Popsugar: March 2017 Must Have & the Summer LE Box!

So as we head toward Mother’s Day this weekend, I thought I’d feature one of my favorite subscriptions: Popsugar Must Have Box.  If you’ve been procrastinating on picking up a gift, a subscription box is your best friend.  You can check out my handy dandy new page of sub boxes listed by category and my easy reference page of coupon codes and special links for help with that last minute shopping.

First some news!
Popsugar just launched their Summer Limited Edition Box!
Summer Box
Summer Limited Edition Box!
Description: “Wishing everyday was a beach day? This box will set you up for an endless Summer of looking chic with must haves for the beach, heat-proof goodies, and more that will continue to make you daydream about your favorite outings at the shore.”
Quantities are limited, so don’t delay! Boxes will be shipped by May 26 via FedEx SmartPost.
Cost: $100.00
My budget is currently being spent trying to drag my house out of 1976, so I’ll be skipping.  Personally, I find it best to wait for at least a spoiler or two before committing to the Popsugar Limited Edition boxes.  If you know you like at least one or two of the items, it’s a lot easier to gamble a hundred books.

Now onto my box:

Open 1Open 2

Kate Spade New York New York Photo Album
(Suggested Retail: $20)
Description: “Start bringing past memories to life by printing and storing them in this Kate Spade photo album. The cute polka-dot design will liven up any coffee table, and you’ll love reminiscing over the content you create inside forever.”
Verdict: Gift
I adore Kate Spade (and no one start me on a rant about Coach buying them out) but I was disappointed with this.  I don’t think most people use these kind of albums much anymore.  They either go the digital route or have albums made.  It’s  a cute design though and I’m going to use this as part of a gift.

BagStephanie Johnson Camera Crossbody Bag
(Suggested Retail: $45)
Description: Protect all your favorite necessities in this adorable Stephanie Johnson crossbody bag. Whether you’re at the beach or the pool, the vinyl texture will help to keep everything inside dry, and the cool see-through finish is right on trend for 2017.”
At first I thought this would be too young and I’d pass it along to a kid, but it’s actually made very well and fits my camera perfectly.  It’s definitely bright, but it works great as a camera bag and I think it would be fun for the beach and water parks.

HighlighterThrive Causemetics Brilliant Eye Brightener™ in Stella
(Suggested Retail: $24.00)
Description: ”’ Thrive Causemetics’ cruelty-free, vegan highlighter lets you put your best face forward by giving you a long-lasting, luminous finish. From a company that is all about female empowerment, this handy eye brightener gives every woman a boost of confidence while also being perfect for those on the go.”
Verdict: Like
I couldn’t find this product for sale on its own on the Thrive site so I linked to the set where it’s available.  I think an eye brightener sounds like a great product as we move into warmer weather.  Dewy, luminous makeup looks are perfect for Spring and Summer.

Lunch BoxSunnylife, LLC® Eco Lunch Box Watermelon
(Suggested Retail: $18.00)
Description: ”Just looking at this Sunnylife watermelon lunch box makes your mouth water. Carry your favorite snacks or lunch in this dishwasher-safe model, which is perfect for enjoying outside in the sun.”
Verdict: Love!
I try to bring my lunch to work every day so I am always on the hunt for durable and adorable food storage and lunch boxes.  This is so cute and fun, it will definitely be going into my weekly rotation.

MarshmallowSmashMallow TM Cinnamon Churro
(Suggested Retail: $4.00)
Description: “Two of our favorite sweets — churros and marshmallows — come together to make the ultimate SmashMallow. This light but decadent treat will catapult you into Spring with its carnival-like feel and guilt-free appeal.”
Verdict: Sad Panda
I love marshmallows and cinnamon is my favorite spice so I was super excited to see these.  The taste was not good and the texture was grainy.  I so wanted them to be delicious and they just weren’t.

Velvet Eyewear® $25 Gift Card
Description: “Inspired by history, passion, a love of color, and a bit of rock, Velvet Eyewear sunglasses are just what you need this season. With this $25 gift card, you’re on your way to owning a brand-new, sleek pair of sexy specs.”
Verdict: Not really an extra!
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Giftcards that require you to spend more than the face value are not “special extras”.  They are just coupons.  Sunglasses on this site are beautiful and cost upwards of $195.  I’d have no problem if this was just included as a nice coupon offer, but calling it a “special extra” is a bunch of crap.  Sorry for the lack of a photo, since it wasn’t an actual item, I forgot!

Popsugar March 2017Verdict:
Now, I heard a lot of people complaining about this box and I can definitely see where they are coming for.  First the box value is a little low for Popsugar coming out at an estimated $111.00.  While that’s still more than the $39.95 cost, it’s not as much as a typical box.  On top of that this doesn’t feel like a March box at all. It seems more like it has a bit of a travel theme and seems like it should be something you receive in July.

For me, I still had boxes left on a fab deal I nabbed last year so I only paid $20.46.  I adored the lunch box and grew to love the overly cheerful crossbody bag.   I’ll use the brightener and gift the album so excluding the marshmallows and gift card everything will get used.

I’ve got lots more box reviews coming up including new sub boxes, old favorites and even a free one.
If you want sneak previews of the box contents, be sure to follow me on Instagram!

Popsugar is a women’s lifestyle subscription that delivers a monthly box of fun, full-size products hand-selected by Popsugar editors.

In addition to Popsugar’s monthly must have boxes, they have some seasonal special edition boxes that contain uber luxe items.  The price tag on these boxes is higher, but the products you receive are high end.

Popsugar Must Have Pricing:
Monthly – $39.95
3 Months – $109.85
6 Months – $214.70
12 Months – $404.40
Coupon Codes:  REFER5 = $5 off site wide
POPSUGAR10 = $10 off a 3 month subscription to Must Have

Popsugar: July 2016 + A September Spoiler & a Giveaway!

It’s Popsugar time and today I’ve got my review of their July Box, a Spoiler for September plus my Giveaway to win your very own July Orglamix Glam Box.  Check out my Orlgamix Review to score yourself an awesome box of natural vegan beauty products.

First let’s start with a spoiler:
September 2016 Popsugar Must Have 2016 Spoiler
Jack and Lucy Bi-coastal Hat
This reminds me a lot of the hat Rachel Zoe sent out last year.  I’ll have to compare the two when my September box arrives.

Now let’s get to the
June Must Have Box
open-box-1 open-box-2

Sachajuan Hair in the Sun

(Suggested Retail: $32)
Description: “Keep your hair color vibrant during long days in the sun with this UV-filter formula which owont’ wash out in the pool or ocean.  It’ll protect your strands from damaging UV rays until you shampoo it off.”
Verdict: On the Fence
I think this is an intriguing idea and Sachajuan is a great brand, but for me I don’t feel like the sun damages my hair, I actually think it improves it a bit.  It makes my red a bit brighter and more fiery (my skin, on the other hand, needs 18 layers of SPF 100).  Maybe this is for color-treated hair?  I’m not really sure.

House of Pom Emoji Cocktail Napkins

(Suggested Retail: $25.00)
Description: ”Our exclusive cocktail napkins, designed with House of Pom, capture trhe Summer experience in a language everyone can speak – emoji!  Serving up icy-cold drinks has never bee so #instagrammable.”
These aren’t my style but I do like the idea of an embroidered cocktail napkin.  I’m going to gift these to a friend.

Michael Stars Porcelain Skinny Scarf in White

(Suggested Retail: $30.00)
Description: ”Say “goodbye” to the statement necklace and “hello” to your latest it-accessory: the skinny scarf.  Dress it up or down by wrapping, knotting, or simply draping it atop your favorite Summer ensembles – or stepping up your headband game!”
Verdict: Okay
Am I just fashionably challenged, or is a skinny scarf pointless in the summer?  A bigger scarf you can turn into a shawl if the air conditioning gets too high, but a skinny scarf is just going to make you hotter in the sun and not actually do anything to keep you warmer when the AC is turned up.  I’m just going to reserve this for Fall.

Pintrill Pineapple Pin
(Suggested Retail: $12.00)
Description: “What better way to pin your skinny scarf into place that with a cute pin?  Our editors are obsessed with pins and pineapples lately, and this adorable bauble is the perfect way to steal the trend for yourself!.”
Verdict: Umm…Did we go back to middle school?
So for some reason I can’t find my picture of the pin, but this is a tiny tiny pin – like dime sized.  I actually love brooches and think they are highly under-utilized in modern fashion, but this is like a pin you get free for participating in a middle school spelling bee.  I totally don’t get this.

Sunnylife Inflatable Swan Drink Holder
(Suggested Retail: $18.00)
Description: “We can’t all have a butler deliver chilled drinks by the pool, but we can have the next best thing: a swan.  Float up to four beverages with this playful blow-up toy, so you never have to leave the water!  No pool? No problem – the swan is just as much fun and functional on any table.”
Verdict: Not for a duckling
I don’t have a pool nor do I go to the pool or beach regularly. (Who am I kidding I don’t even have a dishwasher or an oven with a door that stays shut.)  And what is the point of putting this on a table with drinks in it?  Why do I want to make it that much harder to drink a beer?  This is clearly suited for someone with a better life than mine.  I guess I’m just a duckling in a world of swans.  In any case, my friend has a pool and the giant inflatable “Mommy” Swan so she can have a matching baby swan to carry booze.

European Wax Center – Oh My Brow! Brow Highlighter in Pearl

(Suggested Retail: $19.00)
Description: “This highlighting illuminator is a jack-of-of-all-trades for your beauty bag—you can instantly life your brows by blending it along your brow bone, widen eyes by applying it on your inner corners, add glow to your cheekbones or add a romantic touch to your lips by dabbing above your cupid’s bow..”
Verdict: Like
I didn’t swatch this because I currently have a bunch of brow products in my box and I’d like to finish some before I open up a new one. Illuminators can be a subtle way to add a nice glow to your complexion. I haven’t tried this brand before so it will be fun to experiment with a new product.

Joe Chips Classic Sea Salt Retro Potato Chips

(Suggested retail value: $1.49)
Description: “Just like the truck in the logo, these kettle chips are an all-American classic.  Get the old-school crunch you carve as you enjoy your lunch (or afternoon snack!) In style.”
I tend to give snacks to my boyfriend so he can feel like he too participates in these boxes.  I asked if these chips tasted “retro”.  He said they didn’t, but were still good.


Trove Gift Card
“Treat yourself to Tove’s on-trend customizable jewelry with a special gift of $20 – there’s something for everyone in this chic collection!”
As usual, I don’t consider gift cards that require you to spend extra money to use as actual box items.

Verdict: Not for me
This box cost me $42.75 and the only items that really suited me were the brow highlighter and the $1.49 bag of chips.  This box felt a lot younger and less sophisticated than others I’ve received from Popsugar and the choices seemed oddly specific.  Like how many people really have use for a beverage pool float?  Sure, you can give it to someone else, but most folks actually want the items to use for themselves.  And their suggestion of using it on a table is stupid unless you are a small child or in college.  Supposedly the retail value on this was $137.49, but I’m just not seeing it.  I’m hoping my Fall boxes (including the Limited Edition box) make up for this lackluster summer one.

Be sure to come back for more Popsugar reviews including the Fall Limited Edition box.

What did you think of this July box?  Was I too hard on Popsugar?


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Orglamix July 2016
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Popsugar is a women’s lifestyle subscription that delivers a monthly box of fun, full-size products hand-selected by Popsugar editors.

In addition to Popsugar’s monthly must have boxes, they have some seasonal special edition boxes that contain uber luxe items.  The price tag on these boxes is higher, but the products you receive are high end.

Popsugar Mini Pricing:
(Features 2 Full Size Items)
Monthly – $18.95

Popsugar Must Have Pricing:
Monthly – $39.95
3 Months – $109.85
6 Months – $214.70
12 Months – $404.40

Coupon Codes:  REFER5 = $5 off site wide
POPSUGAR10 = $10 off a 3 month subscription to Must Have


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