Popsugar: Fall Limited Edition Box + A new LE Box & the November theme!

It’s been quite a while since I reviewed a Popsugar Limited Edition box.  After a super disappointing $250 Popsugar Neiman Marcus box in 2014 and then a disastrous 2015 CFDA box I decided to only order LE boxes if the spoiler made the box worth it.  Now Popsugar has it’s latest Neiman Marcus box up for sale:
Description: “We’ve created the ultimate box just in time for the holidays. Co-curated by Lisa Sugar and Neiman Marcus Fashion Director Ken Downing, they’ve chosen the perfect mix of luxe surprises ready to gift to loved ones or to yourself — you deserve it!”
Boxes will ship by Dec. 5 via FedEx Smartpost.
Price: $250.00
Unless a spoiler pops up that makes this totally worth it for you, I don’t recommend risking it.  This is a lot of money and so far Popsugar’s really pricey boxes (the over $100 range) just haven’t been worth it.

I also have some spoilers for the Popsugar November Must Have Box:
Sounds like this box is about entertaining!  I’m very excited!

Now to the main event.
Fall 2016 Limited Edition Box

Buji Baja – With Love from Eurostar – Lavender Rib Scarf

(Suggested Retail: $70)
Description: “Super soft and oh-so-chic, this cozy wrap takes the blanket-scarf trend a step beyond.  Perfect for snuggling up in style as you speed to London or Paris with Eurostar.”
Verdict: Like
Scarves are an obvious choice but this one is super soft, warm and a really pretty shade.  This color will look great paired with grey or charcoal.

keychain keychain-tag
Jack & Lucy Faux Fur Pom Keychain
(Suggested Retail: $41.00)
Description: ”Our editors have been coveting these faux-fur poms for months and can’t get enough!  Use this chic burgundy option as a fun bag accessory, a stylish keychain, or even a playful addition to your belt loop.”
Requires the abuse of “air quotes”
Oh friends, I just can’t..even..with this.  Okay, first of all, who the fuck are Jack and Lucy?  Does this brand exist anywhere besides Popsugar, because there is no website listed and when you google all that shows up are Popsugar products up for resale.  Now if this is a Popsugar made brand, then the “suggested retail” price is complete crap.  (Although you may have already figured that out by the fact that this ridiculous “faux-fur” pom pom from a brand you’ve never heard of, that is “made in china”, costs $41.)  Putting aside the shadiness, this “keychain” is stupid.  It is ginormous.  I don’t know whose life allows them to have a furry keychain bigger than size of a cue ball attached to their keys, but I haven’t met them.  Even when I was a teenager I couldn’t use something like this.  This is a $100 limited edition box.  I expect to see real brands.  High end brands.  Good shit.  Not bargain basement, immature junk that shouldn’t cost more than $5.

Sloane Stationery – Great Thoughts Notepad

(Suggested Retail: $52.00)
Description: ”Jot down your most ingenious ideas on this trendy, rose-gold-embossed note block which is produced using the traditional craft of bookbinding while also allowing you to embrace your own sense of style.”
Verdict: We’ve totally never seen this before.
It’s a notebook!  A $52 dollar notebook!  Sure it’s a nice notebook, but how many of these do we get in sub boxes?  This doesn’t scream out Fall either.  On the bright side, it’s not a giant piece of useless fur from China, so you know it’s got that going for it.

Caeden Linea No1 Faceted Ceramic & Rose Gold Headphones
(Suggested Retail: $149.99)
Description: “”
Verdict: Love!
This was the spoiler Popsugar released that compelled me to order this box.  Thankfully I love these.  They are gorgeous and super comfortable.  This is the type of item I expect in a Limited Edition box: pretty, practical and high end.

Lancer Skincare Dani Glowing Skin Perfector
(Suggested Retail: $95.00)
Description: “Simultaneously enhance yoru skin’s natural radiance, blur pore visibility, a nd boost yoru skin’s firmness in one smooth step thanks to this lightweight cream. Its youth-buliding properties create a dewy glow that lasts throughout the day, so you’ll appear wlit from within rom morning until night.”
Verdict: Hit!
This is a pricey brand and the product sounds intriguing to me.  This fits in with what I expect from a Limited Edition box, so we’ll take this product as a win.

Thrive Causemetics Triple Threat Color Stick in “Joy”

(Suggested Retail: $36.00)
Description: “They don’t call it ‘Triple Threat’ for nothing – this handy stick (complete with a built-in brush for blending and sculpting) brings out intense color for your cheeks and lips. Age-defying vitamin C and other natural ingredients serve to brighten and hydrate, so your skin will thank you.”
Verdict: Apparently my skin is “Joy” colored
“Intense Color” – I do not think it means what you think it means.  When I first opened this I was super excited.  Until I swatched it and it justdisappeared into my skin.  I’ve tried using a ton of it, blending it with the brush, my fingers, but it just doesn’t show up – not even in a soft shimmer sort of way.  It honestly doesn’t take much for “color” to show up on my pale skin, so I don’t know who this is supposed to work for.  The brush is really nice though so I may end up using that side on some other cream blush products.

Because I loved the headphones which are the big ticket item, this box was technically worth it (which puts it ahead of some previous LE Popsugar boxes).  The “estimated retail value” is $443.99, but that includes a $41 dollar keychain, so I’m going to say that those prices are at least a little inflated.  I paid $107 ($100 plus tax) and I’ll use most of the items, but overall the curation on this wasn’t strong.  The Jack & Lucy brand doesn’t belong in a pricey LE box and the notepad and scarf were pretty boring choices, plus I can’t figure out how to get the colorstick to actually put color on my face.  It seems like this special box just isn’t all that special.

Who knows though, maybe I am just super picky or jaded on sub boxes.
What did you think of this box?
Was this what you’d expect in a $100 Fall Limited Edition Box?

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