Squarehue: The 2000s – November 2015

We’re winding down our trip through history with the decades themed Squarehue boxes. The 2000s were the decade where I became an adult. I graduated from Syracuse, got my first real job, went to grad school, got my master’s and tried to figure out what to actually do with my life. For me (and the country as a whole) it was a pretty tumultuous decade. Let’s see how that translates into colors.

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 Never Forget
Never Forget 2001 (Metallic)
Description: Silver Metallic
Verdict: On the Fence
I’m not sure how Squarehue could have escaped including one of the defining moments in US history, but I don’t know how I feel about 9/11 being commemorated by a polish. I was in New York that day, working in midtown. I used to have to get into the office early and I took the E train, the World Trade Center train, that morning. I had no idea what was going on until someone in the office came in and told me. I realized based on the timing that I’d probably been riding with lots of people going to the World Trade Center at just the wrong time. And so it seemed to me at that moment, the difference between living and dying was just a few stops on a subway train. The giant cloud of dust moving down 6th avenue, the hundreds upon hundreds of missing posters stuck to everything, the silence that covered the busiest city in the world – it is burned into my memory. I cannot forget. I don’t need a polish to make me remember. Strictly from a polish standpoint, this is another silver and one that’s a bit streaky. I feel like we’ve received a ton of silver and gray polishes from Squarehue, but this shade does fit the title. Personally I’d have gone with a metallic silver holographic to add something special.

Idol 2002
Idol 2002 (Micro Glitter)

Description: Silver Micro Glitter
Verdict: We’ve seen this before.
I only ever watched the first season of Idol. As a singer, televised singing competitions just tend to annoy me. I like the pop culture reference and it’s nice to have something lighthearted in this box, but I wish we’d seen a rainbow glitter or a glitter with contrasting shades. I see American Idol with fuschia, purple, blue, red—all kinds of color. This reminds me way too much of the glitterball polish from the 70s and I don’t think it adds to the overall Decades collection.

Hurricane 2005 (Metallic)

Description: Platinum Metallic
Verdict: Like the color, but….
Another gray/silver! Okay, I get this was meant to be a silver/gray type set. And it’s actually lovely in that context, however, in the bigger picture of the whole decades set it just doesn’t work. There were tons of silvers and grays and for there to be three additional polishes in that color theme was just too much. The Hurricane reference is also a bit of a downer, making this quite a sad box.

SquareHue 2000s
Verdict: Nice colors, but too dark in so many ways
I really wish Squarehue had opted to make the whole decades collection based on fashion, style and pop culture of the periods rather than the darker historical elements. In my opinion, Polish is just too frivolous for some of these references. As I mentioned earlier this box makes a nice set on it’s own, and the Hurricane color has a great edgy vibe. I just wish that if Squarehue was determined to do an all silver/gray set they would have changed some of the earlier polish colors. I paid $19.99, and these are nicely sized and good quality but I’m still a bit disappointed in this month.

What do you think of the polishes linked to traumatic historical events? Is it okay or does it bother you?

Squarehue’s theme for 2016 is “The Adventure Collection”. The January box is called “Hike Banff”. It looks like they are also introducing some new pricing. Shipping is included in the listed pricing. The three polish box is now $21, while the two polish box is $16.


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