Home Reno & How Tos

It took me 37 years, but I finally managed to buy my own home.  I always dreamed of fixing up my own house, which is very good because with my budget, a fixer upper was basically a requirement.
I ended up with an odd little raised ranch in the middle of the woods that looks like a German fairy tale cottage on the outside, but takes you straight into 1976 on the inside. (Cue the green shag carpet, yellow counters and avocado fridge).
So I figured I’m going to be busy renovating, decorating, crafting, gardening, budgeting and generally DIYing the crap out of stuff, so I figured I’d share my successes (and failures).

The Introduction to My Home, Sweet Home:  Once Upon a Midcentury
Home Intro

$7 Ceiling Fan Hack
Ceiling Fan

Ikea Helmer Hack for DIY Polish Storage
Helmer Hack Rifle

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