Rachel Zoe Box of Style: Summer 2017

To kick off the beginning of summer, I’ve got my favorite sub box – Rachel Zoe Box of Style. This is a quarterly subscription that features high end brands and will set you back $100 for your seasonal fix.

Note from Rachel Zoe: “More than just a season, summer is a state of mind. For this Box of Style edition, my team and I wanted to bring that wanderlust the warm months evoke in all of us to life..”

The Sheer Perfection

Helena Quinn Kimono: (Estimated Retail: $120.00)
Description: “Versatility is the key to a polished closet.  From the beach to the stree, this muted floral stunner pulls together any ensemble—instant chic.”
Rachel’s Styling Ideas: “Stow in your beach or work bag for an effortless throw-on-and-go daytime option.  Layer over a crisp blouse and trousers for an elevated evening look.”
Verdict: There’s nothing that gets me looking forward to summer more than getting clothes I can’t fit into.
Why Rachel?  Why have you forsaken me?  We’ve gotten clothing items in the past but they were over-sized enough that they could fit a very large variety of women.  This is not very big and it has a belt so it just looks odd if it doesn’t fit you properly. It’s so beautiful and I’m epically sad that I can’t fit into it.  I’m so disappointed because there are so many fashion things that larger size women miss out on.  This box was something that even plus size women could enjoy. Now, not so much.  Rachel Zoe also has added in a customization option and this is an “exclusive collaboration” so there’s no excuse why they couldn’t include clothing with sizing options. Rachel’s going to have to score a lot of points in this box to win me over.

The Ace of Shades

Rael Durante Sunglasses Tortoise Shell (
Estimated Retail: $150.00)
Description: “There’s no such thing as too many sunnies, and this modern twist on a timeless style completes any look, causal or glam.”
Rachel’s Reasons to Love: “Classic wear-with-anything hues makes for easy accessorizing.  The updated cat-eye complements a variety of face shapes.”
Verdict: Love!
Cat eye glasses are my favorite shape and we were able to choose between black or tortoise shell.  I find tortoise shell complements my hair and pale skin better so I opted for that shade.  They are fun, classic and complimentary to a lot of face shapes.  A great choice.

The Wish You Were Here

The Brave Collection – Compass Necklace
(Estimated Retail: $115.00)
Description: “Summer is synonymous with travel, and this handmade necklace is a chic symbol of those sweet escapes we look forward to all year long.”
Style with Purpose: “This piece is handmade by fair-trade artisans in Cambodia, and 10% of profits are donated toward the fight against human trafficking.”
Verdict: Love!
Delicate gold jewelry is perfect for summer. I adore unique pieces and this one also donates profits to a worthy cause so that makes it even lovelier.  I have a silver talisman necklace that reads “courage without fear” that I wear regularly and this piece has a very similar feel, so excited to add it to my collection.

The Out of Office

Sole Society Straw Panama Hat: (Estimated Retail: $27.00)
Description: “A wide-brimmed hat is one of the most glamourous ways to protect your face from the sun, and this playful iteration adds a bit of splash to any outfit.”
Rachel’s Styling Hacks: “Tie on a scarf underneath for a snug-wind-proof fit.  Pack upside down and stuff crown with clothing to save space and maintain shape when traveling.
Verdict: Cheap Looking
Maybe this is just me but I think the pompoms on this hat really make it look cheap.  I love hats and collect them, but this one just seems like something you could find at a low end accessory store.  I like the idea of including a sunhat, I just don’t care for the one they chose.

The Jet Set

Beautycounter “Color Pinch” Cream Blusher in Hibiscus:
(Estimated Retail: $37.00)

Protect Stick Sunscreen:
(Estimated Retail: $18.00)
Description: “A bright cream blush and a fresh, breathable sunscreen are summer’s dynamic beauty duo and the ultimate way to bring out your natural glow.”
Rachel’s Reasons to Love: “Clean, good-for-you ingredients—totally paraben and silicone-free.  Double-duty color: Dab Cream Blusher on cheeks and lips for a subtle pop.  No streaks—safer, mineral sunscreen goes on clear.”
I love cream blushes and this one looks perfect for summer.  (How could something called Hibiscus not be?) I didn’t swatch it yet since I’m still working through some other makeup first.  I’m always on the lookout for new sunscreen products because the sun is my mortal enemy.  Currently, I don’t have a solid stick product so I’m happy to try this one out.


This is why doves cry.
Let’s start with the good stuff.  The box fit the summer theme perfectly and the estimated retail value was a whopping $467.  I thought the blush, sunscreen, glasses and necklace were all on point, and I will enjoy using those items.  Unfortunately, Rachel Zoe opted to include a piece of clothing with a value of $150 that could be a potential fit issue for a lot of customers, and was for me.  That’s a huge amount to deduct from the box.  So for a plus size lady your box value automatically falls down to a $317 before you even start looking at the products. As for the hat, it’s not the quality I expect from a $100 box or from Rachel Zoe.  It’s more suited to a discount store in the mall.  It didn’t scream out luxury.

I’ve always felt Box of Style was very thoughtfully curated to work for women of all shapes, sizes and ages, but this box clearly wasn’t put together with that idea in mind.  Even though I do like the majority of the items, the kimono was so disappointing that it ruined the whole experience for me.  As a pricier sub I expect better.

How do you feel about sized clothing in sub boxes?
Are they just part of the sub box gamble or do you think they are unfair to subscribers?

Box of Style has Fashion, beauty and lifestyle items you’ll be obsessed with!   Over $300 worth of product in every box.

   Box of Style ships 4 times per year—March, July, September & December

   Membership renews each quarter

Seasonal Membership:
$100.00 / 4x year
Annual Membership: $350.00 / year
Free shipping!

Seasonal membership:  Cancel any time (after the shipment of your first purchased Box of Style)
Annual Membership: Renews each year (membership is not cancellable during the year)

COUPON CODE: Use code BOXOFSTYLE25 for 25% off your first purchase at Rachel Zoe’s shop.
(Valid through September 15, 2017)

Rachel Zoe Box of Style: Spring 2017 + $20 Off!!

To offset the inexorable sadness that is Monday, I’ve got my favorite sub box to review – Rachel Zoe Box of Style This is a quarterly subscription that features high end brands.  Right now through May 1, 2017, there is a great promotion going on for $20 off your subscription.  Just use code SPRING20!

Note from Rachel Zoe: “For this editions’ box my team and I really focused on highlighting incredible female-founded brands.  I couldn’t think of a better season to bring to life our mission o empowering women by living a life in style.”

I am really psyched about this box’s theme as I love to support female founded brands and companies.  In this current political climate, we all need to look out and help each other as much as possible.

In addition to our fancy black box, we got an awesome extra.

Stella Artois Buy a Lady a Drink Limited Edition Chalice
: (
Estimated Retail: $13.00)
Description: “663 million people around the world lack access to safe water.  This crisis disproportionately affects women, who spend millions of hours a day collecting water for their families.  Stella Artois and water.org have partnered together to give them that time back.  Every limited edition Chalices old helps provide 5 years of clean water for 1 person in the developing world.  Leave your mark at BuyALadyADrink.com. ”
Verdict: Beautiful on the Inside & Outside
These chalices have beautiful artwork designed by artists from Brazil, Cambodia and Uganda.  (I believe mine is from Brazil).  They are not only lovely to look at, but they help bring clean water to people that desperately need it. A win for everyone.


The Weekend Warrior: Tribe Alive Custom Carryall: (
Estimated Retail: $238.00)
Description: “Tribe Alive was founded by Carly Burson to utilize her passion for fashion as a platform to help alleviate poverty among women around the world. Our partnership employed over 150 Indian Artisans in three cities.  As a working mom on-the-go I live for a chic-=yet-functional carryall.  Handmade by female artisans, this is truly a bag with a purpose, making it even more major to carry.”
Rachel’s “How To Wear”: “Pair with casual separates to look pulled together when running errands.  Add a pop of print to your office look or elevate your workout ensemble.”
Verdict: Hit!
This is an exclusive collaboration that happens to match exactly to a clutch sent out by Popsugar, so now I have an adorable set.  I love handmade items and the fact that  this helped give women a way out of poverty and a job they could be proud of, makes this bag even better.  The only downside is that from the spoiler pics, I thought it would be a bigger tote, but to me it’s more purse size than tote bag (if that makes sense).

The Totally Adornable: Adornmonde Ivo Earrings – Silver
(Estimated Retail: $62.00)
Description: “Adornmonde was founded by Niki Allworth with the simple purpose to design beautiful, limited edition jewelry.  Bold earrings are an effortless way to upgrade any ensemble.  This modern take on a classic hoops I sculptural and unexpected.”
Rachel’s Styling Ideas: “Wear the bars alone for day then add the hoop to elevate your look for evening. Embrace the edgy asymmetrical trend by wearing the bar on one ear and the hoop on the other.”
Verdict: Hit!
I love that we were able to select whether we wanted gold or silver.  I already own some gold hoops, so I opted for the silver, but I would have been happy with either.  The transformer-esque quality to this earring, lets you have different looks – from edgy to classic. I wouldn’t have normally chose this style, but it’s part of why I love this sub.  It lets me try new styles I might otherwise shy away from.

The Tied & True: Symbology Scarf:
(Estimated Retail: $50.00)
Description: “Symbology was founded by Marissa Heyl after a trip to India inspired her to combine her lifelong passion for design with women’s rights.  A bold scarf is one of the most versatile accessories a woman can own. This handcrafter exclusive can be styled so many different ways and instantly adds a personal flavor to any outfit.”
Rachel’s Accessories Inspo: “Add French flair by wearing loosely around your neck.  Tie on a handbag strap for a playful splash of color or on your wrist to replace your favorite cuff.”
February 15, 2017)
Verdict: Like
This is another exclusive collaboration.  The scarf is very pretty and can give both a professional and global chic vibe.  The little card inside says that the “peacock feather scarf symbolizes integrity and beauty” and was printed in Sanganer India.
Coupon Code: Take 15% off with code BOXOFSTYLE

The Skin Savior: Tatcha Polished Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder:
(Estimated Retail: $65.00)
Description: “Tatcha was founded by Victoria Tsai and inspired by Geisha beauty rituals and their mantra that less is more.  As we move into spring, reviving tired winter skin is a must, and it all starts with a great exfoliator.  Gentle on skin this powder is my first step to a healthy glow.”
Rachel’s Beauty How-To: “Use it in the morning followed by your go-to sunscreen and at night with your favorite moisturizer.”
I’m all about exfoliators and Tatcha is a brand I’ve heard good things about.  I’m excited to incorporate this into my skincare routine.  I’ve been hoardingfancy pants products to turn my new bathroom into a spa and this is going into the collection.

The Haute Hydrator: BRK Glass & Silicone Water Bottle:
(Estimated Retail: $35.00)
Description: “WBKR was founded by friends Tal Winter and Kate Cutler as an antidote to cheap plastic bottles, and the key to skin that glows from the inside.  With a renewed focus on wellness, staying hydrated is key to looking and feeling your best.  This sleek design is one you’ll actually want to tote around, making it even easier to get your daily dose of H20.”
Rachel’s Reasons to Love: “Be Green! Resolve to reduce wasteful plastic water bottles by using this refillable style.  Skincare starts from within—hydrate often for reduced wrinkles, shinier hair and nails and a more even, radiant skin tone.”
Verdict: Like!
I know, I know I usually hate water bottles because I have eleventymillion of them but this one is so lovely that I’m making an exception.  I’m also trying to force myself to drink more water (and less Coke Zero) so this will help the cause.

The Sweet Treat: Butter London Nail Polish “Piece of Cake(Estimated Retail: $18.00)
Description: “Butter London was founded by entrepreneur, Sasha Muir with the help of premier fashion manicurist Nonie Crème as the first healthy nail lacquer.  A sleek mani is the ultimate finishing touch to any look and ‘Piece of Cake’ is sheer perfection – a fresh twist on bold neutrals.”
Rachel’s Beauty Tips: “Layer over a white polish to make the pale pink really pop.  Keep layers thin and let them dry for a t least a minute in between to avoid smudging.”
One of the things I love about this sub, is that Rachel manages to choose items that can appeal to women of all ages.  This shade would look lovely on a Co-ed or a grandmother, on someone with light skin or dark.  It works for so many different subscribers.


This may be one of my favorite of Rachel’s boxes.  First, I loved the theme and that many items helped support women and causes in developing countries.  From a fashion standpoint, this included some fun exclusive collaborations and I will use and enjoy every single thing in the box.  Including the chalice, the value on this box was a whopping $481.  That’s a huge return on a $100 investment.  Everything included was wonderful quality and I can see the pieces lasting for quite some time.  A great start for 2017.

What did you think of Rachel’s Spring Box?

Box of Style has Fashion, beauty and lifestyle items you’ll be obsessed with!   Over $300 worth of product in every box.

   Box of Style ships 4 times per year—March, July, September & December

   Membership renews each quarter

LIMITED TIME COUPON CODE!!! Now through May 1, 2017 – Save $20 Off with code SPRING20
save $10 off!
Seasonal Membership:
$100.00 / 4x year
Annual Membership: $350.00 / year
Free shipping!

Seasonal membership:  Cancel any time (after the shipment of your first purchased Box of Style)
Annual Membership: Renews each year (membership is not cancellable during the year)



Top 16 Sub Box Items of 2016

Since I finally wrapped up my 2016 posts, it’s time for me to pick my favorite 16 items from all of my 2016 Sub boxes.  With so many different boxes and cool items, it was hard to narrow it down.  They are simply in chronological order.

Popsugar Must Have: January 2016
Blue Sky Day Designer Weekly Planner (Suggested Retail: $15.99 (now reduced))
I loved this planner and was so bummed that I couldn’t find the exact same one for 2017.  They need to keep making it!

Rachel Zoe Box of Style: Spring 2016

Earbuds 2 Ear Buds
LSTN Sound Co. Wembley Earbuds (Retail: $99.00)
These are adorable and so comfortable.  I wore them so much they kind of started falling apart.  But even though they look a bit worse for the wear, they still sound great!

Julep Maven: March 2016 – The Lighten Up Collection

Trudy: (Retail $14.00/Maven Price: $11.20)
I love this color so much, that I’m painting my kitchen cabinets a similar shade.

Popsugar: March 2016
On Wrist

Nanette Lepore Classic Rose Gold Watch (Suggested Retail: $55.00)
Loved the color combination of pale strap, rose gold and white lock face. It’s elegant and chic.

Popsugar: April 2016

Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat  (Suggested Retail: $17.99)
I love to cook and this book had some amazing recipes.

Orglamix Glam Box: May 2016
Necklace & Oil

Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace
(Estimated Retail: $26.00)
A cool way to wear perfume + a scent I could wear without getting a headache?
It was like a miracle.

Orglamix Glam Box: June 2016

Perfume Palette – Fresh picked fruit (Estimated Retail: $21.00)
Solid perfumes don’t get nearly enough play.  They are great to keep in your bag and this one had 3 different scents that were all delicious and fun to layer.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style: Summer 2016

DreamDry The Dream Turban (Retail: $30.00)
I use this almost every day.  They need to start making them in white.

Orglamix Glam Box: September 2016 Moroccan Hammam
Moroccan Rose mineral lip + cheek tint (Estimated Retail: $18.00)
This shade was so lovely with just the right amount of shimmer, that I found myself reaching for it over and over again.

Popsugar: Fall Limited Edition Box

Caeden Linea No1 Faceted Ceramic & Rose Gold Headphones (Suggested Retail: $149.99)
These headphones are gorgeous and super comfortable.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style: Fall 2016
bracelet on-wrist
The Eye-Catcher: Rachel Zoe Tassel Bracelet: (Estimated Retail: $95.00)
This bracelet is great for layering or dressing up or down.  I found myself reaching for this all during the week as it paired perfectly with all my work outfits.

Popsugar: October Must Have Box
Morning Culture Rise & Shine Diner Mug (Suggested Retail: $16.00)
I love diner style mugs and grabbed another of these at a huge discount during a Popsugar boutique sale.

Julep Maven: October 2016: Dark & Stormy Nights!

(Retail $14.00/Maven Price: $11.20)
This lets you turn any polish into one with some holo sparkle!

bracelet-wrist bracelet-front
Kendra Scott Elaina Rose Gold Bracelet in White Pearl
(Suggested Retail: $50)
I love the design on this – gorgeous rose gold + a versatile white stone and a unique clasp.  A winner.

Pehr Chambray Runner Wine
(Suggested Retail: $44.00)
I love home items and this is going to look perfect in my new house.

Popsugar: December 2016 Must Have Box
Odeme Catchall & Ring Dish
(Suggested Retail: $67)
Love the versatility of design here.  You can use this in so many ways.

Most Consistent:
Orglamix Glam Box.
They always had something surprising and stuck really well the box theme and what I feel their subscriber is expecting.
Best Value: Rachel Zoe Box of Style.
$100 is steep but the quality of items and their value is usually 4 times that.  They include luxury brands and a lot of exclusive items.
My 2016 Favorite: Popsugar Must Have
I really love the lifestyle items that Popsugar offers.  You get your beauty fix, plus great home finds and cute surprises.
It’s also important to note that Popsugar’s customer service has greatly improved and they’ve started offering their long-time customers more promotions.

What was your favorite sub box item or sub box of 2016?

Rachel Zoe Box of Style: Winter 2016, Spring Spoilers + $10 Off

Rachel Zoe Box of Style has been my favorite subscription, but I had a few hiccups with my Winter 2016 box. Before I get into all that jazz, I’ve got an awesome Spring spoiler, plus $10 off if you use code SUBTHERAPYSP10 .


Rachel Zoe “teamed up with Tribe Alive, a fair-trade accessory label that supports independent artisans in developing countries, to create a striking and versatile handbag perfect for festival season. Valued at $200, the black and white carryall is made of foot-loomed fabric and cognac brown leather and produced on a small-batch scale to ensure the highest quality.”

Their “partnership with Tribe Alive yielded a beautiful handbag while providing five months of employment for more than 150 Indian artisan partners in three cities. From the weavers in Panipat to master tailors and leather workers in Delhi to the logistics team in Jaipur, this bag positively impacted every link of the supply chain. That’s truly a wow factor.”

This bag looks amazing and I love that it supports artisans around the globe.  It also is a perfect match for Popsugar’s February spoiler, a Tribe Alive clutch.  I can’t wait to use them together!
So before I get into the box goodies, I need to talk about some customer service drama.
I ended up with two winter boxes.  How?  I had a quarterly subscription and Box of Style had some great promotions for purchasing an annual prepaid one.  I jumped on the sale and signed up, but unfortunately, it gave me two subscriptions – a quarterly and an annual prepaid.  I immediately contacted customer service via their email interface. I wanted to make sure I didn’t get two of the same box and that my yearly subscription would start in Spring.   I got no response, despite the fast approaching shipping date for the Winter boxes.  I emailed repeatedly for weeks, and got two deliveries of this box.  Box of Style had no phone access so there was no number for me to call.  Finally, over a month later, and countless email inquiries, I got an auto-response that my subscription was canceled. No apology for the wait or the hassle.  It was incredibly disheartening.  Even through my many past struggles with Popsugar customer service, they at least responded in a reasonable amount of time.  This experience really put a huge damper on the fun of this box.

So in any case, imagine all these times times deux.
open-box open-box-2

The Serious Sparkle: Dylanlex Zoey Custom Necklace😦
Estimated Retail: $200.00)
Description: “No look is complete without a STATEMENT-MAKING accessory and I couldn’t be more obsessed with this custom necklace designed exclusively for us by It-girl-idolized Dylanlex. Whether you’re going glam or casual, this piece is perfection.”
Rachel’s Styling Ideas: “Fasten loosely to wear as a classic bib necklace or tighten to style as a choker.  Layer over luxe lace or satin ensembles for an effortlessly chic evening look.  Give it an off-duty spin with a chunky sweater and lived-in denim.”
Coupon Code: Use code ZOEY for 15% off select styles.
Verdict: Hit!
This necklace is lovely and can work in both glam and casual settings.  The clear crystals also make it extremely versatile.  I always love exclusive items and this is unique to the Rachel Zoe sub box.  Since I don’t need two of these, I’m going to gift or sell the extra.

The First Winter Layer: Sunday Riley tidal Enzyme Brightening Water Cream (Estimated Retail: $65.00)
Description: “I always make it a point to treat my face to a little TLC after a long evening out or long travel day.  This luxe water cream BRIGHTENS, SOOTHES and HYDRATES dry winter skin—and it smells amazing too!”
Beauty Tips: “Layer as a mask for an instant- spa-fresh feeling without leaving the comfort of home.  Wear under your makeup to seal in hydration all day and night long. During the day lightly pat onto your skin over makeup for a dewy, fresh look.”
Verdict: Love!
So many magazines and bloggers rave about Sunday Riley, but it’s a bit spendy for my current budget.  I’m so excited to try this out.  I’m going to keep my second one as part of my beauty stash.

The Knit Factor: Soia & Kyo Olivia Cable Knit Hat:
(Estimated Retail: $50.00)
Description: “I love when it gets coo enough to start wearing beanies.  My whole family ears beanies throughout the year.  This classic CABLE KNIT style comes in 3 COLD-WEATHER HUES and I keep all of them in my winter essentials stash.
Rachel’s Styling Ideas: “Stow in your everyday bag to keep sudden winter chills at bay.  Wear slouchy for day or cuffed for evening.  Throw on and go over air-dried hair to keep the top from frizzing when you don’t have time to fully style.”
Coupon Code: Use code ZOE to receive 20% off sitewide, excluding all SALE items. (Valid through February 15, 2017)
Verdict: Okay
I like and wear knitted hats, but this one is a bit boring for my taste.  Plus it has this metal logo that managed to fall off after just two weeks of wearing it.  I’d have loved to see a knit hat with a bit more fashion to it.  Like everything else, I got two of these.  I ended up gifting the white one and then keeping a black one for myself.

The Mood Setter: D.L. & Co. The Zoe Report “Birch” Custom Candle
(Estimated Retail: $50.00)
Description: “Nothing sets the AMBIANCE like a great smelling candle, and this one is a dream.  Whether you’re hosting an intimate HOLIDAY GET-TOGETHER or getting some much deserved R&R at home, this woodsy scent is the perfect touch.”
Rachel’s Living in Style Tips: “Place as the focal point in a chic holiday centerpiece or table setting.  Enhance your at-home spa experience with some added stress relief.  The perfect last-minute host or hostess gift for any occasion.
Coupon Code: Use DLC020 for 05% off sitewide (Valid through February 15, 2016).
Very “Manly”
This candle smells like wood mixed with men’s cologne.  The black minimalist style of the candle is just not my personal taste.  It didn’t feel very holiday or fun.  A different scent or some packaging with a pretty metallic would have made it a win for me.  I gave one to my boyfriend and I’ve still got one on my shelf waiting to go to someone will really like it.

wallet open-wallet wallet-back
The Tiny-But-Mighty: Dagne Dover Exclusive Leather Card Case
(Estimated Retail: $50.00)
Description: “As with any working mom, it is always a challenge to stay on top of things.  I live for anything that helps to keep me ORGANIZED.  Major bonus points if it’s insanely chic, like this LEATHER card case.  The ideal size to hold all of your essentials, yet sleek enough to toss inside a clutch.”
Rachel’s Living in Style Tips: “The luxe pebbled leather and rich navy hue makes it perfect evening accessory and a great alternative to black.  Upgrade your usual business card holder.  Swap out for your everyday wallet when you just need the bare necessities, like cash, credit cards and ID.”
Verdict: Like!
Navy is always a great neutral and this will be perfect to carry my business cards during job interviews or conferences.  Still though, I’m not quite sure it feels Holiday or Winter to me.  I also don’t need two of these, so I’ll have to give away my extra.

The One-Two Punch: Clinique Pop Lip Colour +  Primer in Berry Pop (Estimated Retail: $18.50)
Description: “A BOLD LIP is the quintessential accessory of the beauty world-it pulls a LOOK TOGETHER and draws in the eye. IF you’re like me, you sometimes find it had to re-apply when you’re ON-THE-GO, but his lip color and primer in one keeps your lips looking FLAWLESS for hours!”
Rachel’s Beauty Tips: “Wear with a cheek tint and mascara for an everyday fresh-faced look.  Swipe on to add a dash of holiday glam to your everyday look.  Pair with a sleek cat-eye for a dramatic evening effect.  Stash it in your go-to clutch of an instant update-a picture-perfect pout in one swipe.”
Coupon Code: Use code ZOEREPORT to receive 25% off sitewide. (Valid through February 15, 2017)
The idea of a primer and lip product in one sounds like a wonderful idea. Berry shades are lovely for winter.  I didn’t swatch this because I’m saving it for after my move, but it seems like a really pretty color.  Once again, I have an extra so that will go toward a friend.

THE SPOTLIGHT: Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Fragrance

Description: “Introducing the winter SPOTLIGHT PRODUCT sponsored by JUICY COUTURE FRAGRANCES.  This season we include an extra special sample of something we’re currently obsessing over.  Try it and love it!”
You know my perfume aversion, but this is an extra item that doesn’t even have a suggested retail value so I won’t let it affect my opinion of the overall box.

Lost its luster
Sooner or later, the one you love the most is going to let you down.  My customer service issues really put a huge damper on this box, even before I opened it.  The retail value is a whopping $433.50, while the cost was only $100.  Luckily the items I really liked were the pricier ones, so the box was still worth it for me. However, as lovely and high end as these choices were, this didn’t feel like a special Holiday box.  The hat was ordinary, the card holder seemed better suited for another time of year and the scent and styling of the candle were not particularly appealing.  As a subscriber from the very beginning, this is probably my least favorite Rachel Zoe Box.  That being said, even with some missteps it’s still a pretty damn good box.  Thankfully, the discount I received on a yearly sub offset getting the same box twice.  I’m hoping Spring will bring more of the usual Rachel Zoe awesomeness and that in the meantime, they’ve improved their customer service.

What did you think of Rachel’s Winter Box?

DISCOUNT!:  Use code SUBTHERAPYSP10 to save $10 off!
Seasonal Membership:
$100.00 / 4x year
Annual Membership: $350.00 / year
Free shipping!

Seasonal membership:  Cancel any time (after the shipment of your first purchased Box of Style)
Annual Membership: Renews each year (membership is not cancellable during the year)


Rachel Zoe Box of Style: Summer 2016 & $10 Off

It’s that time again folks – my most favorite box to review: Rachel Zoe Box of Style. This quarterly sub is a bit of a splurge at $100, but it’s chock full of high end, quality items so it’s always a treat to review (If you want to sign up ,use code SUBTHERAPYSP10 to save $10 off!)

Now let’s see what Rachel Zoe has picked out for our Summer of 2016.
BoxOpen Box Label

Necklace Ring
Luv AJ Pavé Tusk Laria & Open Crescent Ring Exclusive Set:
(Estimated Retail: $190.00)
Rachel’s Styling Ideas: “The dainty necklace and matching ring exude professional polish or the office when worn with a white button-down shirt and tailored pencil skirt.  Layer your favorite pendants and chokers with the lariat for a bohemian fair.  Pair the ring and sleep lariat with a plunging neckline and high waisted trousers for date night..”
Verdict: Hit!
I probably wouldn’t have chose this set for myself, but once I had at home, it I loved it.  The set is somehow both edgy and dainty – a little bit femme fatale, a touch bohemian, and a lot kickass.  The ring is adjustable so it will accommodate a lot of subscribers and it’s exclusive to the box which makes it even more unique.  As usual, another great pick by Rachel.

YHF Los Angeles Cashton Brown Sunglasses:
 (Estimated Retail: $45.00)
Rachel’s Styling Ideas:  “Play up the gold trim on these polished shades by wearing them with a ladylike dress and sandals for a daytime wedding.  Swap out your go-to black sunnies, for these and pair with a summer wardrobe made up of white and neutral fabrics.  Who says you can’t accessorize on the beach?  Pair these stylish shades with dainty jewelry and an embellished beach bag.”
Verdict: Love!
These shades have a subtle cat eye type shape and the tortoiseshell and gold combination is lovely.  The coloring on this looks great with my red hair and I adore the sophisticated bohemian vibe it has.  Another winner!

Wave Spray
OUAI Wave Spray:
(Estimated Retail: $12.00)
Rachel’s Beauty Tips:  “Spray from roots to ends and evenly distribute using a scrunching motion to give hair effortless waves without a trip to the beach.  To wake up with perfect beach waves, spray on damp hair and secure into multiple buns before bed.  In the morning, let them down and shake out your hair.”
Verdict: Love!
I love summer hair products!  I very rarely blowdry my hair, so summer is the time when we see the wave sprays and air drying products pop up. OUAI is a great brand and my hair is really long and wavy, so this is exactly the right product for me.  What’s nice is that if you didn’t have a hair type that you thought would work with this spray, it’s such a small part of the box that it wouldn’t impact the overall value much.

DreamDry The Dream Turban
(Retail: $30.00)
Rachel’s Haircare Tips:  “On days when you need your hair to dry quickly but refuse to stand under a hot blow-dryer, this super-absorbent turban soaks up excess moisture without leaving hair frizzy.  Substitute the Dream Turban for your post-shower towel to simplify your beauty routine.  Tote it to the beach or pool parties and use it to squeeze water out of soaking wet hair.”
How did I ever live without this?
So this is totally making it to my favorites of 2016 list.  I know you’re saying’, “it’s just a towel, what’s so special?” but it is so so soft, like wrapping your hair in a teddy bear. It also it dries my super long hair quickly without frizzing it out.  I swear I’m tempted to get a second one, so I can be sure to have an extra when this version is sitting in the laundry hamper.  If you want to splurge on a beauty treat for yourself, I can’t recommend this enough.

Rachel Zoe Summer 2016
Michael Stars Pastel Gardens Coverup
(Estimated Retail: $58.00)
Rachel’s Styling Ideas: “Layer over a sleek one-piece swimsuit for a beachside lunch.  The diaphanous coverup can easily be dressed up for dinner by wearing it over a slipdress, cinching with a belt and adding earrings.  Team with oversize sunglasses, a wide-brim hat and red nail polish for a glamourous poolside look.”
This may have singlehandedly improved my outlook on the whole fashion industry
I’m going to be honest here.  When I saw a spoiler for a “one size” caftan/coverup, I was concerned.  I’m a size 16 and there’s a bit of extra sand in my hourglass, so I was fairly convinced that this was going to be like all “one size” items and not fit me at all.  The print was lovely and I prepared myself for what I believed to be inevitable disappointment and then….  THE DAMN THING FIT!  Rachel Zoe has some kind of fashion voodoo, because this fit without being too clingy and I even tried it over my flare jeans.  For myself, I’d probably style this with a simple black or white tank and my favorite boho style jeans. (Although if I can find a slip dress to layer it over, I’d go with that.) The Zoe Report did a post on different ways to style it.  This item might not fit all subscribers, but I do think it will fit a majority of them and since it’s not the big ticket item in the box, I think it was still an appropriate choice to include.   For some reason, I can’t find the picture I took of this, so I used the one from the spoiler. It’s rare to get fashion items in boxes and I think this was a great choice in that category.

Juice Beauty Green Apple SPF 15 Brightening Moisturizer
(Estimated Retail: $38.00)
Rachel’s Beauty Tips: “A daily moisturizer with SPF 15 keeps your skin hydrated and protected from the sun at all times, which prevents premature aging, sunspots and other damage.  ON hot summer days, store your moisturizer in the fridge before applying to give your skin a refreshing pick-me-up.”
Not for me
Juice Beauty is a great organic brand and I’ve enjoyed a lot of their other products.  I love the idea of an SPF moisturizer, but 15 is just too low for me personally—particularly during the summer.  I may end up just saving this to use as moisturizer in the winter when I’m not outside quite so much.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2016
Whenever I get disillusioned with subscription boxes, Rachel Zoe manages to get me excited again.  This box screamed out Summer and I thought it had a nice balance of things you expect (sunglasses and SPF products) with things you don’t (like the caftan and turban).  The retail value on this box came out to $373 – the AJ LUV set alone was worth more than our $100 admission price, which is why it didn’t even matter that the moisturizer wasn’t quite for me.  I feel like Rachel’s choices take me a touch out of my comfort zone and get me to try new things I might not have otherwise selected.  I ended up loving the necklace set and the caftan, but probably would have passed them by in the store The turban is something I never knew I needed in my life, but now I use it nearly every day.  If you can splurge on yourself, I highly recommend trying out this sub.  You won’t be disappointed.

What did you think of Rachel’s Summer box?
Would you be disappointed in receiving a caftan or excited for a fashion item?

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