’t think ecards can ever replace the real thing, so I would love Fair Ivy to keep adding notecards and stationary to their packages.


Package #1Silver Vine Boutique’s Necklace: $???
Package #2Emerson Soap Company’s Orange Clove Soap: $8.00
Package #3Sloe Gin Fizz by Nicole Ray’s Water Ways Note Cards= $20.00
Total $28.00+????: I paid $48, and that puts the necklace at a $20 value which I think is a fair price, so I think I got my value in the items.  However, I’ve got mixed feelings on this month.  As much as I loved the cards and the soap, I’m really disappointed with the choice of jewelry.  I think if Fair Ivy wants to keep subscribers beyond just recipients of gift subscriptions they really need to watch the repetition of items.  

What do you think?  Are the necklaces different enough to warrant receiving them both in the same year?



Fair Ivy is a subscription box of beautifully wrapped, handmade items made by individual artisans.  

There are two subscription options: 

A jewelry only subscription at $25.00 a month (plus shipping) for 1 jewelry item per month.  (This option will ship in the US, Canada & the UK).


An original subscription at $40.00 a month (plus shipping) of 3 handmade items (1 item will be jewelry).  (This option only ships in the US).

Because the items ship directly from the artisans, if you choose an original subscription you will receive the packages individually throughout the month.

DISCOUNT CODE:  NEWSLETTER2 will get you $2.00 off either subscription.

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