Squarehue: The 1930s – April 2015

So it’s time again for some retro fun with our decades collection from Squarehue. April promises to transport us to the 1930s, so grab out swatch stick and jump into our DeLorean, or you know, just open the damn box..

As usual, our cute tiny mystery box.

1930s BOX

Open Box
Tucked inside our three lovely square bottles and a handy dandy swatch card.
Polishes Card

Swatch Boardgame
Boardgame 1934 (High Gloss Creme)

Description: Brilliant orangey red creme gloss
Verdict: Hit!
I usually don’t like oranges that much, but this one has a lot of red to it and a fabulous formula so it won me over. (I definitely see this polish as more of an orange than a red). I can see this shade matching the label on a boardgame box, so this one is working for me.

Swatch WPA
WPA 1935 (High Gloss Creme)

Description: Dusty Mint Glossy Creme
Verdict: Hit!
This color seems more suited to a later period (it feels like it would fit in with more mid-century modern design) but I love all shades of mint so this one is a hit for me.

Tomorrowland 1939 (High Gloss Creme)

Description: Dusky Grape Glossy Cream
Verdict: So tomorrow is purple?
Is this a pretty color? Sure. But why is it “Tomorrowland?” See, this is where I expect to see that silver from last month’s box. We’ve already received a purple shade in 1900s box and that one felt a little more period appropriate. But, this is still a fun color for Summer.
All Swatches

SquareHue 1930s
Verdict: Like, but with just a faint hint of disappointment

Do I think these are all lovely colors?
Are they nice formulas?
So what’s the problem?
Well, they don’t feel 1930s to me. They also don’t really match the names. Why is that grape color Tomorrowland? Am I missing something? Was the Disney ride purple? I’ve always envisioned it as being futuristic, which involves metal and robots and stuff. These colors are all pretty and seasonally appropriate but this month it felt like they had colors they wanted to use and then attached names/decades to them after the fact. The other decades all seemed to have more of a connection to the colors. I decided to subscribe to this box because of the theme so I was really hoping to have a full collection that felt a bit historical. The 1930s set just doesn’t feel quite as authentic as the others, but it’s still quite nice.

I paid $19.99 (with shipping and handling) and I received three generously sized polishes in cheerful shades that are great for Summer, so I definitely got my money’s worth. I’m hoping the 1940s will bring us some film noire shades and not just a random color with a name attached. I’d love to see something like a “Casablanca” polish as a white with gold shimmer. Squarehue has already included an army green so it will be interesting to see how they reference the war.

What did you think of the collection? Is this what you’d expect from a 1930s theme?


SquareHue is a monthly nail polish subscription box.
SquareHue delivers a unique, curated collection of premium nail polish colors to its style aware members.

Cost: $14.99 plus shipping (Shipping is $5 for US destinations and $9 for Canada.)

Polishes are:
“5-Free” Clean formula – Do not contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Camphor or Formaldehyde Resin
Not tested on animals
Proudly Made in the USA

 Automatically, a portion of your monthly subscription is donated to keep us accountable to what really matters. Currently a portion of all monthly subscription proceeds are being donated for prevention awareness, the protection of trafficked victims and the prosecution of human traffickers.

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