SnackSack: May 2015 & Special Coupon Code!

Today we’ve got another fun snack box called SnackSack (and it literally comes in a Sack!) The wonderful folks at SnackSack sent me a box to review and a fabulous coupon code just for you (use THERAPY10 to save 10% on your first purchase). For details on pricing jump down to “The Backstory”.

“SnackSack delivers better tasting, originality, and higher nutritional value, once a month. We include a mixture of snacks that are organic or all-natural, non-GMO, vegan, fair-trade, or gluten-free. Don’t expect to receive any artificial junk, we just aren’t about that. We consistently deliver wholesome and original recipes, allowing you to discover natural snack foods that truly delight your tastebuds.”

Tasty, natural snacks? Sounds fabulous to me. Let’s dive in.
Open Box
Sack! Inserts
This snack box has the best packaging of any of the ones that I’ve tried. It’s got a detailed card listing all the products, and an adorable sack that will be transformed into someone’s gift packaging. Opening it up really felt like someone took time and effort to put this together and that’s exactly what you should feel when you open up a sub box.

Whenever I get a snack box, I need to call in my Chief Snack Officer, CSO (otherwise known as my boyfriend). He loves snacks and we live together so there’s no way I could keep a giant box of assorted crunchy items from him.

Caveman Cookies
Alpine Hazelnut Carob Cookie
by Caveman Cookies
Description: “Swiss flavor combination of hazelnuts and chocolate, but made with carob, a healthy alternative”.
Tropical Coconut Macadamia Cookie by Caveman Cookies
Description: “The absolute perfect nutty and sweet tropical treat for your inner caveman.
Verdict: Like!
A little love for the Paleo folks. That tropical cookie never made it to my inner caveman since it was snatched by my outer one. My CSO ate these and his verdict was that they were “good”. If you knew his snack standards, you’d realize this was high praise.

Hard Candy
Fresh Fruit Hard Candies by Torie & Howard

Description: “Fresh flavors that taste of real, luscious fruit picked straight from the garden.”
Verdict: Like!
These hard candies are quite tasty and I’m still working my way through the little bag. They definitely have a fresh taste and if you enjoy hard candies, you’d definitely like these.

Luke's Organic
White Cheddar Cheese Puffs
by Luke’s Organic
Description: “Behold the power of cheddar and air, these tiny cheddar clouds will rock your socks off.”
Verdict: Hit!
If you like Pirate’s booty or those Trader Joe’s cheese puffs you’ll love these. They are tasty, crunchy cheesy goodness.

Hazelnut & Almond Coconut Spread
by Barefoot & Chocolate
Description: “Dreamy coconut & super nutty and sweet hazelnut chocolate spreads”.
Verdict: You had me at Chocolate
I haven’t tried these yet. Why? Because I’m saving them for something awesome. There is some baking project that is going to be topped with these. I just must find something worthy.

Raw Rev
Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Protein Bar
by Raw Revolution
Description: “Delicious creamy peanut butter with rich dark chocolate, packed with omega-rich superfoods”
Creamy Peanut Butter Protein Bar by Raw Revolution
Description: “Delicious creamy peanut butter with rich dark chocolate, packed with omega-rich superfoods”
Verdict: Like!
These Raw Revolution snacks were another set my Boyfriend—er CSO, sampled. Again, he liked them, which is hard for any snack, nevermind a healthy one.

Sea Salt Popcorn
by Boom Chicka Pop
Description: “Perfectly sea-salted and made with 100% Whole Grain”
Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn by Boom Chicka Pop
Description: “A little bit sweet and a little bit salty makes for the perfect combo.”
Verdict: Hit!
I’ve tried this brand before and it’s quite tasty. For me, Kettle Corn is always a win.

Frontier Bites
Almond Blueberry Lemon Bites
by Frontier Bites
Description: “Crunchy energizing bites of almonds, blueberries and tart lemon. Be warned these won’t last long.”
Verdict: Hit!
I love fruity snacks and these were quite tasty and perfect for work.

Gummy Bears
Sweet Chewy Gummy Bears
by Yum Earth
Description: “This classic gummy bear, a favorite of many. Made without any artificial junk.”
Verdict: Love!
You can just send me all the gummies. ALL.THE.GUMMIES. I didn’t think it was possible to make gummy candies with “artificial junk”. But these are tasty so I’m happy to eat the package or a gallon, you know, whichever.

Sea Salt & Nibs
Sea Salt & Nibs Chocolate Bar
by Madecasse
Description: “This chocolate bar best amplifies the flavors of pure, Madagascar cocoa. Heaven!”
Verdict: A little too nibby and salty
I think their definition of Heaven is a bit different than mine. This wasn’t terrible but it was just too biting for me. The overabundance of sea salt just made the flavors muddled.

Sweet Flavored Snack Mix
by Sheffa
Description: “A delightful combination of coconut-covered roasted almonds and soy nuts mixed with fruit.”
Zesty Flavored Snack Mix by Sheffa
Description: “Crispy chickpea noodles, roasted corn, and toasted seeds seasoned to perfection.”
Verdict: Nope.
My resident CSO tried the Zesty snacks first and deemed them “gross”. I tried them and concurred and the bag was tossed. It’s hard to explain, but the flavor almost tastes like the soup packets where you just add water. I tried the “sweet snack mix” and the coconut covered almonds are delicious…the rest not so much. The soy nuts definitely get stuck in your throat. If Sheffa made a bag with just the nuts I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Protein Chips
BBQ Protein Chips
by Quest Nutrition

Description: “Smokey, backyard-BBQ flavor on a baked, savory chip. Ooh doggy!”
Verdict: Punishment for the low carb folks
I’m not even sure a dog would eat these. My snack expert deemed them gross and couldn’t make a dent in this tiny bag. During my months on Keto, I tried a Quest bar. It was *supposed* to be apple. It was like taffy and tar had a baby and sprinkled cinnamon on it.  The only thing worse than being on a low carb diet are snacks like these.  Why not just give me a paper cut and poor lemon juice on it?  I appreciate the inclusion of a low carb brand, but these are no bueno.

Snacksak May 2015

From the packaging to the wide variety in snacks, I felt like SnackSack was thoughtfully curated. I didn’t price out the snacks individually because many are difficult to find for individual purchase. What’s particularly great about this sub is that a lot of these snacks are low carb, paleo or gluten free and those snacks can be expensive and often not-so-tasty. SnackSack offers a way to try a whole bunch of items without purchasing a large expensive box of a single snack only to find out you hate the flavor or texture.

I received this box for free, but it retails for $23.   I feel like that’s a great price for what it includes and it’s definitely a box I will consider if I finally decide to jump back into a snack box subscription. My resident CSO thought this box had the most variety of any of the snack ones we’d tried and I concur with his assessment.

I’ve got some more great food boxes coming up for review including a Coffee Sub with a fun app and Hawaiian snacks, so be sure to come back and check it out.

Do you try to snack healthy? If so what is your favorite snack?

SnackSack delivers better tasting, originality, and higher nutritional value, once a month. We include a mixture of snacks that are organic or all-natural,non-GMO, vegan, fair-trade, or gluten-free.
Monthly Cost:
You can choose how many Snacksacks you get per month:
1 per month: $23 w/ Free Shipping
2 per month: $45.50 w/ Free Shipping
4 per month: $90 w/ Free Shipping
8 per month: $178 w/ Free Shipping
12 per month: $264 w/ Free Shipping

Prepayment offers a discount:
3 Month Prepay Discount: Save $1.50 on each SnackSack
6 Month Prepay Discount: Save $3.00 on each SnackSack

COUPON CODE: Use THERAPY10 to save 10% on your 1st purchase.

Exotic Noods: May 2015

Today, I’ve got another unusual new box for you. Exotic Noods is a subscription that sends you “the highest quality instant noodles” and they graciously sent me a box to review. They include “unique flavors and styles from around the world”. The cost is $20 per month including shipping, but discounts are available for prepaying multiple months.

I open the large cardboard box to reveal..
Open Box

Noodles! Lots of Noodles!

JjaJang Men Chajan Noodle
Servings Per Package: 2
Calories per serving: 293
Sodium per serving: 30% of your daily intake

Oriental Noodles
Oriental Noodles
Servings Per Package: 1
Calories per serving: 460
Sodium per serving: 100% of your daily intake

Japanese Ramen
Japanese Ramen
Servings Per Package: 1
Calories per serving: 350
Sodium per serving: 85% of your daily intake

Ramen bak ki
Ramen bok ki
Servings Per Package: 2
Calories per serving: 240
Sodium per serving: 28% of your daily intake

Full Box
Interesting & Fun, but not for me

Notably absent from this box was a card with a description of the products or serving/recipe suggestions. As a subscriber I always prefer some type of info card or brochure giving me a bit of insight into the products.

For the food itself – I adore noodles, but I’m not a big ramen/instant noodle eater because of the high sodium content. One of these noodle bowls clocked in at 100% of your daily sodium intake!  That being said, I know there are lots of people who love instant noodles and would like to try new varieties beyond the 49 cent cups from Walmart. I’m in the NYC metro area so I have tons of options for imported foods, but many people don’t.  So if you have a noodle obsession and no outlet for finding the unique stuff, this might be the right sub for you.

Exotic Noods sends “a curated selection of the highest quality instant noodles delivered to you.”

   Cost: The base subscription is $20/month with free shipping. Save on each delivery by pre-paying for 3 or 6 months.

 Featured products are only found at specialty markets and retail between $2 and $5 plus tax.  Each monthly delivery contains 4 exotic ramen products with bowls, coupons for our upcoming store, and serving suggestions.  Varied styles: udon and buckwheat soba noodles, curry and shio soups, fried tofu toppings, and more.

Bean Box: February 2015

I’ve got a treat for all you coffee addicts out there. The lovely folks at Bean Box graciously sent me a coffee sub box to review. It required me to procure a few items (like a coffee grinder) so it’s taken me a little longer to get a review up.

First a little about Bean Box. Subscribers will receive a monthly coffee fix straight from Coffee Nirvana (aka Seattle). You will receive fresh coffee beans (ready for grinding) for $20 a month (shipping is free in the US). You have the option of getting a surprise tasting featuring 4 unique specialty coffees or  a 12 oz bag of your choice of roasts.

In addition to the lovely packaging, the first thing I noticed was the awesome smell. The box seriously smelled like walking into a coffee house. For full disclosure, I’m not the type that starts every morning with cup of joe. I prefer a fancy pants espresso at the end of a meal, or a really specialty coffee for a treat, so I’m sort of a non-expert coffee snob. I don’t know a ton about coffee, but I really only like the good stuff. (If that makes sense).
Open Box Open Box 2

These bags all smelled amazing and I wasn’t sure where to start.

Drip Blend
Herkimer Coffee Drip Blend

(Retail: $11.50 -12-ounce bag, whole bean)
Description: Soft, refreshing light acidity with a clean finish. Hint of cherry with deeply caramelized sugar and chocolate. Velvet mouth feel and weight. Directly sourced from El Cedral and El Cielito in Honduras (900-1200m). Try this roast without milk or sugar. It brings its own.”
Verdict: Hit
I followed the directions and tried this without milk and sugar and it was lovely—smooth, and not at all strong with no bitterness at all. I think this is great option for that every day morning cup.

Kuma Coffee Nilson Lopez Colombia

(Retail: ???)
Description: With taste notes of drinking chocolate, marzipan, toffee, fig and pomegranate, we think of the Nilson Lopez microlot like a beautiful piece of layered cake. Everyone wants their dessert.”
Because of the dessert references I gave this one a splash of milk and a touch of cinnamon sugar. I definitely taste the toffee in it and I think it’s a great option to pair with a fabulous dessert. I also think it would make an amazing dessert drink on it’s own by adding some Amaretto, Bailey’s, or Frangelica. (I couldn’t find this exact brew on the Bean Box site so I wasn’t sure the price of a bag.)

Longshoreman’s Daughter Coffee Roaster Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

(Retail: $14.00 – 12-ounce bag, whole bean.)
Description: Very sweet, lively taste with hints of orange, ginger, berry, and mild chocolate. Round acidity, syrupy body. Sourced from Dama Co-op in Ethiopia.”
Verdict: Hit!
I thought this one had a bold taste and is the kind of coffee I’d reach for if I was trying to stay up late to finish a writing project. It has an energizing quality to it, without being too bitter or acidic.

Roaster's Choice
Lighthouse Roasters Roaster’s Choice

(Retail: $10.31 – 12-ounce bag, whole bean.)
Description: ”A full-bodied blend of Ethiopian, Sumatran and Latin high-grown Arabicas. Rich and complex, Roaster’s Choice touches the whole palate and stays clean. Our signature coffee. A bold roast with a real kick, but polished and refined like a gentleman.”
Verdict: Hit!
This one was definitely bold and as someone fond of espresso I really enjoyed it. I feel like it’s a perfect option when you’re really craving coffee. It’s like coffee on overload (if that makes sense).

All Coffees
I was super impressed with this box. I know people that spend a small fortune on coffee every month and it’s not half as good as what I received from Bean Box. Sometimes with roasted beans you can get this sort of burned aftertaste that ruins the coffee, but all of these were wonderful.  Not a single one were too acidic, too bitter or too weak.

For $20 a month and free shipping (if you are in the US), you get some really high quality coffee. You can choose to get a favorite each month or opt for new surprises. If you have a coffee lover in your life this would make an awesome gift. If I was a more regular coffee drinker I’d sign up in a heartbeat.

Have you tried a coffee or tea subscription? If so, what did you think?

Bean Box sends monthly coffee deliveries from Seattle’s premier coffee artists.
Experience the best coffee from the city known for its coffee obsession.

Cancel Any Time

Monthly Cost: $20 for your choice (FREE shipping in the US)

Box Options:
Expand your Palate:
(Whole bean coffee • 4 bags x 1.8 ounces each • 7.2 ounces total per box)

4 unique specialty coffees each month

   Seattle’s top-rated roasters

   Freshness guaranteed

   Tasting notes, roaster profiles, & brewing tips

Fill Your Morning Cup:
(Whole bean coffee • 1 bag x 12 ounces every month)

   Full bags of hand-picked specialty coffees

   Tailored to your unique tastes: light, medium, or dark

   Freshness guaranteed

   Tasting notes, roaster profiles, & brewing tips

You can also select the “Fill Your Morning Cup” option for every 2 weeks at the same price.

Urthbox Classic: February 2015

So today we’re taking a break from the beauty boxes to focus on food. Urthbox is a food subscription service that focuses “…on Non-GMO, Organic and All Natural” snacks including “Full-Size products from trustworthy brands perfect for your home, personal life or the office.”

The lovely folks at Urthbox sent me their Large “Classic” box to review for you all (for details on box options, pricing and a coupon code, jump down to the Backstory).

As soon as I opened the box I was immediately impressed with the quantity of items. There is a ton of product in this box and a lot of variety. I wasn’t familiar with most of the brands so it was fun to try these out. Most items had nutritional values on the packaging, but a few did not. It took me awhile to try out all the products for you guys, but I did it. (I’m all about the science you know).
Open Box

Purity Organic Watermelon Strawberryade
(Estimated Retail: $?)
Verdict: Love!
Because I tend to watch out for calories in my juice drinks, I don’t have them often. This was a lovely treat. It tastes fresh and like real fruit as opposed to artificial flavoring. The whole bottle (2 servings) is 120 calories so probably not something I’d drink that often. It’s currently out of stock on Amazon so I couldn’t give you a price for this one.

Trail BItes
Gourmet Nut Gourmet Trail Bites Mangoes and Cranberries
(Estimated Retail: $4.67)
Verdict: Love!
This were tasty and had a cool square shape for easy snacking. I think kids would love these and they would be great for picnics and trips.

Coconut Organics Cocobacon
(Estimated Retail: $6.00 for a 2 pack)
Verdict: No, absolutely no, in every language ever uttered in the history of ever
Now if you’re doing lowcarb you know that Coconut and Bacon are staples of the diet. I had my boyfriend try these first and his response was “they taste neither like bacon or coconut”. I got my courage up and I can only describe this as licking a shaker of “smoked” seasoning. Also those little coconut shards get stuck in your throat.

Crispy Green Crispy Fruit Cantaloupe

(Estimated Retail: $1.59 each)
Verdict: Like eating a rancid circus peanut
I love fruit so I thought I’d enjoy this but the freeze dried texture plus the fruit taste is just off putting. I’m not sure if any of the other fruit flavors would be better.

Chipotle Almonds
Nunes Farms Sweet Chipotle Almonds

(Estimated Retail: $2.08 each)
Verdict: Hit!
You can’t go wrong with Chipotle or Almonds.

Little Bread Hen Multigrain Flatbed Crackers

(Estimated Retail: $1.50 each)
Verdict: Nope
These had very little flavor.

Pork Rinds
Pork Clouds Fried Pork Skins Malabar Black Pepper

(Estimated Retail: $4.00)
Verdict: Miss
My boyfriend is the resident pork rinds expert and he deemed these “flavorless”.

Bakery on Main Gluten Free Granola Apple Raisin Walnut

(Estimated Retail: $1.25 each).”
Verdict: Hit!
Okay we all know gluten free stuff can sometimes be horrifying but this was absolutely delicious. I don’t have dietary restrictions and I’d gladly purchase this.

Cream Cheese
Copper Cowbell Cinnamon Cream Cheese

(Estimated Retail: $1.00 Each)
Verdict: Disappointing
I love cream cheese and cinnamon so I thought this would be a win, but it’s just not quite flavorful enough.

Bounce Natural Energy Ball Coconut & Macadamia Protein Bliss

(Estimated Retail: $2.16)
Verdict: Like
I thought these were a filling breakfast and tasted better than a lot of other protein type bars.

ThinkFruit Dried Fruit Snacks Pineapple Tidbits

(Estimated Retail: $1.41 each)
Verdict: Like
Dried fruit is always a good snack.

Cherry Cookie
Nothin But Granola Cookies Cherry Cranberry Almond

(Estimated Retail: $1.14).”
Verdict: Hit!
I love cherries and these were tasty.

Made Good Strawberry Organic Granola Minis

(Estimated Retail: $4.89 each)
Verdict: Hit!
Thankfully I like granola since we’ve gotten a lot of it in this box. These were tasty so no complaints.

Peanut Butter Cup
Unreal Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

(Estimated Retail: $1.50).”
Verdict: Opt for the Real Thing instead
These tasted like the imitation drug store peanut butter cups. Peanut butter cups should probably be a rare treat anyway so if you really want one, just spring for a Reese’s.

Oskri Crunchies Pecan & Raisins

(Estimated Retail: $1.50)
Verdict: Hit!
Pecans and raisins are always good

Purps Vita Home

This was a freebie so I’m not including it in the overall value.

Full Box

Most of the snacks were tasty and I love the variety of products. I couldn’t find a price on the fruit beverage and I had to do some creative calculating to estimate retail prices because some items are only available in multi-packs. Taking all that into consideration the total (excluding the drink) comes out to $52.07 which is at least a little more than the $49 pricetag.

What I really like about this box is that you get to try a lot of products you might not find otherwise and if you’re always trying to find healthy snacks for work (or kid’s lunches) it does the guess work for you. It also comes right to your house and saves you the time and effort of going the grocery or health food store. I’m definitely considering signing up for the “diet” box since healthy low cal snacks can be hard to come by and I love anything that helps me save time with grocery shopping.

Have you tried any healthy food boxes? What did you think?

UrthBox is the best way to discover healthy new foods, beverages, snacks and more for your home, the office or on-the-go every month. Enjoy up to 30 brand new full-sized products every month at up to $100 in retail value.

Cancel Any Time

Box Options:
Classic • Gluten-Free • Vegan • Diet

Monthly Cost: $9 For a Mini (4 – 5 Items)
$19 For a Small (8 – 10 Items)
$29 For a Medium (14 – 16 Items)
$49 For a Large (20 – 24 Items)
$199 For an Office Subscription (100+ Items – Serves 5 – 10 Employees)

Free Shipping to US; $6 International

There are also options for 3 Month and 6 Month Subscriptions.

Coupon Code: Use CRUNCHWEEK to get $10 off

Earn Points: Purchase more of what you love at member discounts. Plus earn big loyalty points for every purchase, redeemable at the UrthBox Shop.

Cancel Any Time

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