Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box – December 2013 Box – The legend continues

No, you are not having déjà vu.  I already reviewed a December 2013 Jennifer Love Hewitt box.  Another one magically appeared at my doorstep yesterday.  I was quite surprised, but I figured since the last one was the “Welcome Box” not the real December travel themed box other folks received, I was probably just getting back on schedule.  Cue my surprise when I opened the box to find yet another version.  I’m going to just jump into the items and then we can discuss my odd saga with the Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box.


Katie Dean Bad to the Bone Bracelet(Fancy Retail: $18.00)
Verdict:  Epic Miss
You might find that déjà vu feeling getting stronger.  It’s probably because this same cheap bracelet was sent in the last box.  I hated it then and I hate it even more now.

Steep Up to the Plate Teabag Rest:((Fancy Retail:$10.00)
Verdict:  Total Miss
Still feeling like you’ve seen and done this all before?  You have.  This teabag rest was in the November box.  I had it in my “gift” pile since I’m not a tea drinker and I still haven’t found anyone to give it to yet.  Now I have a matching set.  Joy.

Camera Lens Mug:
(Fancy Retail: $15.00;Amazon Retail: $10.69)
This is an insulated mug that looks like a camera lens.  I think this item has a very specific audience and I’m not sure I see a “Jennifer Love Hewitt” connection.  Thankfully, there is a person on my Christmas list who would enjoy and use this.

Jewelry RollOpen Roll
Ted Baker Jewelry Roll
(Fancy Retail:$40.00)
Verdict:  Hit!
I saved the best for last, since this is the one item that made this box at least a little worthwhile for me.  It’s a floral print jewelry roll that you can use for travel.  It’s compact, well made and useful for any woman you know who wears jewelry and likes to travel.  It’s also an item I can actually see fitting in with the Jennifer Love Hewitt aesthetic that this box is supposed to have.  I wouldn’t have paid $40 for it, but it’s a nice piece to have.

Full Box

Before we even get to the dollars and cents we have a lot to discuss.  For those who aren’t regular readers, you can read about the start of this fiasco in my last Jennifer Love Hewitt box review.  So after I received the “Welcome box” instead of the regular December box, I contacted Fancy Customer service.  My big concern was for my next box, since I wanted to be assured I would receive the current box and not repeats.  I was assured that after the Welcome box I would be receiving the regular up to date subscription boxes.  Instead, this is what showed up at my door.

I’ve already sent Fancy customer service another email, and am awaiting a response.  Beyond that I have no idea what’s going on.  This isn’t the Welcome box, the regular December box and if it’s the January box then there are going to be a lot of angry subscribers because half this box is stuff they’ve most likely received.

Now, I had some money left on a Fancy gift card and with the coupon code I was charged $25.30 against my balance.  According to my calculations this box has a Fancy retail of $83.00  and (with the lower Amazon price on the mug) a regular retail of $78.69.   The only worthwhile item in here for me is the jewelry roll but I probably wouldn’t have purchased it at this time since I currently don’t have travel plans and I already have a jewelry travel case.

 I would say though that if you are considering the Jennifer Love Hewitt subscription, you hold off until they fix some of these issues.  If you want to try Fancy I’d recommend trying out the Cocha Rocha instead as that appears to be a similar aesthetic and seems far more consistent based on the reviews I’ve seen.  From what I can tell these issues with the Jennifer Love Hewitt box seem to be for recent newer subscribers or re-subscribers. If you’ve been subscribed for awhile with no interruption, you probably won’t be getting all these weird boxes.

If you get the Jennifer Love Hewitt box I’d love to hear your experience and thoughts.  If you receive any other celebrity curated Fancy boxes I’d love to know if you had any similar issues.


Fancy Box is a monthly subscription service that curates items that are popular on the Fancy website.  There are a few different subscription options.  They all cost $39 plus shipping (an additional $7.95).

#1 –Fancy box (Original)
This box features a collection of some of the most fancy’d items, curated by the fancy community. Each box includes $80.00+ of products in the categories of your choice.
The categories you can choose from include: Men’s, Women’s, Kid’s, Home, Gadgets & Media.  It also lets you customize your Tshirt size and your cell phone type.

#2 Fancy Food Box
Each Fancy Food Box includes five or more food products – anything from cookies and chocolates to teas and sauces – along with a selection of tasty recipes and pairing suggestions.

#3 Celebrity Curated Fancy Box
There are seven celebrity curated boxes to choose from.  Each box includes $80.00+ of products.  Most boxes are geared toward men or women though they do include unisex items.

They include:

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