2017 Precious Moments Collectors’ Club

Okay so I’m going to be honest, I am not the target demographic for today’s subscription. The Precious Moments Collectors’ Club  is for folks that collect and love those little wide eyed Precious Moments statues that have graced the shelves of many beloved grandmothers.  I do, however, understand the love of collecting.  If I’d had a house before now, I’d probably have ginormous collections of all kinds of random stuff.  For me, there is an undeniable appeal in finding all the cool versions of something you love and building a pretty display for them. I’ve got a collection of antique brooches, nail polish, and cookbooks so who am I to cast stones if you adore little porcelain figures?  That’s why when the wonderful Precious Moments folks asked me to review their product, I decided to give it a shot.

So this subscription is a little different than most.  You pay $59.99 for the year and get a lovely package with free collectibles as a welcome gift.  Your membership includes perks such as a free quarterly subscription to MOMENTS magazine, free shipping on all your purchases for a year along, access to Members Only figurines along with other perks on the Precious Moments site.  For all the details, jump down to the Backstory.

So my lovely logoed box arrived and I was interested to see how it was packaged.

Sandwiched inside was another smaller box.

I opened it to uncover a little pouch with a cute collectible bracelet.

Beyond that is another little box with a plaque.

(This is like a nesting doll of collectibles!)

Finally the last layer reveals a cute “Live’s Always Greener With You by My Side” figurine that is the “2017 Symbol of Membership”.

Figurines aren’t my collectible of choice, but I must admit found that tiny little porcelain bunny, too adorable.

Verdict: If you’re a collector, this would be great for you.
If you collect these figures, this subscription would probably be a lot of fun for you and give you some nice discounts.  The $59.99 seems to be the cost of the welcome figurine, so if you love that little statue, everything else that comes with membership would just be a nice bonus.

Do you collect anything?
If so, what is it and would you join a subscription for it?

The Precious Moments Collectors’ Club offers special discounts and services to members that collect and purchase Precious Moments figurines.  A year long subscription purchase will entitle you to:
FREE Symbol of Membership Figurine – Life Is Always Greener With You By My Side
FREE Shipping On All Items Purchased at Preciousmoments.com for one full year!
FREE 4 Quarterly MOMENTS magazines
FREE Figurine & Doll Personalization for one full year!
FREE Members Bangle Bracelet and Precious Moments Plaque
TRIPLE Reward Points On ALL Purchases
EXCLUSIVE ability to purchase Members Only Figurines for one full year!

COST: $59.99 per year

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